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We have moved!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mr Teh Tarik Changi Village: Black Bean Sauce Beef Rice and Bee Hoon Hong Kong

So it's been awhile since we visited Mr Teh Tarik at Changi Village.
The last review we had was for the Hokkien Prawn Mee and the Fried Oyster which was the bomb.

Anything else?

Black Bean Sauce Beef Rice ($6.00)
So the stall that sells seafood is also basically a Zhi Char (which basically means 'Cooked') stall which cooks up favourites like Hor Fun, Sweet Sour Fish and Fried Baby Squid and all kinds of goodies.

I decided to order up some Black Bean Sauce Beef Rice because, for some reason, I felt like eating rice.

To be honest I was actually looking forward to the unique taste of the Black Bean Sauce which I expected to be a little on the salty side but this wasn't really the case at all. Tasted more like just soy sauce than anything else actually...

And what you see above is actually half beef and half mushrooms. Not too bad I guess.
And the beef is actually quite tender. But maybe a little bit too pricy at $6.00?

Bee Hoon Hong Kong ($4.50)
My darling wife was feeling a little under the weather so she was actually looking for something with a bit of gravy or a little more soupy...

The serving was definitely very generous and definitely a lot of gravy for slurping.
Some seafood and chicken for nibbles too besides the noodles but a very weird lack of vegetables here.
Not too sure why but not a single veggie to be seen!

Adam's Verdict:
Black Bean Sauce Beef Rice 2.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Bee Hoon Hong Kong 2/5

Mr Teh Tarik Changi Village: Seafood Stall

Blk 5 Changi Village Road
Tel: 6742 5522

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Fridays 11.00 am til 2.30pm & 5.30pm til 2.00am

Saturday and Sunday 11.00am til 2.00am

Monday, October 28, 2013


Remember awhile back we posted on our FB page regarding the confusion when we called to order pizza one evening? Hotline this and website that. Confusion when all we wanted was some delicious pizza am I right?

Well, after all the dust has settled, we are glad to (re)introduce you to - Pezzo.

As we all know, there are so many places for us to get (Halal) pizza in Singapore. I can think of at least 7 different pizza chains off the top of my head. No doubt some of them do have some very tasty and innovative items on their menu and have been around for quite awhile.

So how does a relatively new name like Pezzo match up?

We first chanced upon Pezzo while walking around Ion Orchard and I can tell you that they've definitely grown and generated a lot of buzz since then! They have more than 15 different types of pizza ranging from classics like Hawaiian to exciting ones like Hot Chick and Sambal Ikan Bilis!

Yes. That's right. Sambal Ikan Bilis Pizza which we inadvertently tried if you can remember.
AND IT WAS THE BOMB! (read more about it below okay)

Freshly made Pizza dough!
Hand-made with Love and a smile :)

I think another reason why people are raving about Pezzo is the quality of their product aka PIZZA!
The pizza dough is made freshly on-site (and rests before your very eyes) and at the Ion kiosk, we even had the pleasure of seeing them prepare their pizza fresh from scratch! Hand-made with Love!

I'm not saying that other pizza chains are inferior or that they do not use fresh ingredients etc.
I just feel that standards have dropped over the years and it's nice to see a new player in the game who seem intent on giving the people some tasty and quality treats.

Hot Chick ($4.50 per slice)
One of the more 'fierce' pizzas they have is called the Hot Chick.
Spicy chicken with red chillies and chilli sauce, green and red capsicum, roast garlic and 2 types of cheese (Cheddar and Mozzarella) to top it off. Now that doesn't sound like a yummy slice of pizza!

The chillies and garlic really come through on this one and the chili sauce gives an added kick.
All you cheese lovers can join me in celebrating because the 2-cheese tactic is really a good one. Take a nice big bite of this and enjoy the flavour-fest in your mouth!

Chicken Delight ($4.50 per slice)
For those looking for something with a less-spicy flavour to it, you might consider the Chicken Delight.

Chicken breast strips, white onions, mushrooms and turkey bacon for those who are looking for something milder. I guess you could always go for a classic non-spicy flavour like their Hola Hawaiian but why not try something different? You might like it.

Well, you guys know me. I'm more of a "hit me with your best shot" kinda guy so I'm always gonna go all-out if I have a choice in choosing some pizza.

Pepperoni Party ($4.50 per slice)
I'll tell you where the party is - in my belly!

One of my all time fave pizzas is a good hearty meaty Pepperoni pizza! Pezzo does not disappoint here with a nice generous helping of Pepperoni slices to satisfy all you meat lovers! But if you want something with even MORE meat - try the Meat Munchers or the Meat Sicilian.

Since their re-launch, Pezzo has about 13 outlets running with more on the way. Plus with a delivery hotline already up and running, there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a try. Prices at the kiosks range from $4.50 per slice to $22.90 for a full pan.

Some things to note - the flavours at the kiosks may differ slightly from the flavours in the delivery menu.
Take a close look before you make a decision. But then again, with such a big menu of pizzas to choose from, there's bound to be something to suit everyone's taste! And it's 2-for-1 for selected pizzas!!

In fact, they've just re-vamped the website too and it's now up and running!
Check it out at www.pezzo.com.sg to take a look at their entire menu (with mouth-watering pics) and also keep up-to-date with any promos they might have!

Adam's Verdict:
Hot Chick 3.5/5 -- Chicken Delight 3/5 -- Pepperoni Party 4/5

Only tried 3 so far and so many more to go!
Top of my list is the Cheesy Cheese (with FIVE different cheeses!) and the proven-fave Sambal Ikan Bilis (you simply must try it to believe it!) so I foresee a few more visits and few calls to the Pezzo hotline soon.


13 kiosks island-wide
6 delivery outlets

Delivery Hotline: 666 56565

Operating Hours: 10am til 10pm Daily

Friday, October 25, 2013

Krispy Kreme Singapore: Halal or Not?

Okay so we had a little bit of confusion the past week or so and it all has to do with one of the biggest brand names (in terms of food) to hit Singapore shores in quite awhile.

Everyone was super excited when the news broke that Krispy Kreme was finally going to open in Singapore after what seemed like an endless wait. But the question remained... would it be certified Halal?

The Halal Food Blog checked directly with Krispy Kreme via their Facebook page and the great news was that they were definitely intending to apply for Halal certification. At that point, opening day was still really far away so it was just a waiting game.

When the big day finally came, we heard the crowd was massive!
But thankfully, the crowd did lessen (somewhat) and when we visited Krispy Kreme about a week ago, there was a queue but thankfully it wasn't that bad.

Not so bad right the queue?
Yes the bright lights at the far end are the counter by the way.
But surprisingly, the wait wasn't even that long. Thanks to the speedy workers at the counters, we reached the counter about 15 minutes after we joined in.

While in the queue, I asked one of the staff if they were already Halal. After all, best to hear it from the horse's mouth am I right? And the staff replied "Yes. All Halal".
Great news right?

About 2 days ago, I noticed on my Twitter feed that quite a number of people had inquired with the ever-popular @HalalSG (which is administrated by MUIS apparently) and the same question so many people asked was if Krispy Kreme was certified Halal.

And the response was always "Krispy Kreme has yet to submit any Halal applications"

So what exactly was going on here? I've got Krispy Kreme admin and staff telling me Halal and yet some people are saying it's not Halal and not even applications submitted? Hmmmmm......

So we decided it was time to set things straight once and for all rather then hear things from so many sources all over the place.

So we sent a message directly to Krispy Kreme again via their Facebook page and waited for a response.
People deserved to know the full story especially since so many different versions were flying around.

So they thankfully replied quite speedily.

So here is the story as we know it as of now;

  1. The Krispy Kreme outlet at Tangs Orchard has not yet been certified Halal. This is because they could only submit an application 2 weeks after opening. So this means that Halal certification of the Tangs Orchard outlet should be on its way soon.
  2. The ingredients used in making Krispy Kreme doughnuts are certified as Halal by an overseas body which is recognized by MUIS. The process of certifying in SG by MUIS is currently underway.
  3. The kitchen where the Krispy Kreme products (i.e. yummy delicious doughnuts) are prepared has already been certified Halal by MUIS (with certificate issued).
And thanks to our valued readers, we also discovered the reason why people kept saying/hearing that no applications had been received from Krispy Kreme for Halal certification.

Apparently, the whole Krispy Kreme franchise in Singapore is being managed by a company called 'Manna 360' and the applications were submitted under this name instead of 'Krispy Kreme'.
And after reading so much about it on the @HalalSG Twitter feed, we also saw that Krispy Kreme responded directly so explain the situation;

So sorry for all the confusion folks.

I guess the good news is that Halal certification is just a matter of time away and we just have to be patient for the certificate to be hung on the wall at the Tangs Orchard outlet. And for some who responded to us privately, I guess the information provided so far is enough reason to start eating already.

Well, whatever your decision dear readers, it's always at our own discretion :)
All we can say is - it's just a matter of time.

Look out for our review of the Krispy Kreme doughnuts including the much-talked about Red Velvet!
(Once they have announced official Halal certification of course)
But if you really cannot tahan, then read about the Krispy Kreme we had in KL at the following link;


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

IndoChili Part II

Our original review of IndoChili was a whopping success with a massive response! Even til today I'm still getting messages and emails inquiring about and praising IndoChili!

I'm not sure why it took me so long but finally found the time for a 2nd visit!
This time, it was dinner with some colleagues so more chance to sample some of the other inviting dishes on the menu!

Sate Ayam Madura ($7.80)
Still a hot favourite is the Sate Ayam Madura!
Soft tender chicken is going to make you go back for the next stick and the peanut sate gravy is actually really really delicious. It adds just the right touch to go with the chicken sate which was been grilled to perfection.

In our original post, we had 2 sticks of the Sate Ayam Madura which came with the Welcoming Platter. I said I would get the full 5-stick plate on the next visit right? Well we ordered 2 servings! Craving satisfied!

For the mains, since there was a group of us, we had some white rice with some dishes to go along.

Ayam Panggang Padang ($8.80)
I honestly would have gone for another choice like the Ayam Bumbu Rojak or something but thankfully, someone ordered this dish instead and what a welcome surprise!

The chicken was really grilled to tender perfection! And don't let the lack of gravy fool you because the chicken was very flavourful and the minimal coating actually gives you just the right hints of flavour.
Looks like they really know how to grill their chicken right at IndoChili!

Cumi Sambal Balado
Talk about a beautiful presentation!
All you chili lovers out there rejoice - the spicy dishes have arrived!

The squid was not overcooked and the Balado gives you a nice mouthful of heat and chili flavour to go along. I'm not much of a squid fan but I do love me a good Balado. And some of you might be thinking that it's going to be unbearably spicy but it's  not - it's just right!

Kacang Panjang Balado
Someone had this the last time they visited and simply swore by it.
Long Beans smothered with Sambal Balado will pretty much go with any other dishes you're having with your rice.

Delicious chili flavour as always with the Sambal Balado without burning your mouth off.

Cah Kangkung ($8.80)
Another fave is always the Kangkung am I right?
But don't worry, this one is not that spicy because there's some Belachan in there to take the spicy edge off.
I know it looks fiery and spicy but I reckon this was probably the least spicy of all the dishes we had.

There is actually one more dish that I wanted to add but it was so delicious that I totally missed out on snapping a photo of it before it was snapped up. So I may not be able to include in this post but for those who trust me - order the Rendang Sapi. Seriously!

Adam's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4/5 -- Ayam Panggang Padang 3.5/5 -- Cumi Sambal Balado 2.5/5
Kacang Panjang Balado 4/5 -- Cah Kangkung 3.5/5

IndoChili is not just a great place for a quiet evening dinner for 2 but also great for dinner functions with colleagues and a group of friends. Good food and good company always go well together and I right??

And in case you were wondering - YES! It was Es Teler for dessert!!
(And yes it's still the bomb)


54 Zion Road

Tel: 6445 1766 / 8168 4958

Operating Hours: 
11.30am til 10.30pm Daily

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tang Tea House - Rojak

So we're back at one of our favourite makan joints - Tang Tea House!
A wide array of food choices and accessible location in the East means we always head back here when we can for some good food and good times.

Today we try a crowd favourite. Something that seems so simple to make but you'd be surprised at how difficult it is to execute a good plate of Rojak.

Rojak with Century Egg ($5.00)
How can anyone resist a plate of Rojak?
There's just something about it that even if you're not the biggest fan, you're still going to take a bite or two if there's a plate of it in front of you.

My favourite part about Rojak (and I'm guessing it's the same for many of you too) is the You Char Kway that comes along with it. And it's always the first to finish and always not enough! That's why I sometimes order a whole plate of just You Char Kway (yes you can do that) but then again sometimes it's nice to have a little variety right?

Well anyways, I personally feel that they're a little stingy with the Char Kway here.

Taste-wise, it's a little less tangy than some other places we've had Rojak. Maybe less Asam water used?
Not too spicy but you can always ask for more chili if you like.

And of course, you don't have to have the Century Egg if you don't fancy it. You can always swap it out for some Sotong Kering if that's your thing. But I do have to say that Century Eggs do seem to be increasingly popular even among the younger crowds.

Adam's Verdict:
Rojak with Century Egg 2.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Rojak with Century Egg 3/5 

Dad's Verdict:
Rojak with Century Egg 3/5 

Mum's Verdict:
Rojak with Century Egg 4/5

I remember there used to be a different stall selling Rojak at Tang Tea House but I guess they've moved on.
Guess this stall will have to do for now :)

Tang Tea House

359 Bedok Road

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 4.00am Daily

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Swensen's - Soups & Salad

Don't ask us why but this post is all about soup and salad at Swensen's

Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon ($12.50)
I guess it all started when I felt like having, of all things, a Caesar Salad.
It's not that I don't like salad or veggies. I guess that for a meat eater like me, salad is normally on the side and not really the main dish.

Well the Caesar Salad at Swensen's can definitely be the main dish on its own.
The dish it comes in is enormous with extra large utensils for tossing too!

The lettuce was extra crisp and the egg, cheese and croutons really go well together. Plus we all know what a sucker I am for smoked salmon so that was definitely a winner.

And the Caesar Salad dressing comes separately so you can choose how much you want to add. Awwww... Swensen's is so considerate!
By the way, the sauce was delicious so you'll probably end up using all of it anyways.

You can also have the version with Breaded Chicken or Fish ($12.00) or if you're feeling like a rabbit that day, you can always have the plain Caesar Salad ($10.00). No prizes for guessing which one I strongly recommend (Pssst it's the ssssmoked ssssalmon...)

Clam Chowder ($9.40)
Something I order often (more often than the salad) at Swensen's is the Clam Chowder.

I just find it so hearty and warm plus I really like Clam Chowder. Just so happens that they make a pretty good one at Swensen's! Doesn't that look so inviting or is it just me??

The chowder is nice and thick and creamy. The clam flavour is just right and it's not too overwhelming but if you'd like you can always add a nice big dash of pepper no problem. I've a feeling that once you take your first spoon, you're going to keep going until it's all gone.

The Clam Chowder is served in a Sourdough bread bowl. This means that you have some bread to dip into your chowder and you can even EAT THE BOWL too!

Well, I'm gonna stop talking about the Clam Chowder because it's making me feel like having one right now.
Let's move along shall we?

Creamy Mushroom Soup ($9.40)
Looking for something a little bit more classic?
Well, you can't get more classic than a creamy mushroom soup am I right?

This isn't exactly the stuff you get out of a Campbell's can I confirm that for you first of all.
This is a really good tasting soup which is nice and rich and has a very strong mushroom flavour.
It's served in a Sourdough bread bowl just like the Clam Chowder so you're all set to get filled up!

My Sister-In-Law even goes as far as to say this is the "best mushroom soup" she's ever had!

Adam's Verdict:
Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon 4.5/5 -- Clam Chowder 4/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Creamy Mushroom Soup 3/5

Eriyana's Verdict:
Creamy Mushroom Soup 5/5

So this post is only about a salad and some soups but you can see that even without the main dish, it could very well be more than enough to fill you up!


Changi Airport Terminal 2
Mezzanine Level, Arrival Hall North,

Tel: 6542 8219

Operating Hours: 24 Hours Daily

Monday, October 14, 2013

Saffrons Cafeteria - Mee Kuah

I know Saffron is a big favourite with the crowds.
Prata is always the bomb here. Mee Goreng is always able to satisfy. Briyani and Nasi Campur is top notch.
But one thing I've always wanted to try was the Mee Kuah.

Never really got the chance because we always end up ordering Mee Goreng or Prata when I go with my darling wife. So when I visited with my 2 bros-in-law, we ended up as 3 guys with Mee Kuah.

Mee Kuah ($4.00)
I've heard people mention the Mee Kuah at Saffron to me before and the response was always the same...
"Not bad but I've had better."

I think the main reason for this is the gravy itself.
Mee Kuah is supposed to pack a punch through its gravy which is a melting pot of spices and pepper and whatever else goodness they throw in there. You can expect the noodles to give it any kick right?

In this case, the kuah definitely has taste but seems to lack a strong flavour. I mean, it's definitely spicy but I guess that you'd expect a more tasty gravy. I've had Mee Kuah where it's not just the spice that gets you but you can really taste the different spices that make up the complex and mysterious flavour.

And if that's not enough, the gravy is actually pretty watery. Not that bad but maybe that plays a part in the lack of flavour?

And by the way, if you've got a big appetite for the noodles, the serving of noodles is pretty small you might wanna ask for extra if you're feeling really hungry.... But if you're like me and not really after the noodles then don't worry - the kuah will keep you company.

Adam's Verdict:
Mee Kuah 2.5/5

Razali's Verdict:
Mee Kuah 3/5

Azim's Verdict:
Mee Kuah 3.5/5

I guess the Mee Kuah is not that bad but when I go back to Saffron, I'm probably going to order the Mee Goreng or some good old Prata.

Saffrons Cafeteria

Blk 201D Tampines Street 21

Tel: 6787 6010

Operating Hours: 24 hours Daily

Friday, October 11, 2013

Farewell Tong Seng Coffeeshop - Chicken Feet Noodles

So I'm sure you've heard by now. And if you haven't heard before this then I'm guessing it's too late...
Tong Seng Coffeeshop in Bugis will officially close its doors on 15th October 2013.
After more than a decade of being a crowd favourite, Tong Seng will finally be calling it a day.

Apparently, the boss has decided it was time to retire. We hear the building has been sold to new owners which is the current hawkers have to vacate the premises. No news yet on any plans for relocation or even if the premises will be used for a new makan place in future.

I remember first going to Tong Seng in my teens. I'd say some time probably around 2003 maybe? And acoording to some people, I joined the party pretty late!

I didn't know much back then but I knew that Tong Seng was already popular by then most probably it was one of the few places which offered Chinese-style hawker food like Wanton Noodles and was certified Halal. We are talking about a time when it was actually pretty tough to find such stalls around compared to today where you can find Halal-certified eateries for any style of cuisine around any corner.

And since my first visit, I found myself visiting more and more often most of the time with friends or classmates because Tong Seng was one of those places people loved to go to for hang-out sessions.
The food was affordable and the location in Bugis was pretty central so it was a win-win for everyone.

You'll probably hear some mixed reviews about Tong Seng. Some will say the food is so-so and the service below standard. Some will say it was great back in the day but the standards have really dropped over the years. Some will tell you that they have the some of the best Chicken Rice and Fish Soup Noodles on the island while others may say that it's just a convenient lunchtime place. Or maybe like me, you go back and have the same dish over and over again.

Well, whatever you may have heard about Tong Seng, one thing is for sure - Tong Seng remains a favourite to many many people and judging for the reaction to the news we posted about Tong Seng closing, it's very obvious that a lot of people feel the same way about Tong Seng as we do.

Well, all things must pass and good food will come and go. And whether you hate them of love them, let's give credit where credit is due to an icon.

Many a makan session with friends and family over the years.
Thanks for the memories and the food, Tong Seng.

Chicken Feet Noodles ($3.50)
For one of my last meals at Tong Seng, I decided to break away from my normal routine.

When I do visit Tong Seng, I normally order one particular dish - Wanton Noodles.
Don't ask me why but it's just a given. (Maybe something to do with my fave Ajinomoto Soup?)

A friend of mine, Amimah, has been hounding me for years and year to try the Chicken Feet Noodles at Tong Seng and I have never ever tried it there not even once in 10 years of visiting. Most likely because the best Chicken Feet I've ever had (and will probably ever have) is cooked by my Dad at home. It's a special homemade recipe which always hits the spot for me and I guess I just find it hard to believe that anything is going to beat my Dad's version.

Well since it's already the end of the road, I decided to have it once and for all before the chance goes away.

The noodles is pretty much the same as if you were to order any of the other noodle dishes (i.e. Wanton Noodles, Shredded Chicken Noodles etc) which means you can have it as spicy as you like (they'll just add more chili base for you).

I expected the noodles to have some of the herbal broth from the chicken feet but there was none of that except for some mushrooms. The chicken feet were actually really quite big so you'll definitely get your fill if you're a fan of chicken feet.

Fried Wanton ($3.00)
And as always, I had an order of Fried Wanton (so much for breaking from routine).

Since the last time I had Fried Wantons, I can really see and feel the difference. The chicken meat filling has definitely gotten lesser and the wantons were a tad over-fried so they had a slightly burnt taste.
No doubt they were still deep-fried crispy goodness but I guess it's this kind of thing that make people say that the standards have dropped over the years.

But hey, I still got my Ajinomoto Soup!

Adam's Verdict:
Chicken Feet Noodles 3/5 -- Fried Wanton 2/5

If you haven't had your last plate of Chicken Rice (whatever it is you fancy at Tong Seng) yet, make your way down this weekend because Monday 14th October 2013 is the last day of operations!

Good prices. Good location. Good times with Good people. Good soup. Goodbye.
May Tong Seng Coffeeshop lives on in our hearts and our stomachs!

 Tong Seng Coffeshop

496 North Beach Road
Tel: 6338 0163

Operating Hours: 6.00am til 11.00pm Daily

Monday, October 7, 2013

AquaMarine Part 3: Turkish Delights


Some of you would have read our special write-up on AquaMarine during our Ramadhan Special and surely most of you read our original write-up of AquaMarine's buffet as it remains our most-viewed post today!

Well, our friends at AquaMarine have a special spread in October plus a chance to win a fantastic prize!

AquaMarine presents a delightful spread for you to enjoy all throughout October. Enjoy a nice big spread of special authentic Turkish cuisine served up for especially for us plus you still get to enjoy your favourites as AquaMarine like the Sushi & Sahimi spread, Cold Platters and desserts!

And just how authentic exactly are we talking here?

Chefs Ahmet Akpinar and Zekeriya Saygin
Two masterchefs all the way from Turkey to prepare and oversee this Turkish spread so I'm not sure how much more Authentic Turkish this can get without you flying all the way to Turkey to eat!
(Did someone mention flying to Turkey? Hmmm.. more on that later!)

Okay anyways you all know our style right? Let's start on the food ASAP!

Since the normal spread is still going to be on display at AquaMarine for the buffet, they differentiate the special Turkish dishes with some special tags (just like they did for the Ramadhan promo).

Looks out for the little food tags with the Turkish Flag so you know which dishes are the Turkish specials.
And YES - that sign says Lady Thigh Meat. Which I love to eat. I think. :P

Patlikan Biber Kizartma (Aubergine & Pepper in Olive and Tomato)
Cous Cous
Mor Lahana Tersusu (Pickled Red Cabbage)
Wide array of salads to start with. Lots of words I can't pronounce but the beautiful displays and bright vibrant colours really gets my appetite going!

There are a few others I didn't get a chance to snap including the Coban Salatasi (Shephard's Salad) and the Taze Fusulye (Turkish Green Beans) but definitely worth trying all of them because they all look so appetizing! But you must control yourself.. If not then how to have the mains?

Karides Guvec (Shrimp Stew)
Sehriyelie Pilav (Turkish Pilaf Rice)
Chicken Shawarma
Besides the Whole Roasted Baby Lamb (not available all the time I'm afraid) pictured at the top of this post, they also have a live station where they serve fresh Chicken Shawarma got off the rotating grill onto your awaiting Pita Bread! Top it off with your favourites like yoghurt, salad or even some Hummus.

Besides that, they also have some freshly-prepared Kebabs for selection!

Pastirmali Kuru Fasulye (White Beans with Pastrami)
Hunkar Begendi (Sultan Delight)
Tavuc Guvec (Chicken Casserole)
Kadin Budu Kofte (Lady Thigh Meatballs)
I know it sounds weird but that's really the name of that dish - Lady Thigh Meatballs.
Nobody seems to know how this name came about but apparently it's supposed to resemble the shape of a lady's thighs (??)

Well don't worry, it's not made of lady's thigh meat but rather beef/lamb dipped in egg batter and fried.
Just think of it as an all-meat Bagedil!

Orgu Cheese

Tulum Cheese
For you Cheese Lovers out there (like me), then you'll get to try some traditional Turkish cheeses.
Orgu Cheese and Tulum Cheese are both made from Goat's Milk with the latter actually being (traditionally) ripened in a goatskin casing for about half a year.

Talk about some exotic stuff or what!

Well, on to the part which I think quite a number of you might actually be looking forward to...
The desserts!! And as we all know, Turkish desserts are some of the best and most exotic around.
And yes there's plenty of Almonds and Pistachios involved but I quite fancy a nice round of Turkish sweets don't you?

And yes, they have Turkish Delight ;)

Turkish Delight

Seker Payer (Sugar Cookies)
Asure (Noah's Pudding)
Kazandibi (Caramelized Milk Pudding)
I know that might look like a right mess to some of you but it actually is really good.
You're probably thinking that looks kinda mushy but it's actually pretty thick and stands well enough on its own. Scoop some onto your plate (without looking too silly if possible) and if you love milky desserts as much as I do, then you're going to be in for a treat I guarantee it.

And for something a bit more familiar perhaps...

Bread Pudding
Okay so the Bread Pudding is not really Turkish but I put it in because I know so many people love it :P

And the next few photos are not really of dessert but of some toppings that you can sprinkle on your ice-cream should you choose to have a scoop or two or five. I just thought that the colours were really eye-catching and interesting.

Nice right? Never seen such bright golden sprinkles before... I wasn't sure whether to eat them or put them in my pocket!

Besides the dishes that were featured in photos here, there were still so many that we didn't get a chance to snap! Other Turkish specialties like Izmir Kofte (Meatball Casserole), Levrek Bugulama (Baked Seabass) and Manti (Turkish Dumplings) are also being offered for those of you who are adventurous for a taste of Turkey.

Plus, like I mentioned, the normal spread at AquaMarine is still there! This Turkish spread is the extra stuff you can enjoy on top of your normal favorites!

And if good food is not enough reason to head down to AquaMarine...

They've also got a special lucky draw where diners STAND A CHANCE TO WIN 2 REOUND-TRIP ECONOMY CLASS TICKETS TO TURKEY on Turkish Airlines!!!

Exciting or what?! Get to makan AND stand a chance to win a trip!
By the way, if you win but can't make it for the trip, please feel free to donate the tickets to The Halal Food Blog Team okay! Hehehe just kidding! (No I'm not.)

Visit AquaMarine for this special spread and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
(I think we might actually go back! For the food and the lucky draw of course!)

Prices for the buffet are as follows;

Mondays to Fridays
Lunch (12pm til 2.30pm) - $58++ (Adult) / $29++ (Child)
Dinner (6.30pm til 10.30pm) - $68++ (Adult) / $48++ (Child)

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays
Tunch (12pm til 4.00pm) - $48++ (Adult) / $24++ (Child)
Dinner (6.30pm til 10.30pm) - $78++ (Adult) / $39++ (Child)

For reservations, call 6845 1111 or email aquamarine.marina@meritushotels.com

And to cap off a spectacular evening of great food, we got to meet and dine with Steven Chia of Channel News Asia fame. An all-round nice guy and champion buffet master!

Special thanks to Patricia for having us!


Marina Mandarin Singapore
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square

Tel: 6845 1111

Operating Hours:
Breakfast: 6.30am - 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00pm - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm