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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yellow Submarines

We definitely welcome recommendations from our readers for makan places for us to visit and most of the time, the suggestions we receive are really good leads! So, when I received the same recommendation from 3 different people within 2 days, we simply had to visit this place ASAP.

Check out the queue...
So there's this place called Yellow Submarines in Toa Payoh which opened in April but was just certified Halal recently. So what exactly do they specialize in? Cheesesteak sandwiches!

I remember seeing a feature on the Food Network about the best Cheesesteak sandwiches in the US. I knew that there were places in SG which sold Philly Cheesesteaks but pretty much all of them were not Halal joints. So my heart (and stomach) still longed for a nice Cheesesteak...

I received the recommendations on Wednesday and Thursday and we made our way to Toa Payoh on Friday evening. That's how excited we were to try it!

But we arrived at one of the busiest times - dinner time! Just check out the queue above! I waited in line for just about over 30 mins before I reached the front. And when I looked back, the line was stretched all the way to the pavement again. And I though to myself "This had better be worth it...".

Hmm.. I wonder what I'm gonna have...
They have quite a few items on the menu which you might be interested in. They've got a few different types of submarines sandwiches including tuna, chicken and even a mushroom one! They've also got a hotdog, a burger and Quesadillas!

But.. we were there... for one thing...

Yellow Submarines Classic ($6.90 ala carte / $9.90 meal)
I don't know about you but I'm a meat guy. And I'm also a cheese guy.
So when you put meat and cheese together - I'm the guy who's gonna eat it up!

Nice thin slices of beef which are pan-grilled to tender and juicy perfection. Get a nice soft baguette-roll and pile on the beef atop a bed of  sauteed onions. Finally, top if off with a nice generous slobbering of cheese sauce... And just how much cheese are we talking about?

ZOMG is that a cheese overload or what!! Slurrrppppp!

The roll itself was soft and a good choice because it holds in the cheese sauce. I already mentioned that the beef was tender right? Well let me add that it's also a very generous serving of beef in the sandwich.

When it comes to the cheese, I actually noticed something when I tasted the cheese on its own.
The closest taste I can compare it to is the cheese you get at Long John Silver's. You know when you order the side of potato chips at LJ's and you get a small serving of cheese sauce? Well this is the closest thing I can match it to. I'm not saying it's the same cheese but close enough!

That's actually a good thing because I love this particular cheese! It has just the right flavour to go with the meat but since there's A LOT of the cheese, you'd better prepare yourself!

I've read some comments online that some ask for no onions or less/more cheese when they order.
Well, however you wanna have it - this is one sandwich that really hits the right spot.

And if that's not enough cheese for you...

Torpedo Fries ($3.00)
This was a real winner for me.
How can anyone possible resist Cheese Fries???

The fries were just perfect - crisp on the outside but still fluffy on the inside.
Top it off which a nice dollop of the cheese sauce and you're gonna be digging at it with your fingers instead of with a fork.

I reckon this is one of their best sellers and a definitely must-have!!

Coleslaw ($1.50)
The first thing that came to my mind when I tried the Coleslaw was "Long John's".
Just like the cheese, the Coleslaw was really really similar with the coleslaw served at Long John Silver's!
The noticeable difference was that this version was a little sweeter with some raisins added in.

I say this is a definitely a must have as well especially if you love the coleslaw at LJ's like me!

Adam's Verdict:
Yellow Submarines Classic 4/5 -- Torpedo Fries 4.5/5 -- Coleslaw 4/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Yellow Submarines Classic 4/5 -- Torpedo Fries 4.5/5 -- Coleslaw 4/5

High scores all around!
We have no doubt that a lot of people will be flocking to Yellow Submarines. Yet another superb makan place in Toa Payoh for us to visit!

We're definitely going back to try some other stuff on the menu. Plus a Cheesesteak or 3 :P

PS as a Beatle fan, i give a nod to the name of the joint :)

Yellow Submarines

Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central
#01-110 (Approach from behind NTUC side)
Tel: 6352 7890

Operating Hours:
10.30am til 10.30pm Daily


  1. Awesome write-up bro! Definitely a mouth-watering review, and I've put this down as a DDMT (die-die-must-try) in my list of things to eat! By the way, didn't manage to see you an Lan's place, so selamat hari raya to you & your family & maaf zahir dan batin!

    1. Hey Mr Hilmi aka Running Man! This is definitely a DDMT buddy!! And Salam Aidilfitri to you and family too! Maaf Zahir dan Batin and here's to great year ahead!!


  2. Cant wait to try this! Drooling already...

    1. I'm drooling just looking at the pics!! Let us know how your visit to Yellow Submarines went ok!!

      Adam Shah

  3. I work at tpy and been craving for cheesy foodies. thot it's not halal so always bypassed the YS. Thanx for info bro :-)

    1. Our pleasure! Hope you enjoyed it!!

      Maryah Q
      The Halal Food Blog

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Nieya! Thanks for your comment!

      Well I guess it's really up to individual tastes.
      I know people who love it so much they have eaten there multiple times and still make plans to go back for more!

      But at the same time, I know some people who tried it once and didn't really fancy it.
      Plus, if it's peak hour you have to wait in the queue for quite ahwile.

      I guess you won't really know if you like it til you try it... :)
      But if you like cheese and you like beef then we say it's worth at least one try before you make up your mind.

      Hope the info was helpful and let us know what you thought of it after/if you try ok!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog

    2. Hi,

      Yesterday, I tried Yellow Submarines Classic. It's worthy because the sandwich is filled with generous amount of beef.

      The torpedo fries are yummy!! The cheese is delicious and not too cheesy.. I like that the fries are cut like thick chips so when I dipped it with the cheese sauce, it won't mess up.

      I tried the coleslaw and I like the raisins. It enhances the taste of the coleslaw. Overall, I enjoyed the meal but the ambience not so :)

    3. Hi Nieya! Thanks for your comment!
      So glad that you enjoyed the food! Sounds like you had the same meal we did! :)

      Sorry to hear about the ambience though. Perhaps it was too crowded?
      We dined at the first level but we saw there is a 2nd level as well. Not too sure how the layout is up there though.

      Well at least you enjoyed the food and hope the next visit is better!

      Maryah Q
      The Halal Food Blog

    4. Hi Aunty Maryah,

      Yeah I decided to have the same meal as thehalalfoodblog :)

      I was there with my friends around 7.45pm. It's crowded so have to wait about 15 mins for our seating. We we were seated on the 2nd floor. :)

      Btw, I ordered C Class boomer for my bro as a takeaway and the burger was in good condition although I gave it to him 4 hours later. The burger is too big for him. :)

    5. Hahaha just call me Kakak is okay! :P

      Anyways the C Class Boomer is next on our list! When we went, it was out of stock! :(
      So look out for our review of that soon!

      Keep on makan-ing!!