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We have moved!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saffrons Cafeteria - Appam

Appam ($2.00)
The first time I visited Saffron in the morning (AGES AGO!!), I saw people eating this. I didn't know what it is because I'm actually quite a jakun sometimes but it did look quite appealing albeit not-so-filling. I found out it was called Appam but I didn't order it.

Over the years, I never really got around to ordering it for 2 reasons...
#1 - I seldom went to Saffron in the mornings and when I did, it was already sold out.
#2 - Even if I did go in the mornings, I would probably have the Roti Prata.

And finally, one fine day when we went down to Saffron for breakfast, my darling wife ordered it!

The Appam itself is actually made from rice flour (which been mixed in with some yeast so it ferments a little bit) and also coconut milk to give it that yummy rich coconut-y flavour. This is similar to the batter they use to make Kuih Makokeh!

The Appam batter is then cooked in a tiny bowl-shaped pan til the sides are crispy. I've read some recipes where they will add an extra dollop of coconut milk in the middle just before they get the Appam out of the pan. I'm not sure if they do this at Saffron but I suspect that they do!! The guy cooks the Appam outside of their normal kitchen so I must be sure to watch him closely the next time....

Well, whether he does this or not, the Appam is delicious.
It has a nice rich flavour and I absolutely love the crispy edges which make this a great breakfast item. I'm not sure if this is how they do it everywhere but Saffron's is a winner.

The 'Orange' Sugar
I know I know there's gonna be some debate about what this is actually called.
My Mother-In-Law (whom I go to when I need to check on Malay stuff most of the time) says it's called Gula Tanjung. Online, I've read online that it is called Gula Merah but who knows. I guess everyone calls it something. I'm gonna refer to it as The 'Orange Sugar'.

This is one of the preferred condiments when eating Appam because it gives a nice sweet contrast to the coconut-y flavour of the Appam. But you can always have it with some curry or Dhal instead and it will be just as delicious.

Adam's Verdict:
Appam 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Appam 4/5

This is a breakfast item you should try at least once so you know if you like it or not. And please don't wait like years upon years like me!! Prata anytime also can have... try the Appam!!

PS you can add on additional Appam at $1.00 each for all you fellow gluttons out there :D
Snd be sure to go early because it sells out fast!

Saffrons Cafeteria

Blk 201D Tampines Street 21

Tel: 6787 6010

Operating Hours: 24 hours Daily

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Burger King - King Dogs

When I first heard my Brother tell me that he ad hotdogs from BK, I thought to myself "No lah cannot be... their current promo is the Rendang Burger what..."

And then I realized why there was no fanfare and no ads about the new BK King Dogs. That's because they are not really a promo item but actually part of BK's Star Buys line-up. And that also means they should be really cheap am I right???

King Dogs ($2.00 each)
So Burger King branch out a little further than burgers and came up with a close relative - the hotdog.
I know our first reaction will be "Burger King should be burgers what right..." but wait wait let's see what they have to offer before we jump to any conclusions.

They have 2 types to offer us - Honey Mustard & Ketchup and BBQ & Mayo.
Of course the sauces are doused over a chicken sausage which lies in between a hotdog bun.
Sounds like a relatively simple idea right?

Well, let me tell you something - these King Dogs rock!!

Honey Mustard
BBQ & Mayo
The one thing I simply must rave about is the actual sausage itself. It's a chicken sausage and it's definitely of a good quality. Besides having a nice bite to it, it's actually pretty tasty too! I was not expecting much for the price I was paying but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised and the sausage is definitely the main draw here.

My Brother said that the buns were really soft too and I guess he was right they were not bad.  But I do note that if you order takeaway and end up in an air-conditioned area, the buns tend to dry up or harden up a little so best to eat it while it's fresh and hot.

Sauce-wise I guess it's really up to your preference.
The Honey Mustard is our weapon of choice here. I guess the traditional notion is to have mustard and ketchup on your hotdog. I actually found the BBQ & Mayo quite mundane to be honest.

Adam's Verdict:
Honey Mustard & Ketchup King Dog 4.5/5 -- BBQ & Mayo King Dog 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Honey Mustard & Ketchup King Dog 4/5 -- BBQ & Mayo King Dog 3/5

The place that we are most likely to have a hotdog nowadays is when we watch a movie at the cinema. Well, I think it might slowly change to BK from now on because these King Dogs are actually really something. After a few disappointing products from BK, I have to say this is a step in the right direction.

And the low price of $2.00 makes it a very very good snack on the go. And they even have it available for breakfast too! You can have a King Dog, Cheese Fries and Coke Float and you'll still spend less than $5.00 for a whole meal!!

If Burger King might consider some feedback - maybe they should also have a 3rd flavour...

 Burger King

35 outlets Islandwide

Operating Hours: Varies depending on outlet

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Chicken Rice Chronicles Part 5: Mackenzie Rex

Part 5 in our Chicken Rice Chronicles bring us to what is actually one of The Halal Food Blog Team's (well, some of us anyways) favourite makan places EVER and it just so happens that it's a Chicken Rice joint.

We actually wrote about Rex in a previous post but that was before we started our Chicken Rice Chronicles series. So we had to visit again to include it officially!

Roasted Chicken Rice ($4.50)
Mackenzie Rex has been around since the 60s and is one of the more popular name when it comes to Halal Oriental food including Tzi Char style dishes like Fried Baby Squid, You Char Kway with Sotong, Yam Ring, Sweet and Sour Fish etc.

But we are here to talk about the Chicken Rice which has been my favourite since my parents brought me there when I was 11 years old. Back then it was located where Rex Theatre stands but has since moved to Prinsep Street. They also have a branch at Changi Road.

Some people will say that they find the breast meat a bit too dry for their taste but I actually find it okay and to my liking. In fact, I know quite a few people who agree with me on this one.
I guess everyone has their own individual taste.

If you're the type that goes for the more juicy parts, you can always ask for the thigh or the drumstick. Just take note that drumstick will cost you a bit extra since it's a favourite part! And as with any respectable Chicken Rice place, they also have the Steamed or 'White' Chicken for you if you'd like.

I love the rice here. It's fragrant and it's tasty and it's the bomb.
Again, some people might argue it's a bit too hard or grainy but again to each his own I guess.
The rice is so tasty that my dear old Dad often buy extra packets of plain chicken rice and fry it up as fried rice at home which gives it an extra kick.

In my younger days when I had more of an appetite (and a bigger stomach), I'd almost order and extra bowl of rice at $0.50 whenever I had the Chicken Rice. POWER!!!

And here comes the one thing that almost all the people I have spoken to come to an agreement.

It's spicy. It's salty. It's got a tang to it. It's one of the best Chicken Rice chilli you will find around!
And trust me - it's got a spicy kick but you'll definitely keep scooping more and more and more.
Whether you put it in the small dish and go in doses or you put a generous amount to mix in with your rice, I think you'll agree with us in saying that this one of the best parts of Rex Chicken Rice.

Adam's Verdict:
Chicken Rice 5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Chicken Rice 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Chicken Rice 5/5

Yana's Verdict:
Chicken Rice 3.5/5

Well in my books, this is the #1 Chicken Rice around.
I know the list of places for us to visit remains a very a long one and I might very well come across a new place that is a really really good Chicken Rice joint but until then, Rex wins.

In fact, we even appeared on 987tv and told them all about our favourite Chicken Rice.
Check out the video here :)

Mackenzie Rex Restaurant

66 Prinsep Street
Tel: 63361702

Operating Hours: 10.30am til 10.00pm Daily
(Closed on Chinese New Year & Hari Raya Aidilfitri)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tash Tish Tosh Part II

Hey you guys remember our first visit to Tash Tish Tosh aka TTT right?
Yup it's that place in Onan Road which sells submarine sandwiches, buffalo wings and pizza!
Well we went back for more!!

Last time we visited, we only tried some of the subs and buffalo wings (which was the bomb) but we kept hearing that the pizzas at TTT were simply superb. Saw from TTT's Instagram that so many people were ordering and enjoying the pizzas! Well, we didn't want to be left out so we made our way down!

COWABUNGA DUDE!! (feeling-feeling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Tash Tish Tosh has about half a dozen different pizzas at this point of time and we decided to try out the top 2 best-sellers which everyone seems to be raving about.

The first was something called 'Meathead'. If you're someone who loves meat (like me) then I'm guessing you're probably getting excited right about now. And you won't be disappointed!

Beef Salami, Pepperoni, Ground Beef together with a special and original spicy sauce that you can get only at TTT. Top that off with pineapple, olives and some nice gooey mozzarella cheese. So is your mouth watering yet?

I think one of the unique things (besides the copious amount of meat) about the pizza is the base sauce.
Yeah sure it's got elements of your basic marinara pizza base but they add a little kick to it that gives it that extra spicy zing. I realized it as soon as I took my first bite - you can really taste the difference!

White Star
Well if the Meathead was not original enough for you then this is surely going to do it.
This is a real Tash Tish Tosh signature pizza!!

It's called the White Star (formerly known as Salami Star) and I know you're probably going "But I don't see any salami there".
Well, trust us - it's there. But there are other things besides salami and nice gooey mozzarella cheese which make this pizza great and unique.

Firstly, the sauce is simply exceptional. Not just taste-wise but also originality-wise.
It's a shittake mushroom white sauce! Nice and creamy and a nice alternative for those of you who either don't like tomato-based pizzas or simply wanna try something new. You can even see the pieces of shittake mushrooms there which truly give this pizza a unique flavour. But then again, those who don't like White Sauce and prefer Tomato-based may not like this one very much.

And we keep mentioning gooey pizza this and gooey mozzarella cheese that.
Just how gooey are we talking about actually?

Other pizzas offered include Sooo Cheesy (Mozzarella, Cheedar, Parmesan and Feta), Not Hawaiian (Chicken ham, turkey ham and pineapple), Under The Sea (Prawns and Squid) and also Roni (Pepperoni, olives and pineapple) but trust us and try one of the 2 listed above for sure.

You have a choice of 2 sizes (depending on how many people eating and/or how hungry you're feeling).
The 9-inch goes for $14.90 and the 12-inch goes for $19.90.
They not only make their own sauce but they also make their own dough! But just to note that it does tend to be a bit thick (none of that thin crust here) so it's quite filling but you're gonna keep wanting more! (Errrr... there's an update about thin crust... Just read below...)

And yes, they also provide grated cheese and chilli flakes (and it's ain't the cheap stuff!)

And just a quick update for you guys.
Our original post on Tash Tish Tosh had some subs in there. Well, they've started using a different bread which gives you more bite for your buck.

TCB ($5.90)
It definitely had a good toast on it so you get a nice crisp on the outside.
You can read about our original review of the TCB HERE.

Buffalo Wings ($5.90)
And of course, our ever-favourite Buffalo Wings are a MUST!!
ZOMG look at that picture!

Adam's Verdict:
Meathead 3/5 -- Salami Star 4.5/5 -- Buffalo Wings 4.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Meathead 2.5/5 -- Salami Star 2/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Meathead 4/5 -- Salami Star 4/5 -- Buffalo Wings 5/5

Two visits to TTT and we've barely scratched the surface of their menu!
The problem is that we'll probably keep going back and end up ordering the same stuff over and over again because it's just too good!! Case in point - BUFFALO WINGS!!

Anyways... there have been TWO updates since we wrote this review!!

1. TTT has moved to a new location! You can now find them at Alibabar which is located along Katong. Just look below for the full address.

2. The pizzas are now all THIN CRUST!

Tash Tish Tosh

125 East Coast Road (Inside Alibabar)


Operating Hours:
12pm to 2pm / 6pm to 11pm Mondays to Fridays
12pm to 11pm Saturdays and Sundays

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sunshine Bakeries - Sprouted Wholemeal Series

Sunshine is a household name when it comes to bread and all kinds of tasty goodies.
I mean, who has not heard of Sunshine bread am I right??

We ate it while we were growing up. Mum made sandwiches for the picnic and for school lunches.
Even while serving National Service and even Reservist, Sunshine Bread was there as a night snack in the form of their Cream Rolls. And by the way - Top One bread is from Sunshine too!

Another thing that the Sunshine brand is synonymous with is healthy eating.
Their range of White, Wholemeal and even their Flavoured Bread (e.g. California Raisin High Fibre, Muesli, Milk Toast etc) ranges are enriched to give us a healthy edge.

And now, Sunshine is taking it to the next level -

I know you have all heard about Wholemeal and all the benefits that Wholemeal breads provide.
Sunshine Bakeries now introduces - Sprouted Wholemeal which takes the benefits of Wholemeal breads to a whole new level.

Let me tell you a little bit more about it.

The 'Sprouting' Process
I don't want to go into all the scientific terms and all that so I'm going to break it down for you the way I understand it (which is hopefully the simplest way!)

In the picture above, you can see the Sprouting process.
Whole grains are healthy but Sprouting is what unlocks the grains' nutrients and extra health benefits including a lower glycemic index (GI) and an increase in soluble fibre . This means that we will be able to digest it more easily and not put so much strain on our digestive system.

On top of that, studies by the US Whole Grains Council have shown that Sprouting increases folate, Vitamins B and C as well as iron and amino acids. Bottom line is that this is a breakthrough that will ultimately benefit us all!

Image courtesy of Sunshine Bakeries

Sunshine's Extra Fine Sprouted Wholemeal bread has 80% wholemeal flour.
Normally this might mean a slightly more 'chewy' bread but this bread is super soft!!
In fact, my household has gone through 3 loaves since I brought home the first loaf!

You can see that the bread is actually sliced quite thick but is still super soft!
Not only is it healthy but also tasty too! Eat it on its own or simply spread on some butter, margerine, jam, kaya, cheese or whatever tickles your fancy!

Sunshine also gave us the chance to sample some special creations made with Sunshine's Extra Fine Sprouted Wholemeal bread and they were actually quite delicious!!

Queen's Coronation Egg with Cranberries
Refreshing Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Smoked Salmon Alfalfa Triangles
Peanut Butter Banana Marshmallow Toasties
Come on. Tell me you don't wanna try those mouth-watering creations...
From savoury and even a sweet treat!! And all so easy to make too!!
(Let me know if you need the recipes! Sunshine was kind enough to pass them to me!)

And if ready and on-the-go snacks is what you're looking for, then Sunshine has you covered!

Image courtesy of Sunshine Bakeries
Image courtesy of Sunshine Bakeries
Image courtesy of Sunshine Bakeries

The Choc Wholemeal Cream Roll range is here!
And the word Choc in front means that the bread is a Chocolate Roll!!

We have 3 cream flavours to choose from - Caramel Cream, Cocoa Cream and Coconut.
Caramel and Cocoa are pretty self-explanatory. The Coconut Cream is NOT KAYA (which I'll bet some of you might have been thinking) but it's actually a cream that has some coconut flavour and even some coconut bits in it. Creative!!

And in case you were wondering...

They are NOT stingy with the cream! Plenty to enjoy!

During my visit to the launch of Sunshine's  Sprouted Wholemeal Series, I heard from experts such as Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies at The Whole Grains Council and Ketki Vinayachandra who is a registered Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Iridologist .

The one message that got through to me what that we really need to pat more attention to what we eat and this means that even a small difference like the bread we eat can go a long way in better health for us and our families.

About a week has gone past since I brought back our first loaf of Sunshine Sprouted Extra Fine Wholemeal bread and we've bought another 2 loaves since then! Not only is it healthy but it's really tasty too. A little bit extra goes a long way!

Just try it and you'll see what I mean :)

You can scan the QR code above with your smartphone and get more information on this great new range from Sunshine!

Special thanks to Sunshine Bakeries for having me down!

Sunshine Bakeries

Tel: 6257 8455

Monday, May 12, 2014

Haji Daliman Korner - Mee Rebus

So it was one of those days where we happened to wander a little further than usual...
Found ourselves in the area of Vivo City and Harbourfront when hunger pangs suddenly struck and boy were we ready for a big ol' meal!

But what to eat?! So many choices?
Vivo? Harbourfront? Wait, let's go across to Seah Im!

So I go off to find my food and my darling wife returns with a right grin on her face...

Mee Rebus ($3.00)
No wonder she was grinning... One of her faves!

So the Mee Rebus actually comes on its own by the way... Adding on the Bagedil and keropok brought it up to $3.00 for the whole bowl. The Mee Rebus alone was $2.50. I'm not really sure how they counted but this was a very good price for all the goodies we got!

The Mee Rebus was apparently excellent. The kuah was tasty and a nice consistency. Not at all watery. "Very sedap!!" says my darling wife.

I guess Mee Rebus is one of those dishes that can be either really good or really bad.
Taste is one thing but consistency of the gravy is also an important factor and Haji Daliman seems to pass the test.

Maryah's Verdict:
Mee Rebus 4/5

So many goodies at Seah Im and apparently Mee Rebus is one of them.
I would never have thought to buy it and it's a good thing my wife bought or we would have missed out!!

Haji Daliman Korner

Seah Im Food Centre 2 Seah Im Road
Stall 786 #01-33

Operating Hours: 8am til 9pm Daily
Closed on one day of the week (Not fixed so try your luck!)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tang Tea House - XO Sauce Fried Rice & Roasted Chicken Noodle

Aha! Back to Tang Tea House! One of our favourites!
I guess we keep going back to Tang Tea House because of the location (in the east for us) and also because of the wide variety of food to choose from.

You can read about our previous visits HERE of course...
But for now... let's start on some new ones.

Mum & Dad
Resident Reviewers - Azlan & Yana
This time we visited with the whole family in tow because let's face it - a good meal is even better in the company of loved ones am I right?

Everyone's got something the like at Tang Tea House.
Some like the Dim Sum (which will be getting a special post all on its own soon!). Some like the Chicken Rice (coming up next in out Chicken Rice Chronicles series!). And some like to try something new every time they visit.

Well, with a menu as extensive as the one at Tang Tea House, there's more than enough choices.

XO Sauce Bean Sprouts with Beef Fried Rice ($5.50)
Mein Brudder seems to like this one.
Chinese-style fried rice with some tender beef slices and bean sprouts mixed in as well.
I'm guessing some people probably tell them to leave out the bean sprouts... But veggies are good for you!!

The fried rice itself actually has quite a spicy kick to it. I'm guessing you can see the chilli element in the picture above. I guess it's not too bad but you can tell them to make it less spicy if you'd like.

XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice ($5.00)
They also have a seafood version which substitutes the beef with some prawns and squid slices.
(Bean sprouts still included by the way)

Above pictures are individual servings which they serve in those mini-wok things.
They also have larger servings at $9.00 or $14.00 if you're sharing with a group.

Roasted Chicken Noodle ($5.20)

Served in a mini-wok, a nice serving for one person. Noodles were a bit bland with some basic soy sauce and sambal (which they seemed to have forgotten this time) to give it some kick and some veggies on the side of course.

If there is one thing Tang Tea House is good at, it's the Roasted Chicken and you have a nice serving of it with your noodles here. Even if you don't finish your noodles, you're probably going to finish your chicken.
But then again - if you want Roasted Chicken, then just order some Roasted Chicken.

Every time my Dad comes to Tang Tea House, he'll order the Roasted Chicken Noodles.
And every time, he'll say that he will never order it again. But always ends up ordering it again the next time.
I think he secretly likes it! Hahahaha

Well how about something to wash it all down?

Fizzy Lemon Ribena ($2.50)
When we visit Tang Tea House, there're definitely going to be 2 specific drinks on the table.

One of them is the Fizzy Lemon Ribena.
Mein Brudder introduced me to this one (I normally ordered the 2nd drink) and I think it's catching on to me.
It's basically Ribena with Sprite and some lemon. But the tang you get with the sweet and sour is quite simply the bomb!

Super Cooler ($4.00)

 Lo and behold the #1 fave drink at Tang Tea House... The Super Cooler!
It's basically Wheatgrass juice with fresh coconut and it's simply delicious.
I know it's a bit difficult to grasp the concept of Wheatgrass + coconut at first but trust me once you taste it, you're probably going to order another. It's refreshing and tasty and I'm guessing lots and lots of people order this too! A real thirst quencher!

I normally order 2 drinks. One will be a Fizzy Lemon Ribena and one will be a Super Cooler.

Adam's Verdict:
XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice 2/5 -- Roasted Chicken Noodle 2.5/5 -- Fizzy Lemon Ribena 4.5/5
Super Cooler 5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice 2.5/5 -- Fizzy Lemon Ribena 3/5 -- Super Cooler 4/5

Azlan's Verdict:
XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice 3/5 -- Roasted Chicken Noodle 2/5 -- Fizzy Lemon Ribena 4/5
Super Cooler 5/5

Eriyana's Verdict:
XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice 3/5 -- Roasted Chicken Noodle 3.5/5 -- Fizzy Lemon Ribena 4/5
Super Cooler 5/5

Dad's Verdict:
Roasted Chicken Noodle 1/5 -- Fizzy Lemon Ribena 3/5 -- Super Cooler 4/5

Mum's Verdict:
Fizzy Lemon Ribena 2.5/5 -- Super Cooler 4/5

Oh don't worry. We'll definitely be paying a few more visits to Tang Tea House...
Once we have covered what we need to, look out for a special post that will feature 100% Dim Sum found at Tang Tea House!!

Tang Tea House

359 Bedok Road

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 4.00am Daily

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Halal Food Blog Team On 987TV: Tried & Tasted

Hey everyone! Guess what....

We're not sure if this was aired on TV yet but it's already up on YouTube.
The Halal Food Blog Team was featured on 987TV: Tried & Tasted!

(Coincidentally) their segment was also called 'The Chicken Rice Chronicles' and they asked what our favourite Chicken Rice was and our answer was obvious so we brought them down to makan at Mackenzie Rex to have a plate of our all-time favourite chicken rice!

Joakim Gomez and Sonia Chew from 987FM's The Wake Up Call were nice enough to meet us there to share in the good food and also a fun time filming the segment. Their rating was lower than ours but hey everyone's got a favourite something right!

A big thanks to the 987FM team and also to Mackenzie Rex for having us on the segment!

Enjoy the clip and keep on makan-ing!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Eatzi Gourmet Bakery - Mother's Day Special 2014


Mango Chocolate Surprise
I'm sure many of us have eaten at Eatzi Gourmet before but how many of you know that Eatzi Gourmet also has a Bakery that churns out some of the more interesting cakes out there?
Well, in case you didn't know, they do! And they have some special cakes for Mother's Day!

I guess we are more familiar with other big name bakeries when it comes to cakes especially when special occasions like Mother's Day come around. Now, we have one more option to choose from!
With Mother's Day just around the corner, timing is perfect!

Mango Chocolate Surprise ($49.30)
Eatzi Gourmet Bakery has 3 delectable cakes to choose from this Mother's Day.
One of them is the Mango Chocolate Surprise!

This is definitely a good choice for those of you who like chocolate but also like to mix it up with some fruit so that it's not too heavy on the palate.

You've got a chocolate sponge layer right at the bottom to build from.
Add some chocolate mousse, vanilla sponge, mango mousse (with mango bits!!) and finish it off with more chocolate mousse! Topped off with fresh mango cubes within a thin chocolate shell.

The chocolate has a nice dark and rich flavour but you'll get a nice refreshing hit of the mango mousse in there too. Definitely something to balance the rich flavour of the chocolate mousse.

The fresh mango cubes also give you a nice addition to an already super cake.
The 1kg cake should be more than enough to feed at least 10 pax.

And like I said, if you're a chocolate lover, you're definitely going to have more than 1 slice!

But as usual, if chocolate is not your thing, there are other options too!

Mango Double Decker ($57.80)
For all-out decadence, go for the Mango Double Decker. I'm guessing you can see why this would be the all-out cake... Just look at it! Amazing!

Inside is a mango mousse with vanilla sponge and it's covered with a layer of fresh mango slices.
The second tier is fresh mango cubes and raspberry macarons! This is a 1.5kg cake by the way and perfect if you have a larger group of around 15 pax.

Mango Loaf ($52.70)
Last but not least, the Mango Loaf is all wrapped up in a bow and ready to go!
1.3kg and just nice for at least 10-12 pax.

Mango mousse and vanilla sponge await within a wall of sponge fingers! Topped off with fresh mango cubes to give your sweet Mum a sweet Mother's Day!

Prices for all the cakes are as follow;

Mango Chocolate Surprise - $49.30 (Usual Price $58.00)
Mango Double Decker - $57.80 (Usual Price $68.00)
Mango Loaf - $52.70 (Usual Price $62.00)

If you order the cakes ONLINE via their website before 11th May 2014 (which is Mother's Day), you'll enjoy a 15% discount which is the prices shown above. If you buy at the store, you'll pay the usual price so might as well order online right!!! Earlybird special!!

Order via http://bakery.eatzi.com.sg/?page_id=1047&cat=16 now!

And if you're a JP Pepperdine member, you'll get an extra 500 Bonus Points on top of the discount!

Cakes will be available throughout the month of May 2014 so even if Mother's Day is over, you can go back and order more of your favourite cake!

Anyways they also make lots of other cool cakes for other occasions as well so check out their site for more ideas on what you can enjoy!

Eatzi Gourmet Bakery

Tel: 6287 6298