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We have moved!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tash Tish Tosh

So one of our readers @NoorShareena posts on our FB wall and says we have to drop by this little nook in Onan Road (updated to new location) which "Yummy Halal Subs" and also some pretty great pizza too. We'd actually passed by Onan Road a few days before that and didn't notice any such place.

But as always, our readers know best so we simply had to make our way down and investigate...

So anyways we realized the reason we missed it the first time is because the makan place known as Tash Tish Tosh is actually situated within Best Hawa* restaurant itself. So you might not see it straight away but look out for the red posted outside with the thumbs up and you know you've found it. *(Updated to new location at Katong as of May 2014)

RBP ($5.90)
So one of the specialties of this place is their Subs aka Submarine Sandwiches.
At the introductory price of $5.90, you get a 6-inch sandwich and you can choose from 6 types.
And to make thing interesting, they've abbreviated the names of the sandwiches!

For example, EM = Egg Mayo. THTB = Turkey Ham and Turkey Bacon. CPCB = Chicken Poloni and Chicken Bacon with mushroom. Well, you get the picture right?
Any guess what my sandwich name stands for?

I had the RBP which stands for Roast Beef and Pepperoni (because you know I loves me some meat) and it is (like all their sandwiches) served with romaine lettuce and cheese to accompany your choice of filling.

TCB ($5.90)
My brother decided to go a different route and tried the TCB aka Turkey Ham, Chicken Salami and Beef Bacon for his choice. You can definitely see them pile on the slices of meat in there along with some lettuce to give you a little bit of extra crunch.

One of the owners, Mr Wahid, was nice enough to sit down with us and have a chat. We found out that they use top-grade meat products and bread for their subs.

And when we peeled back the slices of bread, we noticed that even though it was dripping with any sauce, it still have some nice vinaigrette-style action going on to give your sub a little bit more oomph in the taste department.

And apparently, we didn't realize that we actually had a choice of bread between Cheese Focaccia, French Baguette and Oatmeal & Flaxseed.

I'm guessing we got the... Oatmeal and Flaxseed? MAYBE...
Oh who knows. One thing we did know is that the bread was fresh and tasty and definitely a change from your normal everyday loaf.

And I know a lot of you are thinking that the subs look small and maybe not enough to fill you up?
Well, fret not. Simple solutions could be to either 1) Order more or 2) Order some additional items.
And they do have quite a number of additional items for you to choose from!

The one thing that seems to be popular is the Pizza.

Apparently they make it from scratch from the pizza dough to the tomato sauce. Now that's what I call pizza!
We can still remember when our Dad used to make pizza from scratch and it was the best damn pizza we've ever had EVER! And I guess the fact that they make it from scratch here too might be one of the reasons the pizza is a winner with the crowd here. Hopefully we get to try it on o9ur next visit?

But if pizza is not your thing, then please allow us to recommend something to you...
They've got fries and fried stuff and even pasta but we're going with something else...

Buffalo Wings ($5.90)
Believe us when we say this - THESE WINGS ARE THE BOMB!!!

Firstly, the chicken wings are marinated and flavoured perfectly.
Secondly, they are fried to crisp perfection. The inside is nice and juicy and cooked while the outer layer is still crisp even after being smothered in all that sauce!

Now here comes the contention.
It's labelled as Buffalo Wings but it doesn't have the traditional BBQ-sauce taste which you are supposed to get with Buffalo Wings. Instead, the sauce here is more of a... I'd call it a sambal.
It's not the thick type but it covers the chicken well and it's not overly spicy but it definitely packs a full punch of flavour. Definitely a unique and delicious take on a classic.

Well, call it whatever you want but we'll say it again - THESE WINGS ARE THE BOMB!!!
They're so much the bomb that after the subs and the wings, we ordered 2 more bungkus and bring home to makan. How's that? Have we managed to convince you on the BOMBNESS OF THE WINGS!!

Brownie ($2.50)
And for dessert, why not have a Brownie!
It's not the thick fudgy type if that's what you were thinking. It's more of a brownie-cake with a light fluffy texture. Definitely welcome after a large meal.

You could also consider topping up $1.00 and have it Ala-Mode (with vanilla ice-cream).

Adam's Verdict:
RBP 3/5 -- Buffalo Wings 4.5/5 -- Brownie 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
TCB 3.5/5 -- Buffalo Wings 5/5 -- Brownie 2/5

We were quite intrigued with the very unique name of the place and Mr Wahid was kind enough to explain how they decided on it. Quite simply put - Mr Wahid and his wife have a daughter named Natasha aka Tash.
And that makes us the front part of Tash Tish Tosh :) In fact, that's here on the logo!

Thanks to @NoorShareena for the tip! This place is definitely worth a visit!!!

*Updated to new location 18th May 201

Tash Tish Tosh

125 East Coast Road (Inside Alibabar)


Operating Hours:
12pm to 2pm / 6pm to 11pm Mondays to Fridays
12pm to 11pm Saturdays and Sundays

Monday, January 27, 2014

S.K. Connection - Lontong

First thing that's probably going through your mind is - "Where the heck is this place?" or maybe you're thinking "SK Connection? Tak pernah dengar pun...".

Well that's because this is a place I visit quite a bit during lunchtime at work.
This place is probably more famous for its Nasi Ayam Penyet (which I will officially review soon) but this time I decided to have something I had been craving for at the time.

Lontong ($3.50) + Bagedil ($0.50)
Don't be confused by the giant menu on the wall that has wrongly put up 'Lontong Milinerim' (I believe they were going for Lontong Millenium". Just ask for the Lontong.

And it's actually not bad too. The lodeh is very tasty without being 'too lemak' if you know what I mean.
Lots of veggies come along and make a very satisfying bite. I've added a Bagedil for an extra $0.50 by the way. Just felt like a little bit extra if you know what I mean.

Oh and don't worry about the sambal on the top. It's spicy but not overly so you won't really have that burning mouth sensation. But if you're not keen, let them know to leave it out.

The only disappointing part about this dish is that they use the instant type of rice cakes.
I'm talking about those packets (Like Adabi brand) where you just need to boil the packet and you get instant lontong which you just need to cut up and serve.
I guess I'm the type who prefers the original type of Lontong (the round one). Just a preference I guess.

Adam's Verdict:
Lontong 3.5/5

Just a quickie here and an intro to this place.
Next time it'll be the main star - Nasi Ayam Penyet!!

S.K. Connection

Blk 36 Chai Chee Avenue

Tel: 9824 7500

Operating Hours:
6.30am til 5.00pm Mondays til Saturdays
Closed on Sunday

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Penang Culture


My darling wife had gone to this makan place with her friends during the recent Ramadhan. I hadn't heard much about Penang Culture before that. Many months later, we finally got the chance to visit and tuck in to some Penang-style cuisine.

The first thing that surprised us after browsing through the menu was that they offered not only Penang favourites but even some other dishes that you might enjoy as well.

Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles ($7.65)
First thing on our list was the Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles.
We did some research on foods that everyone should try in Penang and this was definitely on those lists!

When someone says Hokkien Mee in Singapore, the first thing that comes to mind is the Fried Hokkien Mee aka Rochor Mee which is the half-beehoon-half-yellow noodles dish with loads of prawns fried up in prawn stock. But when someone mentions Penang Hokkien Mee, we are talking a nice big bowl of soupy goodness.

The first thing we tried was the stock which was full of flavour!
We were told that the stock was made with prawns and chicken which is what gives it such a rich and flavourful oomph and I could not help but keep gulping it down.

You will also get bee hoon and yellow noodles  so you can decide which you prefer.
But it's topped off with fish cake, chicken, boiled egg and 2 big prawns for you to enjoy!

Here's a tip - mix in the spoonful of chilli sambal to give your dish an even more spicy kick!

Penang Assam Laksa ($6.95)
Here's another Penang must-try!

We've had Assam Laksa before but this was a whole different story.
The spicy-sour fish broth was really the bomb. I thought I had found treasure with the Hokkien Prawn Noodles broth but for those of you going for a more tangy flavour - this is for you!

And the best thing is that it was not overly sour that you get tired of the taste after a few spoonfuls.
This was a very flavourful broth and boy was I hooked!

And here's a special touch that I never expected.
You see that spoon with the black liquid? It's Petis Udang (Fermented Prawn Paste)!!
Totally unexpected and added such a big difference to the dish!

If the broth was not enough to convince you that this was authentic Penang fare, check out the noodles.
These are not the regular thin Laksa noodles you'd normally get. These are thicker (very similar to Laksa Cap) and give you a great bite.

Pile on some noodles, sardines and yummy broth and take a big delicious SLURP!!

Penang Fried Koay Teow ($7.95)
Here's the dish that so many people were telling us to try should we visit Penang Culture.
One of the dishes that comes to mind when someone says Penang is undoubtedly Penang Char Koay Teow.

Don't be confused with the Singapore version which has loads of sweet sauce in it.
None of that here but definitely lots of chilli! Don't worry it's not going to burn your mouth off but if you're the type that likes your kway teow to have the full flavour of noodles and spiciness of chilli, this is for you!

Finish it off with some greens, beansprouts, eggs and of course - cockles!
A Penang hawker favourite available right here!

BBQ Seafood Platter for 2 ($17.95)
If you're looking for something to share, consider this a good choice of BBQ goodies so you can sample a number of things at once. It's also good for you to whet your appetite while waiting for your main course!

You get a nice mix of BBQ prawns, Satay and BBQ squid.
In fact, it's even enough to share between 3-4 people!

The prawns were great and I love it when they make it easy to eat. No messy peeling!
And the sambal was good too! Similar to the BBQ seafood type of sambal you get and this one was a little sweet but definitely spicy!

And I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of the squid but it was tender and not at all rubbery!

For all you Satay lovers, you'll probably enjoy the Satay here. The meat was tender and the satay sauce was good. Plenty of cucumber and onions for you to chomp down on but you might wanna ask for more sauce.
And I know you'll probably say that if wanna east Satay then might as well go somewhere that specializes in Satay but if you're at Penang Culture, the Satay is still something you might want to try if you're there.

Pink Guava Juice & Ampla Juice ($4.55 each)
They've actually got quite a selection of drinks at Penang Culture for to wash down all the yummy makan.

One of the more unique ones (and one I've never tried before today) was the Ampla Juice.
The Ampla fruit is also known by another name, Buah Long-Long, and is apparently a very healthy choice.
It has a distinct veggie taste but also have a very nice tang to it. Definitely gets the appetite going and is refreshing enough to cool your mouth down with all the spicy food.

They also have Pink Guava, Rambutan Juice and even Nutmeg Juice!!

King Of Cendol ($6.95)

The King Of Cendol is the perfect dessert for you Durian Lovers.
Cendol, sweet red beans and coconut milk topped off with shaved iced, gula melaka and fresh durian!!

The cendol was soft and the red beans were nice and sweet. And the fresh durian was definitely the highlight!
Definitely a nice and sweet end to a very very satisfying Penang-style meal!

They also have other sweet treats for you including Ice Kachang and Bubor Hitam!
And for those of you who do not fancy durian, don't worry! All the desserts have a version which does not have durian so you have a choice too!!

What we had tonight was just the tip of the iceberg apparently.
So many more dishes to try including Penang Belacan Fried Rice, Penang Hokkien Crab Noodles and even Assam Curry Fish Head!!

This is a great place for a quiet meal for 2 or even for a family feast.
They even have special Kids' Meals!

And in case I haven't mentioned, the head chef in-charge of all the dishes used to be a hawker/chef from Gurney Drive in Penang so he must definitely know what he's doing right! I've never been to Penang but I think I've got a great idea on how delicious the food is!

Penang Culture

Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure
Viewing Mall Level 3


Tel: 6546 7793

Operating Hours: 10.30am til 10.00pm Daily
Last order at 9.30pm

Monday, January 20, 2014

Afghanistan - Nasi Sambal Goreng

We are back at one of the 'big names' in Tampines when it comes to makan and this time we're trying the 'big name' dish which is one of the most popular especially with the weekend breakfast crowds.

We normally buy it bungkus but this was going to be the first time we were having it there.

Nasi Sambal Goreng ($5.00)
Here's a dish that so many people love. It seems simple enough but yet it's quite hard to find a Nasi Sambal Goreng (NSG) that is consistently satisfying. I'm glad to report that over the years, the NSG at Afghanistan has earned a reputation of being consistent and delicious and worth queuing up for on the weekends.

The Sambal Goreng is not as oily as some other places you might have tried before and the Sambal Goreng is actually pretty tasty. One thing I was quite disappointed with though was the lack of veggies. No doubt on being tasty but it's almost all tauhu and tempeh and very very little long beans. I prefer a bit of green in my Sambal Goreng you know what I mean?

The chicken wing was deep fried and delicious. A nice crispy coat on the outside!
And the bagedil is a must whenever we have NSG I'm sure you will agree with me.

But for me, the best thing about the NSG from Afghanistan is the Sambal Sotong.
Even if I were to buy the Nasi Lemak from this same stall, I will add a serving of the Sambal Sotong.
Why do I enjoy it so much?

They do not use the giant sotong but rather the much smaller variety.
I would not have thought it but it apparently makes a big (pardon the pun) difference in my books.

The sambal is just the right amount of spicy and the tiny sotong is very strong on the taste and smell but I guess it's something I enjoy. I'm not sure if everyone will agree with me but I am quite fussy when it comes to my sambal sotong and I very much prefer this to those super soft jelly-like sotong.

Adam's Verdict:
Nasi Sambal Goreng 3.5/5

I must mention that my dish and price includes and extra serving of Sambal Sotong which means it's cheaper if you just order NSG as it is. And I'm not sure why but I think that Nasi Sambal Goreng seems to be more enjoyable if it's packed. Maybe it's something about everything being packed together and having time to mix up together. Hmmmm...

Looks like it's gonna be bungkus next time!

Afghanistan Family Restaurant

201E Tampines Street 23
Mamak Stall

Tel: 6783 7746

Operating Hours:
7.30am til 11.30pm Daily
(Opens at 3.00pm on Friday afternoons)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

IndoChili Part III

I'm guessing most of you might know by now how much we simply adore IndoChili.
This is our 3rd visit and probably not our last. And everytime we visit, we order some favourites and try some new stuff too!!

This time we visited to celebrate a birthday with the whole family of about 12 people!
IndoChili is definitely suitable for a quite dinner for 2 or even a celebration with a big group.

Sate Ayam Madura ($7.80)
As always, one of our favourites and a must-have whenever we visit is the Sate Ayam Madura.
Tender chicken bathing in peanut gravy is a sure win. Never ever fails to satisfy and most times we even end up ordering a 2nd serving.

We did try something a little differently this time though.
Since we were dining with a pretty large group, we didn't order individual dishes like we normally would.
Instead, we took the opportunity to try something on a slightly larger scale.

Combo Bakaran ($42.80)
If you've got a large group and looking to try a few different things, then this is definitely something you should consider trying.

It's basically a platter of grilled goodies including fish, squid, prawns, sate and some chicken.

And of course, we are going to run it down for you :)

This is a Black Pomfret grilled in the style of the 'masak kecap'.
And unfortunately this was the only disappointing thing in the whole Combo Bakaran platter.

Maybe it was our bad luck but the fish wasn't as fresh as you'd expect.
I visited with a whole bunch of 'professional fish eaters' and I definitely trust their taste when it comes to the consumption of fish and other assorted seafood.

Seasoning was nice but just unlucky with the quality of fish this time around.

Next up was the Cumi Jimbaran or grilled squid.
This was definitely better and was just as good as the first time we tried it.

We had the Belado the first time around and for the grilled version this time, it's got a very nice and sweet glaze to go along with the tender squid.

For me, this was the real star of the platter - the Udang Bakar Jimbaran.

Jimabarn in Bali is famous for its delicious seafood and IndoChili has taken a page out of that book and definitely put it to good use with the squid and prawns here. A nice sweet glaze coats the prawn and enhances the already sweet flavour of the prawn. And as you can see, it's a bloody giant prawn!!

I'm not really big prawn fan to be honest but even I enjoyed this which really says a lot.
But there are only 2 prawns in this platter so you have to either be nice and share or be quick and stingy!!

For the chicken component, they have 2 servings for you.
2 skewers of some Sate Ayam Madura (which is already a win) and Ayam Panggang Padang.

If you remember, we tried the Ayam Panggang Padang the last time we visited.
And it was one of the biggest surprises! (Pleasant one of course)

It looks like a really simple dish but sometimes simplicity is best I reckon and it's proven here.
The chicken is tender and grilled to perfection and the spice gravy coating is simple delicious.
The chicken is marinated well because you can taste the flavour when you take a nice big bite.

So overall, the Combo Bakaran is worth it if you have people to share it with so everyone can have a bit of something that they like. But if you like something specific, then perhaps it might be best to order just that dish for yourself and be satisfied.

Nasi Kuning ($2.00 per serving)
Oh and by the way, I decided to try the Nasi Kuning this time instead of the usual white rice.
Thought it'd be nice to have something new with all the dishes we ordered.

This is definitely more tasty than the normal white rice.
But I must give you fair warning - the rice is cooked to a soft and still slightly mushy texture. So if you're like me and have a preference for a drier texture, you have been informed!!

Rendang Sapi ($9.80)
This is a dish that I tried during the last visit but didn't get a chance to review.
The reason being - it was snapped up so fast that I didn't get a chance to photograph it!
But alas! I have succeeded this time!

The menu says that they the meat is "slow-cooked for at least 4 hours". And they weren't kidding.
The beef is super tender and succulent. I just just through it with a fork!
And the spicy gravy is a delight and bursting with flavour.

Tempe Pete ($8.80)
And last but not least for the feast is something that some people may fancy and some people may not.

Some people call it Stink Beans. It's scientific name is Parkia Speciosa.
One thing for sure - Petai is definitely an acquired taste.

I only started eating (and enjoying) petai in recent years. Most people are put off by its strong taste and pungent after-smell. Well it may be quite a mouthful but for those who enjoy it, it's simply a delight when enjoyed with some accompanying sambal.

The IndoChili version is paired with some tempeh which is fine. The dish itself is quite tasty and definitely on the spicy side. But I do find the price a little on the high side though (it's more expensive than the Sate!!)

Adam's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4/5 -- Combo Bakaran 3/5 -- Rendang Sapi 4/5 -- Tempe Pete 3/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4/5 -- Combo Bakaran 2.5/5 -- Tempe Pete 2.5/5

Simply put - enjoyed the dinner at IndoChili and can't wait to visit again.
Still so many things we want to try on the menu! Mark my words... next time - Tumping!!!


54 Zion Road

Tel: 6445 1766 / 8168 4958

Operating Hours: 
11.30am til 10.30pm Daily

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yip's by Andik Nurdiany - Festive Cookies


Hey guys you remember our first post on Yip's by Andik Nurdiany and some of the pastry goodies we tried right? Well, not only do they have more pastries for us to try (soon), they also have a wide range of Festive Cookies for us to enjoy!!

Well, they've actually got a lot more variety than that but we're gonna go through just some with you now including a very very unique and special one! I think we'll save that one for last! (kasi suspense sikit)

Okay let's start from the top.

Pineapple Tarts ($16.00 per bottle)
It doesn't matter what festive season it might be.
Chinese New Year? Hari Raya? Deepavali? Christmas? You're almost definitely going to see some Pineapple Tarts somewhere or rather. I think there's just something about Pineapple Tarts that connect us all. They come in all funny shapes and sizes and version nowadays but in the end, it's a Pineapple Tart.

Yip's Pineapple Tarts are definitely very generous with the pineapple filling as you can see.
The ratio of pineapple to pastry is pretty much even from what we gather and no complaints from us!
The pineapple filling itself is not too sweet and the pastry is buttery but does not overwhelm you.
Just the right balance for those who prefer a lighter snack!

We normally have a hard time finding a decent traditional Pineapple Tart nowadays and often buy a different version (as you may have read from our previous posts) but at least now we know where we can get some steady Pineapple Tarts!

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cheddar Cheese Biscuits ($18.00 per bottle)
I love cheese. And I love cheesy pastries and cookies.
I've had some pretty decent cheese cookies in the past but this was definitely something different.

Yip's version is kinda like a flower biscuit shape opposed to the type I normally have which is in stick version. But the good news is - it's still cheesy! It's not the strong salty type of cheese taste which is going to make you 'muak' so fast. This one is kind of salty-sweet and buttery and the cranberry piece on top gives you a nice sweet hint at the end.

I kept popping this one by one by one. Simply could not stop!!

Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies ($16.00 per bottle)
This was my darling wife's favourite and I can see why!

Delicious chocolate taste when you chomp down on the cookies. The cookie dough is chocolate and you'll also get the chocolate chips embedded within! And if that's no enough, macadamia nut halves! And as you can see, they're not stingy with the macadamia nuts okay! If you don't see one on the surface, it's probably hiding from you within the cookie!!

Macadamia Nut Butter Cookies ($17.00 per bottle)
If you're not such a big chocolate fan (sure or not???), do not fret!

Yip's also has a butter version for those that still want to enjoy macadamia nut cookies without the chocolate element. Pure butter enjoyment waiting for you here! AND LOOK AT THOSE NUTS!!

And here's a fact for you - Yip's uses ONLY BUTTER in all their cookies, puffs and pastries! No margarine allowed!!

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Almond Cookies ($18.00 per bottle)
This was the bomb. And the bombs went in my mouth!

I've always been a fan of crumbly almond cookies and I can safely say we've come across one of the best here. Nice little bite-sized pieces of almond and butter goodness that you're probably not going to be able to stop from eating if you're a big fan of almond cookies.

That's a view of the inside of the cookie. I took half a bite and took a closer look inside.
If you look closely, you can see the layers of almond nut flakes that are packed into that little cookie.
No wonder it's so nutty and buttery!

And I'm not kidding you - I'm literally eating these cookies as I type this review out!

Anyways now we've come to the special cookies that we mentioned at the beginning of our post.
Are you ready? ***JENG JENG JENG***

Cereal Prawn Cookies ($18.00 per bottle)
When I first saw this posted on their Instagram, the first thought that came to my mind was "Wow. That's very errrrr... interesting!" because I've never come across a Cereal Prawn Cookie before!

And let me tell you, these unique little cookies are really something else! It's not just hype and gimmick here because these cookies really pack a punch! Nestum, Japanese dried prawns, curry leaves and CHILLI PADI make up this cookie. No wonder it's so full of flavour and is actually quite spicy!

Take a big whiff and you're gonna get a strong smell of chilli and dried prawns that's gonna get your taste buds activated. These little cookies actually remind me of those little mini Prawn Popiahs we have.
My Mum absolutely loved these cookies and the spicy factor they bring. A nice savoury taste and then chilli kicks in. I believe you chilli lovers out there will like this too!

Yip's by Andik Nurdiany is really taking things by storm here. We've tried some of the pastries and it was the bomb and now their cookies are the bomb too!

And the best thing is they have so many more things that we haven't had the chance to include in this review!
Love Letters, Cornflake and Raisin cookies, Sugi, Honeycomb and even Almond Bienetta to name a few. And they even have cookies that are 100% Vegetarian-friendly!
Looks like we have a lot more to try at Yips!

So whether it's for the festive season, looking for a gift for someone or even just buying some snacks for yourself and the family, you should definitely check out Yips! You can check out their FB page, Instagram or their website. Look for the Yip's logo on the right hand sidebar of our blog. Click on it and immediately be transported to their site where you can find a full list of their goodies and mouth-watering pics too!

Yip's by Andik Nurdiany

10 Sinaran Drive
Novena Square 2 #B117-119

Tel: 6440 7887 / 8233 0073

Operating Hours:
7.00am til 9.00pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
8.00am til 9.00pm (Sundays and Public Holidays)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Quest For Briyani Part 6: Saffrons Cafeteria

Here we at at stop number 6 in our Quest for Briyani series and this time we are visiting a place that we normally visit for something else (not the Briyani) but quite a few readers have been egging us to try the Briyani here. WE HEARD YOU!!! :)

Mutton Briyani Dum ($6.00)
When someone says Saffrons to me, the first things that comes to my mind are Mee Goreng and Prata because that's basically what I almost always have when I go there. I've always seen lots of people ordering the Briyani there but never really thought much about it. Well it seems that a lot of people knew something I dind't and I'm here to find out what it is.

The first thing that hit us as soon as they brought the Briyani to the table was the aroma. Now here was a plate of Briyani which had the strong aroma you'd expect from a power serving of Briyani! We've had Briyani where there was surprisingly no smell at all but this was definitely something else!

Maybe it had something to do with the banana leaf? Well I'm not sure about if it made a difference but it definitely made a good impression.

At first I thought the rice looked kinda dry but boy was I wrong.
The rice was nice and fluffy and full of flavour. The rice was so tasty that I could have gone on eating it without any meat or anything else.

But thankfully, I remembered the meat!

The mutton was absolutely the bomb! The masala gives you a nice strong kick but it doesn't overwhelm you so when you have it with the rice, you can still taste the rice and the masala compliments it. The mutton was tender and easily torn apart with just my fork. Add all that into one satisfying mouthful.

I'm quite confident in saying that this is one place that calls it 'Briyani Dum' and really means it!

The acar and the dalcha only add to a dish that is already delicious on its own.

The acar has a nice tang and spice to it. Don't be afraid of those chillies you see, it's not that spicy.
And the dalcha was simply sublime. I guess one of the reasons it was so good was that they add in some of the lamb fat (tetelan) when they cook it (similar to some of the other places we reviewed) and it seems to make a world of difference. You don't have to eat the fats though! It's already done its job :)

As you can see, I really enjoyed my meal!!!

And of course, finish off with a nice cup of Teh Tarik!

Adam's Verdict:
Mutton Briyani Dum 4.5/5

I know I still have hundreds more places to have Briyani. Half of which have been recommended by you - our beloved readers. Don't worry, I'll try my best to cover as many as I can. But for now, Saffron's is one of the best Briyani's I've had so far.

Just an extra note, we normally eat at the Tampines Saffrons because it's so close but they also have a new outlet at Swan Lake in Opera Estate. And so far, the high standards are upheld at both venues!

Saffrons Cafeteria

23 Swan Lake Avenue

Tel: 9185 0954

Operating Hours:
8.00am til 10.00pm Daily