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Monday, June 16, 2014

Domino's Pizza

So for pizza delivery chains, I've covered RITE Pizza, Canadian 2-for-1, Sarpino's, Pezzo and even Pizza Hut's Signature series. Now I'm adding another to the list!

Domino's is actually really popular but I guess maybe we don't really know the scale because they don't really put too much into advertising? I mean, how often do you see a TV commercial for Domino's Pizza am I right?

Domino's actually started out in America so I guess they've got the classic American pizza image going on for themselves.

But through advertising with flyers and word of mouth, Domino's still manages to have quite a big following through good pizza and also what they boast as the best delivery ever - 30 minute delivery!

Classic Pepperoni

As always, I like me a bit of Pepperoni when I have pizza. I know there are always plenty of other flavours to choose from and just Pepperoni can be considered a bit boring maybe?

As you can see, the Pepperoni slices at Domino's are the big type and not that mini-sized Pepperoni you might get at other pizza places. They are pretty thick too so you get a nice bite when you take a nice big chomp. The Pepperoni is beef by the way in case you were wondering.

Top that off with a nice layer of Mozzarella cheese and you have a great pizza!!

Simply Cheese

I think a lot of people are probably going "Wah! Your pizza choices so boring!!".
But hey what can I say. We've got simple tastes! :P

Actually, to be honest, I really love cheese and I really love cheese pizzas but I seldom get the chance to order because the majority will always order something like Hawaiian or some Meat Lovers thing and of course an All-Cheese pizza will most likely be left out so let me say I was really happy that I finally got the chance to order myself a cheese pizza!!

Domino's version has Mozarella and Parmesan cheese topped off with some Oregano. I know some other pizza places have like 5-cheese pizzas but this is a good pizza and a good start!

Both pizzas above are actually tomato sauce-based. The tomato sauce is generous but it does not overpower the taste/flavour of the toppings because it's not as sour as we might be used to.

Domino's also has some non-tomato sauce based pizzas for you to choose from. They have like 6 sauces for you to choose from! Then you have to choose from a really big selection of pizzas ranging from their All-Time Favourites Range, Classics and First Class. They have some interesting and even some really extravagant pizzas to choose from.

And of course, there's also the matter of the type of crust!!

Domino's is quite famous for their thin crust pizzas and you can see why...
When they say thin crust, they REALLY mean thin crust!! Nice and crisp too!

But if you're not a fan and want more bite, you can also choose the Classic Hand Tossed, New York Crust, Cheese Burst and the Cheesy Crust.

And what about pricing?

Adam's Verdict:
Classic Pepperoni 3.5/5 -- Simply Cheese 4/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Classic Pepperoni 3.5/5 -- Simply Cheese 3.5/5

Mein Brudder thought it was nothing special probably because he's used to ordering more fantastical pizza choices compared to these 'boring' 2 here. But overall you can see it's not too bad actually.

Best thing for you to do is check out their website and take a look at all the choices you have.
Sauce. Crust. Pizza choice. Take your time. I can tell you I'll probably be ordering from them a few times during this World Cup season!

And if they deliver your pizza later than the promised timing of 30 mins, you get a voucher to use for your next order with them!

Domino's Pizza

15 stores Islandwide
Delivery Hotline: 6222 6333

Operating Hours:10.30m to 11.00pm Daily


  1. Its so difficult to order dominos pizza.... they stop orders for my area cause they have too many orders... so be sure to order in advance(one good thing about their ordering site is that you can order in advance) its abit off putting that everytime i wanna order, i can't... in the end i'd just order from somewhere else or just order in something else.... come on dominos!

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    1. Prawn Sensation is my favorite.. on a new york crust.. yumm... 1 box all to myself..