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We have moved!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eatzi Gourmet

I'm sure you guys know Eatzi Gourmet right?
It's from JP Pepperdine - the same people who brought us Jack's Place but the difference is that Eatzi Gourmet is certified Halal!

Their Executive Chef, Heman, has thought up some new and creative dishes to be served specially in the month of June so it's a great opportunity to bring the kids out for some makan during the school holidays or maybe even for a Father's Day meal this weekend!!

But before we start on the specials, we started with some soup to warm us up.

Cream of Fresh Shiitake Mushroom ($4.80)
I think Mushroom Soup is like pretty much almost everyone's favourite soup am I right?
There's something so hearty when you dig into a nice hot bowl of creamy mushroom soup and the version here is not bad at all.

You get a very nice shiitake mushroom flavour and dig in with some garlic bread that comes along.

Clam Chowder ($5.00)
One thing I can say about this Clam Chowder is that they are definitely not stingy with the clams!
You're probably got have clams with every spoon you scoop up! Definitely a must try for all you chowder lovers especially if you'd like to take a break from the whole Mushroom Soup scene.

And then we started on the June promo menu -

The Garden of Grilled Sea Prawn with Tian of Cherry Tomatoes and Potatoes Sand ($8.50 ala carte or $6.80 with set meal)
This was the promo salad on the menu. Something to whet your appetite while waiting for the main courses to arrive.

You have nice succulent prawns on a bed of veggies. Not too much dressing for a change.
The interesting thing about this salad was the Potatoes Sand which is basically a special garnish they prepare for the salad. It looks like it's made up of potatoes and some turkey/beef bacon bits. It definitely gave an interesting touch to the dish.

Re-Constructed Crispy Chicken Cordon Bleu with Potato Crisps and Cheese Sauce ($18.80)
This was something we decided to order from the start because it sounded so good.

Traditionally, Chicken Cordon Bleu is a chicken breast/thigh that is filleted and filled with some turkey/chicken ham and cheese, breaded and then fried. Well, this is a little different.
The chicken and the turkey/chicken ham appear to have been minced up a little bit (it's still quite chunky) and some cheese mixed up in there before the whole thing is breaded and fried.

Don't you just wanna take a nice big bite? YUMMY!!

Something that made this dish memorable was the 'Peppery Peanut Melt' which was like a nice honey glaze sauce on top of the chicken. It had chopped nuts and nice kick from the black pepper. It really really went well with the chicken. Best dish of the night to be honest!

Braised Wagyu Beef Brisket with Pearl Onion ($25.80)
Here's something for all you beef brisket lovers to try.
Chef Heman's take on a classic brisket with Wagyu Beef for you to enjoy!

It comes with a grilled Provolone cheese and peach skewer, seasonal veggies, grilled cherry tomatoes and pearl onions. Finish off with some Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Grilled Port Salut and Strawberry Compote ($22.80)
Not enough beef with the Beef Brisket? Fear not!

Go for the N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Grilled Port Salut and Strawberry Compote to satisfy your meat cravings. Nice and juicy cut of ribeye topped off with some grilled Port Salut cheese and slathered with Strawberries Compote.

And on the side, you have some seasonal veggies plus a signature Jacket Potato with all the trimmings! I guess the steak HAS to be good right? After all, these are the guys who brought us Jack's Place!!

If you still want steak but maybe a little Surf N' Turf at the same time, maybe you'd consider having the N.Z. Beef Tenderloin with Smoked Ahi Tuna instead.

Grilled Cod Fish Fillet infused with Blackened Tomatoes with Grilled Prawn and Yellow Tomato Skewer served with Curried Sweet Basil Sauce ($31.80)
The menu describes this dish as "A famous black cod fillet grilled to Cajun blackened style with grilled prawn and yellow tomato skewer with a curry-infused Hollandaise sauce served with butter raisin cous-cous, feta cheese, spring vegetables & baby spinach"!!

And yes - that's Biji Selasih!!

And of course, we finished with some sweet desserts!

Apple Pie A La Mode ($6.50)
Simply baked Apple Pie with a nice big scoop of delicious Vanilla ice-cream to round it up.
Interestingly, the filling was made up of both apple slices and also the pureed apple which gave it a bit of mushy texture until you bite into a slice of apple.

Creme Brulee ($6.00)
We also decided to try the Creme Brulee because I love it.
Topped with strawberries and a nice creamy texture. Definitely a sweet ending!!

FYI - you can top-up either $5.20 or $9.00 to the promotional main course items to make it a complete meal with soup, dessert and coffee/tea so it's a good deal to enjoy a really hearty meal complete with dessert too!

Just remember - these special promotional items are available only in the month of June so if you miss out, no guarantee that you'll get to try them beyond this month so make sure you head down soon to avoid disappointment!!

And they are also having a special promotion with Coca-Cola where you stand a chance to win a pair of 2-way air tickets to Rio plus accomodation!!!!

So head down while you can to either of the Eatzi Gourmet outlets at either SAFRA Yishun or ITE Ang Mo Kio to try these special dishes ASAP!!

Eatzi Gourmet

60 Yishun Avenue 4

Tel: 6852 8270

Operating Hours: 11.00am to 10.30pm Daily


  1. I went to the outlet at ang mo kio ITE and to be honest, the service was bad! I think they were short on staff but i think they should look upon their duty rosters then as i went there during weekend! They should be prepared for crowd. Pretty much disappointing. We had to take everything ourselves! Except for the courses. Tables were not set, even glasses were taken ourselves. Terrible! Never coming back!

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience! Hope you submitted the feedback to Eatzi so they can take appropriate action