We have moved!

We have moved!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Halal Food Hunt

Imagine this. You have no idea what to cook. And even if you did, you don't know where to find the Halal ingredients. And on top of that, you're working on a budget!!
Sound familiar? Well - fret no more!!


I think those scenarios above are actually quite common and I'm guessing you've probably been caught in many more similar situations and you just wish you had someone to help. Well, the ladies from Halal Food Hunt are here to make it really simple for you.

What exactly do they do? Well, they
Go out and source for Halal ingredients
They make videos that show you how to cook dishes with the ingredients they buy
You can then buy the Recipe Packs from them and cook away
They will even deliver the Recipe Packs to your doorstep!!!

Well, if that's not making things simpler for us then I'm not sure what you wanna call it...
What a great idea right?? They make it so simple that all we have to do is order the recipe pack and then cook! No more need to hunt for ingredients and even if you were to find them outside, no more need to figure out what to do with those ingredients!

But don't take my word for it... I'll let the ladies tell you themselves...

You can head down to their website HERE and order the recipe packs.
Recipe packs can range from Western faves like their Mega Burger and pasta dishes to Asian dishes like Fried Carrot Cake, Nasi Lemak and Wanton Noodles and even sides and desserts like Prawn Popiah and Red Velvet Cupcakes! YUM!!

Ordering is really easy too and they even deliver the pack to your doorstep!!
Lazy people like me confirm happy!! LOL

Anyways the great news is that Season 2 is finally here!!
And guess what - The Halal Food Blog Team were lucky enough to be invited down to try some of their dishes!! Power or what!

Halal Food Hunt Team with 1/2 of The Halal Food Blog Team
We got a chance to try their version of Teriyaki Chicken Wings and also some Chocolate Truffles!
And you can see in the video just how much we actually enjoyed the dishes!!
(Seriously I'm not kidding you can literally see the look on my face)

Well, most of the time you're reading our words so for those of you who miss hearing our voices, here's the video for your enjoyment!! (Please ah make sure you enjoy!)

And let me just repeat myself in case you didn't case it the first two times...

Teriyaki Wings (image from Halal Food Hunt)
The Teriyaki Wings were excellent! Juicy and tender chicken wings with a delicious sweet teriyaki glaze! I'm the Chicken Wings guy and I can eat my fair share and these were really good!

I especially like a little bit of char on the skin so you have some crispy parts. The wings were so tasty that you won't even need any extra chilli sauce! Sedap giler!!

The Chocolate Truffles were a big surprise because we didn't really know what to expect. We've had truffles from shops before but how would home-made ones fare? After all, it's difficult to make truffles right??

Oh my how wrong we were! It's so easy and the result was spectacular!
The chocolate ganache was rich and the dark chocolate taste was delicious when in contrast with the sweet chocolate! And let me tell you... when you pop it into your mouth, prepare for a literal 'explosion' of chocolate!! (Oh you'll see how good it is by the look on my face in the videot)

2 excellent dishes - so easy to make and economical too! Cut out the hassle from your cooking with the Recipe Packs!!

You can actually view the episodes on the Chocolate Truffles HERE and the one for the Teriyaki Chicken Wings HERE.
And more importantly - you can order the Recipe Packs from their site HERE!!!

In fact, we loved it so much that we'd like you to have some too! (But you gotta cook it yourself!)
That's right! The Halal Food Blog & Halal Food Hunt are giving you a chance to win Recipe Packs and have your own fun cooking up a storm and feasting on your resulting glory!!

Head down to our Facebook page for full details of the contest out soon!
A few simple steps and you could be one of the lucky winners of a Recipe Pack courtesy of the lovely ladies from Halal Food Hunt!!

Okay enough talking and more cooking/eating please!

Remember to head down to Halal Food Hunt's website, Facebook Page, Instagram  and YouTube channel and make sure you subscribe so that you receive all their updates too!

And we're gonna leave you now with a fun video that the ladies from Halal Food Hunt made to celebrate #HAPPYDAY with Muslims in Singapore. The video has been viewed and liked by people all over the world. That's right it's international baby!!

So show your support.
And remember that the ladies from Halal Food Hunt always say...
"Halal first, everything else later!"


  1. this is like the ones they have in the States (Blue Apron)! So cool! Kalau tak baca ni post, tak tau seh. hehe

    1. Hi Feeqah! Wow didn't know they have something similar overseas. Guess food is really a universal language and that included cooking!!