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We have moved!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Meera Mohaideen Mee Stall - Mee Kuah

So we happened to find ourselves at Bedok Corner one evening in search of something to have for dinner. We were originally supposed to go somewhere else but somehow ended up there. And as always, we were torn between having food that we were familiar with or ordering from a new stall.

In the end, we decided to be a bit more adventurous :)
This is what I ended up ordering.

Mee Kuah (5.00)
I'd noticed Mee Mohaideen before but never ordered from it. It seemed like it was popular for its Sop Kambing even though there was another stall just beside it selling the same thing. But I didnt really feel like having just Sop Kambing so I ordered some Mee Kuah.

Okay you guys are probably going to laugh at me now because I think I might be the only person who was not aware of this stunning revelation about Mee Kuah...

Did you know - the 'kuah' in Mee Kuah is actually made up of the Sop Kambing???
As in the base of the kuah is made up of the Sop Kambing plus some additional spices (and maybe some colouring??) to give us the end product we know and love?

I must be a real jakun or really stupid/ignorant because I literally had NO idea until I ate here.
If I had not seen the guy take a few giant ladlefuls of the Sop Kambing stock, I would probably not know this fact to this day. And after I tasted the Mee Kuah, suddenly it hit me - "Eh ya... it DOES taste like Sop Kambing a bit ah!!" LOL

Oh well, I guess you learn something new everyday. Lifelong learning!!!

Anyways, back to the Mee Kuah.
Despite being made up of Sop Kambing, somehow the kuah here was kinda bland. I think I realized it was not going to be tasty when I saw how watery the kuah was. I'm talking about REALLY watery.
In fact, I don't think I've had Mee Kuah as watery as that...

In the end, lack of flavour really puts a downer on your meal because after awhile you just give up.
But I did enjoy one part though...

Thankfully I at least got to enjoy a nice runny egg yolk which I think a lot of people look forward to when they have a nice bowl of Mee Kuah. Especially when you have a nice spoonful with the kuah.
After all, I am The Yolk Guy.

Adam's Verdict:
Mee Kuah - 1.5/5

A pity about this dish. It looked really appetizing too but somehow it's really lacking in flavour which is surprising because it's made up of Sop Kambing which should already be packed with flavour. Maybe it was my bad luck?

Oh well, maybe I'll try something else from the stall next time. Maybe Sop Kambing? :)

Bedok Corner Food Centre

Bedok Food Centre (Near Bedok Camp)
Stall 786

Operating Hours:
12.00pm til 10.00pm Daily


  1. Bro...if u want the best mee kuah..go to Al-Mahboob at Tampines..their mee kuah sedap giler..100x better than in Bedok Corner..the stall is famous in Tampines.The rojak also power.