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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ramadhan Special 2013: AquaMarine Part 2


Did you know that our post on our first visit to AquaMarine is the most viewed post on the blog?
An average of almost a thousand views a month in 8 months!

The popularity of Halal buffet spreads in Singapore is undisputed and there may still not be that many around but there are still more around today than let's say 3 years ago. People love buffets! And AquaMarine is steadily becoming one of the most popular Halal buffet venues in Singapore.

For the holy month of Ramadhan, AquaMarine has invited a special team all the way from Hotel Borobudur in Jakarta led by Chef Sahroni to present a lovely and special Indonesia spread for us this fasting month!

We were lucky enough to have the chance to visit AquaMarine to sample all the goodies!

Me & Chef Sahroni
There's the mastermind behind the delicious dishes being served at AquaMarine this Ramadhan.
Quiet guy in person but I guess that's because he lets his food do the talking.

I'll run down everything for you in the usual style we have for buffet posts. Lots of pictures!
Let me start by explaining how to identify the special dishes on display.

If you a dish displayed with the Indonesian flag on top, that means that the dish was prepared by Chef Sahroni and his team.

You'll still be able to enjoy the normal AquaMarine fare that you love but they'll be displayed with the usual all-white tags okay.

Whole Roasted Lamb
If you're dropping by on the weekends, something extra special awaits you!

They have a whole roasted lamb prepared for the weekends and there'll be a chef there to carve out some meat for you based on your preference. Yes that's right. A WHOLE ROASTED LAMB!

The Expert
Chili Kicap or Sambal Belachan

I don't know if you see what I see... but I see a whole roasted lamb just laying there.. relaxing and waiting for you to take a nice big bite! Hahaha!

The chef tells me they marinate the lamb overnight and they roast it for at least 3 hours til they get the meat to the desired tender state. Enjoy it with a selection of condiments such as Chili Kicap, Sambal Belachan or some cucumbers and onions.

The lamb itself was really tender and tasty and went well with the Chili Kicap I had on the side.
But remember - it's only gonna be there on the weekends!

Assorted Salads & Starters
Jelantas Sayuran (Potatoes & Vegetables with Egg Yolk)
Selada Soun dengan Udang Kecil (Glass Noodle Salad with Shrimp)
Asianan Jakarta (Vegetables with Chili and Peanut Sauce)
They offered a number of salads and starters to get your tastebuds going.
Dishes such as Balinese Tuna Salad, Glass Noodle Salad with Shrimp and Jelantas Sayuran were obviously big favourites.

If you're a fan of egg yolks like me, then go for the Jelantas Sayuran it's the bomb!
But for the real Indonesian-style salad - try the Asianan Jakarta which is topped with kerupuk!!
And for those looking for a nice hearty start - they have Gado-Gado!

Gado-Gado station
Nasi Goreng Borobudur
Ayam Panggang Bumbu Bali
Daging Rendang
Cumi Cabai Hijau
For the rice and noodle lovers out there, they have Nasi Goreng Borobudur and also Mee Goreng for you.
Great to pair with the many dishes they have on offer too!

Try the Ayam Panggang Bumbu Bali if you love the flavour of Indonesian spices.
The meat in the Daging Rendang is SUPER TENDER so that's definitely a must-try!

I actually really enjoyed the Cumi Cabai Hijau. The squid was cooked just nice and the gravy had just the right level of spiciness. Enough to heat your mouth up but leave you wanting more!

Bakar Station
Cumi and Buntut Bakar (Squid and Oxtail)
Woo hoo this was one of my favourite stations!
The squid and the oxtail were really really grilled perfectly!

The Oxtail simply fell apart from the bone and had a great sweet-savoury flavour.
The squid was not only well-grilled but also had squid eggs hidden within! Extra flavour!

Penyet Station
They also had a Penyet Station which serves rice with a choice of Ayam Penyet or Bebek (Duck) Penyet!

Oxtail Soup
And saving one of the best for the last...
I have actually never had Oxtail soup previously but this July 2013 I have had the chance to try a few different versions and I can safely say that I'm a lover of it!

The Oxtail Soup is apparently one of the signature dishes served by Chef Sahroni at Hotel Borobudur in Jakarta where he is based and I we can definitely see why.

The beef broth was brimming with a nice hearty beef flavour and the meat itself was tender.
If you love beef and/or oxtail then this is definitely a must must have.

Done with the special mains? How about some dessert specials?

Beautiful Decor

Pudding Serikaya
Pudding Pandan
Klepon (Onde-Onde)
Dadar Gulung
Well they definitely get top marks for presentation!! Check out the Klepon!

They not only look good but taste good too!
That top white layer on the Pudding Pandan is actually coconut cream... Yummy!
The Kelpon was a one-bite wonder!

The Dadar Gulung was obviously a hot favourite with the crowd.
It kept flying off the serving tray and all gone within a few minutes!

Centek Manis (Sago Pearls with Coconut Milk)
One of my favourites was the Centek Manis.
Not only do they look pretty, they taste excellent. Nice and smooth texture and you can taste the coconut milk flavour as soon as you chomp down.

Lapis Legit
Lapis Surabaya
Another two special creations are the Lapis Legit and the Lapis Surabaya.

I cannot begin to tell you how soft and fluffy the Lapis Surabaya was. Simply delicious.
And for the traditional Kueh Lapis, go for the Lapis Legit or the Sarang Semut!

Wow what a spread! And that's just the special offerings for Ramadhan!
You can still get the usual favourites too!

Smoked Salmon and Cold Cuts
Snails (for the more adventurous!)
Crab Claws
Assorted Sushi and Sashimi
Indian Food Spread
Ikan Bakar
Chilli Crab
Lamb Chop
Durian Spring Roll
Chocolate Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

Let me just say this about the Chocolate Butter Pudding....

If you are lovers of Bread and Butter Pudding, you simply MUST try this!
Chocolate + Butter = THE BOMB!
And when you bathe that combination in Vanilla Sauce, you're in for a sinful treat!!

Tell me honestly that the pictures above are not making your mouth water...

Durian Pengat

And if you want something equally as sinful but a little more local...
Go for the Durian Pengat!

It looks like ice cream but it's pure durian.
My darling wife wants to make enquiry if she can buy one whole tub of it!

Not to worry, they do serve dates for us breaking fast.
And there is also a prayer room reserved on one of the upper levels for Solat before you begin on the big feast breaking fast with your family and loved ones.

Aquamarine has been on the up and up since our last visit and it's quite clear why.
Good food and special seasonal promotions make for a great place to makan and one of the best Halal buffet spreads in town!

Prices for the buffet are as follows;

Sunday to Thursday - $68++ per adult / $34++ per child
Friday and Sturday - $78++ per adult / $39++ per child

Special thanks to Chermaine and Cheryl for the invitation.
Great experience thanks to a great team effort!



Marina Mandarin Singapore
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square

Tel: 6845 1111

Operating Hours (Iftar):
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm

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