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We have moved!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ramadhan Special 2013: Tampines Bazaar Ramadhan

Well for the 2nd year running, the original Tampines Bazaar at Blk 942 (near Tampines Stadium) is longer situated there. Maybe next yer perhaps? Well for now I guess it's safe to say that everyone has to go to a different part of Tampines for the "bazaar bawah block".

At least it's still the same place as last year.

Does anyone remember our original post last year reporting the bew location of the Tampines Bazaar Ramadhan? Well, it's located at Blk 301 Tampines Street 32 again this year.

But quite a few changes to the vendors this year I reckon.
Saw some familiar faces / stalls but quite a number were missing from this bazaar again including the famous Bee Hoon Briyani (again).

But as you can see from the banner above, you can get goodies from Islamic Briyani and even Haron Satay!

You can still find a stall or two selling these mini-cheesecakes in a whole range of flavours.
Well, they look really cute but I reckon I'm gonna need quite a few to satisfy my cheesecake craving :P

One of the more notable names you'll find there is Dahlia Cafe which sells mainly lauk-pauk for you to enjoy with a nice steaming serving of rice.

My darling wife tells me that something that you simply must have from Dahlia Cafe is the Lemak Babat.
Apparently they do it really well at Dahlia Cafe. Anyone tried before?

Putu Piring
Zuraida Nasi Briyani Dum

Well the longest line at the bazaar seemed to be in front of Zuraida Briyani Dum.
From what I saw, it seemed like the authentic version and might be nice since so many people were queing up for it am I right?

If you happen to visit the Tampines Bazaar this year, do let us know what you bought and whether it was any good or not okay! :)

Oh an by the way. The crowd is still a force to be reckoned with...
You remember what Marko from Tropoja said to Liam Neeson in Taken?

"Good luck..."
Bazaar Ramdhan

Void deck of Blk 301 Tampines Street 32
Operating Hours: 3.00pm - 7.00pm daily


  1. Hi,I love your blog about halal food. I just want to tell you that there's Bee Hoon Chicken Briyani sold at Block 863 Tampines Street 83. It's a mini Bazaar ramadan at the void deck that opens from around 3pm (if I'm not wrong) to 7.30pm (the closing time is correct) only. But the Bee Hoon Briyani only opens around after Asar time(about 4.30 pm)and it costs $3/- for each container of Briyani that consists of chicken briyani and a small amount of green chilli that looks like chilli belado paste but not spicy at all but the food quite dry not much of gravy.I think it is supposed to be that way, if it is then I'm really okay with it. The stall also sells other foods like mee goreng, mee hong kong but w/o any gravy, mee siam goreng merah or white one also have, porridge and nasi ayam; all in a normal size rectangular container. The noodles all cost $2.50. There are other stalls that sell more or less the same thing but I think at different price. But confirm there's only one store that sells Bee hoon chicken briyani. You can get there by taking bus no. 69 or 291 from tampines interchange. Just for info to share since you have mentioned it in your blog here at this particular post. :) Have a nice day. Slamat berpuasa. :)

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment!

      I actually heard about the bazaar at Blk 863 but I didn't get the chance to visit this year... So busy!! But judging by your info, looks like I missed quite a lot!
      It's really quite interesting when you describe the briyani being served with something like Balado! Hmmmm... Well at least the prices seem reasonable there!

      Anyways hope to hear more comments from our readers and keep on makan-ing!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog