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We have moved!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ramadhan Special 2013: Bussorah Street Bazaar

The street bazaar at Bussorah Street is back again this year.
It's been quite a favourite for the past few years even though it shifted location about 2 years ago.
And because of it's location, you'll find quite a few tourists as well soaking in the local festive atmosphere.

So what's up this year at Bussorah Street?

Khad's Kebab
El-Nour Nasi Arab
Warung Wak Emran
Quite queue in front of Watong Wak Emran.
We quickly learned that the stall was offering something you don't see very often.

Kentang Bol
Definitely something we love to eat but maybe lacking the time to make.
So if you'd like, get some Kentang Bol at Warung Wak Emran!

And we spotted another one of our faves at the bazaar again this year.

Anjung Otah-Otah Mini
That's right they're back again this year.
Anjung Otah-Otah Mini & Pau Johor still proving popular this year. What a long line there was!

In case you missed it, read our original review of Anjung here.
Definitely something to try!

Anjung Otah-Otah Mini (5 for $2)
Putu Piring
Mr Botak Favourite 1 Icy Chendol (That's the same guy in the logo!)
Roti Kirai ($4)
We bought the Roti Kirai just to check it out.
A little pricey at $4 for 3 pieces with some chicken curry I guess...

Yusof Power Briyani Dam (Longest queue at the bazaar!)

If there is one thing I actually regret not buying when we visited Bussorah Street is this dish called Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara which literally translates to 'Virgin Chicken Steamed Rice'.
Sounds interesting right?

Apparently it's been around for quite awhile and the draw is that since the chicken was a 'virgin', the meat is going to be all the more tender and delicious. Hmmmmm...
Guess I'll just try it next time!!

Errrr... anyone tried it before??

Well anyways it's obvious that the Bussorah Street Bazaar is still super popular.
Maybe it's the central location. Maybe people really love the stalls there. But even with rainy weather, the crowd was really out in full force.

We even bumped into my Godson there!

Raheel says "Memang sedaaapp!!"
I think it's actually really nice to have the bazaar around. Kind of like a throwback to the old days.
Even though it's not exactly the same, I guess we can't complain.

Let's enjoy it while we can.

Bussorah Street Ramadhan Bazaar 2013

Bussorah Mall/Muscat Street
Operating Hours: 3.00pm til 8.00pm

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