We have moved!

We have moved!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Does anyone remember the kebab shop that was situated at Peace Centre along Selegie Road?
It was called Sultan Kebab and it was really popular because it had some delicious kebabs.

Well, for those of you who go to Peace Centre now looking for it (like I did), you'll find out that it's already closed and before you start Google-ing to find out where they moved to, let me save you the trouble.
The owners of Sultan Kebab actually closed shop because they returned home to their native land from what I heard.

But fret not!

Just a little further up, you'll find Wilkie Edge which houses the new incarnation of Sultan Kebab.
They call themselves - EpiKebabs. And before you start thinking that this is just a joint that's trying to capitalize on the popularity of Sultan Kebab in the area, think again.

Photo from EpiKebabs
For those of you who have ever been to Sultan Kebab, you're definitely going to recognize that dude there.
That's Safak - one of the 2 regular faces you would have seen at Sultan Kebab.

The owners of EpiKebabs are good friends with them and obviously there has been some knowledge passed down so rest assured that this is not someone trying to copy the original. Think of it more like... Kebab v2.0!

Kebab Roll ($5.50)
Just like the original Sultan Kebab, they have choices for you.
Roll, rice, sandwich or salad. And of course, either beef or chicken.
If you're really a carnivore (like us!) you can opt for the mix of beef and chicken!

So the roll is as expected. Some veggies, sauce and the MEAT!
EpiKebabs takes a new turn by throwing the roll under a Panini toaster to give the wrap a little go.

The wrap overall does bring back memories of Sultan Kebab.
The first thing I notice is that the size of the roll is a little bigger. The meat DOES bear a resemblance in taste to the original as well but I actually would have like a little more sauce.

My darling wife who normally doesn't go for kebabs actually enjoyed this one. He favourite of the day.

Kebab Sandwich ($6.00)
The Kebab Sandwich also come with your choice of meat (beef/chicken/mixed) with veggies and sauce.
It's basically a kebab with Panini bread instead of a wrap.

I'm not too sold on the Panini though. But still good for those who like something a little more filling than a roll... And speaking of filling...

Kebab with Rice ($6.50)
This is something I used to have at Sultan Kebab.
They serve some meat with veggies and rice. It used to be white rice at Sultan Kebab but they've updated it to a more fragrant and tasty rice here at EpiKebabs.

The reason I always used to order this is because I can really enjoy the flavour of the meat.
I used to get them to squirt some mayonaise over my meat at Sultan but I opted to keep it 'clean' this one time because I really wanted to taste the flavours at EpiKebabs.

I've always preferred the beef at the original shop even though it was always a bit on the dry side.
It had a good flavour and that's still the case at EpiKebabs.

The chicken is still juicy and tender and has a nice flavour to it. If you're like me, then you'll consider yourelf lucky if you get the slices where some of the outer layers have just charred up a little on the roaster.
Nice big juicy bite of flavour right there!

They also have salads by the way!

Adam's Verdict:
Kebab Roll 4/5 -- Kebab Sandwich 3/5 -- Kebab with Rice 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Kebab Roll 4/5 -- Kebab Sandwich 2/5 -- Kebab with Rice 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Kebab Roll 3.5/5 -- Kebab Sandwich 2/5 -- Kebab with Rice 2/5

My brother really misses Sultan Kebab.
He says that everything seemed a little better at the original (like most cases).
But for those of us who still want a good kebab, at least we know we can still go to Selegie and grab one.
Or three.

And here's a tip, they always make less beef than chicken every day so if you're a beef person, make sure you go early to get your fill of cow meat. (Anyways, the chicken is pretty good too).


Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Road #01-17
Tel: 8575 6393

Operating Hours: 11.00 am til 8.00pm Monday-Saturday
Closed on Sunday


  1. yeay!!!! and i thot i wld never get to taste kebab from them anymore! besok jugak nak pegi :)

    1. That's great! Let us know what you think of Epikebabs okay?
      We're sure you'll enjoy it as much as the original!

  2. Sultan kebab did not pass their 'secret ingredient' to them. SO they definitely tasted different. Original is much better!

    1. Hi Ng! Thanks for your comment!
      Haha my brother will definitely agree with you! He says his heart still beats for the original Sultan Kebab too!

      Oh well, since they're no longer around, guess I will settle for Sultan Kebab for now!
      Thanks for your support and hope to hear more of your views! :)

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team

  3. They have moved to Korea. EpiKEbab's nice.. I like the sandwich too. But I still prefer Sultan Kebab.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the info! We heard they went back home but since it's to Korea... that's great! Still got chance to hunt them down!! :P

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team

  4. Thanks for hunting for the trail of Sultan Kebab.
    I will give them a try real soon.
    Hope they meet the Sultan Kebab Standard :P

    Kebab Lover 101

    1. Hi Kebab Lover 101!!
      Thanks for your comment!!

      Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and let us know if you liked it!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog

  5. A visit at a kebab café yesterday afternoon was marked by a rather unprofessional behaviour of its staff member. Little did I expect that the issue of ‘halal’ food could turn into a touchy and sensitive topic to the point that a mere question concerning the ‘halal’ status of the food served at this particular café was greeted with a rude, condescending response by a staff member of the café . This was the experience I had at Epipkebabs located at Wilkie edge.
    I have noticed the existence of this cafe for some time but have never patronised nor paid any particular attention to it till yesterday afternoon when I noticed a Malay Muslim couple having a meal at the cafe. My immediate reaction was one of pleasant surprise and so I went up to the counter where I was served by a polite, well-mannered young man whom I believed was a Malay Muslim. I was given the assurance by this young man that the meat served at Epipkebabs is halal and this was all I needed to know. I have eaten many times at restaurants where there was no halal certificate displayed but as long as the waiters assured me that the meat supplier was halal, I am fine with that as I take a person’s word for what they are. Only as a matter of conversation, I furthered my enquiry with this young man on the need to obtain halal certification in order to pacify the general Muslim customers , to which another staff member abruptly interrupted our conversation with a slew of comments which I quote below
    - ‘MUIS halal certificate is a rip off’
    - ‘If you go a Malay hawker stall, do you ask if the food is halal?’
    - ‘ Do you think that when you see a lady wearing a tudung, she’s a muslim?”
    These were said in a patronising tone and at that point, the conversation had escalated into an unpleasant argument. I was even told to ‘step aside’ by this arrogant young man while my order was being prepared. Naturally, the incident angered me as I believe that I, like any other Malay, Muslim customers, have the right to ask on the ‘halal’ status of the food especially when there is no display of the Halal certificate or on any other aspects of the café which I need to know.
    The entire episode left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. There was no need for the café staff member to be rude to any customer, let alone to challenge and brush off the customer‘s enquiry on matters that concern the food or its preparation.
    The quality of food aside, the true measure of a good, decent café or eatery is also seen through the attention given to the customers - questioning and challenging them is simply unprofessional and shows a poor sense of communication and social skills. And certainly this particular staff member at Epipkebabs has a long, long way to learn the true meaning of ‘good customer service’

    1. Hi Jailani! Thanks for your comment!

      I'm so sorry to hear about this. Definitely a down-side when we experience this kind of thing as customers.
      I'm not sure what's the full story about why the EpiKebabs staff responded the way they did.

      Indeed it's quite a sensitive issue nowadays when it comes to matters like Halal certification and the likes but at the same time, as a consumer just like you, I agree that we should receive at least a certain level of respect and leeway as a customer/potential customer.

      Perhaps you may want to lodge some feedback with EpiKebabs? You can always drop them an email or post on their FB page and I'm sure they would respond accordingly.

      Whatever the case, hope that this doesn't dampen your spirits on eating out and finding good makan outside.
      Thanks for your support and hope you have a better experience next time.

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team