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We have moved!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Burger Bakar

Okay so we've heard so much about this famous Burger Bakar.
A few people who hopped over the Causeway come back and say to me "Hey man, go try the Burger Bakar it's really a monster!"

Challenge accepted!

Okay so maybe it took a really bloody long time but we finally had the chance to try it.
However, we didn't get to try it at the place where everyone recommended us to try it.
B Point (just past the customs checkpoint) was closed when we passed by so we followed the advice of some of our neighbours and tried a secondary place instead. It's still in JB and it's near our place too!

So the first thing I see when I walk up to the stall is a grill with some burger patties sizzling.
It's not the stovetop grill you normally see them using when you buy Burger Ramly. This is the charcoal type.
This is obviously how Burger Bakar gets it's name - it's being bakar-ed!
Kinda gets the mouth watering whenever I see meat being cooked!

Firstly, you have a choice of either beef or chicken.
Next, you have to decide if you want cheese or not (Normal or Mozarella).
Last and cretainly not least - choose how many patties you want!
A single patty is apparently 200gm. Top up for a double if you'd like.
Really hungry? Go for the TRIPLE!!

Single Beef Burger Bakar (RM7.50)
Well, they were right. It looks like a monster that's for sure.

The patty itself is actually pretty tasty on its own despite being minimally seasoned.
I guess that's why they feel the need to pile on the sauces in overdose levels. This not only takes away from the taste of the beef but also makes it a really messy burger to eat.

And for the record, the centre of the patty was (surprisingly) raw-ish.
Not to be confused with medium-rare, this was just before that point but definitely too rare for my taste.
I guess if you're cooking meat over a grill like that, it's important (and quite a challenge) to make sure your meat is cooked but not overcooked (or undercooked for that matter) to the point it loses its moisture.

Single Chicken Burger Bakar (RM7.50)
The Beef Burger has a skewer through it too by the way.
Actually, I saw a few people eating it with the skewer still in the burger and they ate around the sides.
Is that the correct way I'm supposed to eat it? No wonder we were so messy!

The Chicken version of the Burger Bakar is quite a monster too.
But the patty had just a little too much flour in it and this made the patty taste a little pasty.
It was still quite okay for me but my darling wife didn't really fancy it.

Adam's Verdict:
Beef Burger Bakar 3/5 -- Chicken Burger Bakar 2.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Beef Burger Bakar 2.5/5 -- Chicken Burger Bakar 1.5/5

Well we started out with the single. Maybe if we're really hungry, we might try the triple next time.
We may have had just the single this time, but we sure made one big mess.

Burger Bakar (Taman U)

Junction of Jln Pendidikan 2 and 4
(Look out for Al Ikhsan and Maple Hotel)

Operating Hours:
5pm til 10pm Mondays to Saturdays
Closed on Sundays


  1. NOTHING beats a soi sansabai burger....

  2. Nampak sedap sgt!! Msti try ni..
    Pernah try skali je kat wangsa maju..