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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Carousel - Breakfast Buffet

Well we actually had this awhile back so apologies in advance for the daley.
There are just simply too many delicious makan places to review!!

We are always getting requests to review certain places and quite a number are calls to review the few Halal buffet spreads that are offered in Singapore. These are mostly found in hotels of course and quite a number of new names are joining the growing number of Halal buffet spreads in town.

Our only official review of a buffet has been of Aquamarine in the past.
Well no offence to any buffet spread in town but the preferred Halal buffet spread of The Halal Food Blog is still Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Perhaps one day, someone might come and grab our attention but til then, Carousel is tops.
And today, we're sampling their Breakfast Buffet.

I know that most people will probably be opting for the Lunch, High Tea or Dinner buffet at Carousel. But if you're ever staying at the hotel, then this is what you will probably be served.

And with most buffets, we will let the pictures do most of the talking.

Bread Selection

Assorted Breakfast Pastry Selection
The assorted breakfast pastries include freshly baked croissants, pies and puffs of both savoury and sweet variety. Definitely a must have!

Paratha with assorted vegetable curry
Assorted Salads with dressing
American Breakfast selections
A staple at any decent breakfast buffet is the much-loved American Breakfast.
At Carousel, get your egg fix with freshly-prepared eggs any style you like (sunny side up, scrambled etc), baked beans with some toast and hash browns.

Something you should definitely try (if available) is the Chicken Meatloaf with Peach which goes really well with eggs and toast.

If you're looking for something a little more basic, they also have a nice selection of cereals for you!

Assorted Cheeses and Cold Cuts
Aha one of my favourite sections!
Gouda, Camembert, Swiss, Cheddar etc. Name it and they probably have it!
They even have assorted fruits and nut soft cheeses!

Must-try at the Cold Cuts station are the Black Pepper Pastrami and the smoked salmon.
That's right - SMOKED SALMON!

Assorted Dim Sum
Chee Cheong Fun, Chwee Kueh, Har Gow are some of the favourites you might find.
That yellow dumpling you see in the front is a Phoenix Prawn Roll.
It's got a nice texture to it with a whole prawn inside but I guess the flavour was a little underwhelming.

Congee with assorted condiments

Low Mai Kai and Chicken in Beancurd Skin
This might actually be my favourite plate of the whole review.

The Chicken in Beancurd Skin was delicious. I even went back for a second helping.
It's bathed in this simple gravy that gives it that nice slurpy feeling you enjoy in a breakfast dish.

My Dad makes the best Lor Mai Kai I've ever tasted. This one at Carousel comes in a close 2nd place.
It is without a doubt the best item I had in this breakfast session. Simply delicious!

Dessert Pastries and Muffins
Pancakes with Fresh Cream
Waffles with Fresh Cream
Pandan Cake with Coconut
If cakes and pastries are not your thing, Carousel also has a selection of yoghurt and muesli plus a fruit platter for the healthy side of breakfast.

The whole buffet was simply delightful.
I'm not really a morning person and I very seldom have breakfast but since we were staying at the hotel, we decided it was a great chance to review the Carousel Breakfast Buffet and we were not disappointed.

Adam's Verdict:
Breakfast Buffet 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Breakfast Buffet 3.5/5

The one single blemish on our whole experience was the Guava Juice being served.
Maybe it was just us. Maybe it was a bad batch. No one else seemed to have a problem with it so we left it.
So if you do go, please try the Guava Juice and let us know if it was just our imaginations :)

Buffet Prices:
Breakfast (Weekdays/Weekends) -  $28++ (Adult) / $20++ (Child)
Lunch (Weekdays) -  $46++ (Adult) / $28++ (Child)
Lunch (Weekends) -  $50++ (Adult) / $32++ (Child)
High Tea (Weekdays) -  $38++ (Adult) / $24++ (Child)
High Tea (Weekends) -  $43++ (Adult) / $28++ (Child)
Dinner (Weekdays) -  $62++ (Adult) / $37++ (Child)
Dinner (Weekends) -  $75++ (Adult) / $42++ (Child)


Royal Plaza on Scotts
25 Scotts Road

Tel: 65897799

Operating Hours:
Breakfast: 6.30am - 10.00am
Lunch: 12.00pm - 2.00pm

High Tea: 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm

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  1. Hello! Can i please check with you if currently carousel is halal certified? Heard mixed reviews about it not being fully halal certified.