We have moved!

We have moved!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Halal Food Blog Team

I'm sure most of you are probably wondering...
Who exactly are these people who are talking about these makan places?
Are they qualified? How can I trust them?

Well, my darling wife and I started this humble blog because we noticed that, well, there were simply not many blogs/articles catered for people looking for Halal food. Newspaper articles and TV shows galore but majority of them are for food which is not Halal.

The only blog which we noted that was providing information on Halal makan places was World Halal Quest whom we look up to for inspiration. So we decided that since we're going to spend the time eating the food, why not spend some time spreading the word out to people as well right?

So The Halal Food Blog was born in June 2012.
And our aim was simple - to eat the food and tell people what we thought of it.

However, please allow us to explain that we are not in any way self-proclaimed experts on food.
We do not have any special certification or any special culinary mastery to makes us "experts" in critiquing people's cooking. The ratings we give are solely based on our personal preference and may not reflect the views of others.

Plus, it seemed kind of boring to talk so much about the food and then not tell you how much we rated it. :)

And another thing. If we feature a makan place, it means that it was certified Halal and/or Muslim-owned when we ate there. And this is of course based on certification or information provided by the makan place at that particular time.

As Muslims, the onus is on ourselves to ascertain and confirm the Halal status of any eatery we patronize.

The reason we say this is because we have cases where the makan place is Halal when we review it but perhaps later on, for whatever reason, it may no longer be. If we do know about it, we will definitely want to alert our readers. But the basic rule of thumb (which I'm sure almost everyone follows) is - check first.

So please allow me to introduce The Halal Food Blog Team;

Adam Shah (That's me by the way)

Co-founder of The Halal Food Blog

Favourite Food: Meat, Sweets
Dislikes: Offal and specific seafood (like Sotong Masak Hitam)

Maryah Qubt

Co-founder of The Halal Food Blog
My darling wife

Favourite Food: Meat, Seafood, Salted Egg
Dislikes: Asam Pedas, Gulai, Cincalok

Azlan Shah
Regular Reviewer
My Brother

Favourite Food: Home-cooked food, Malay and Chinese cuisine
Dislikes: Mutton


Guest Reviewer
Wife of the Regular Reviewer known as Azlan Shah

Favourite Food: Simple foods like Porridge
Dislikes: None. Fussy about Nasi Lemak and Mee Rebus


Guest Reviewer
KL Sedap Series

Favourite Food: Steak, Pasta
Dislikes: Green vegetables


Guest Reviewer
KL Sedap Series 

Favourite Food: None
Dislikes: Too much mutton


Guest Reviewer
Phuket Power! Series

Favourite Food: Home-cooked food
Dislikes: Brinjals, Ladyfingers

It's actually really simple - we love to eat.

We just want to share our views on the meals we have.
Sometimes you will agree with us and sometimes you won't which is fine because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What's important is that we all MAKAN til the end!

So we hope you enjoy the blog and we thank you for your support!


  1. i stumble upon your blog. Nice idea and the content can be monetize if do it right. Also keen to know if you guys are still open to have co-bloggers sharing Halal makan places? :)

    1. Salam! Thanks for your comment and also for the kind compliments.

      We are always welcome to suggestions and comments from fellow foodies! The more we can spread the word, the more people can enjoy! That's the main idea!

      Looking forward to any recommendations.
      Thanks again for the support!!