We have moved!

We have moved!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tash Tish Tosh

So one of our readers @NoorShareena posts on our FB wall and says we have to drop by this little nook in Onan Road (updated to new location) which "Yummy Halal Subs" and also some pretty great pizza too. We'd actually passed by Onan Road a few days before that and didn't notice any such place.

But as always, our readers know best so we simply had to make our way down and investigate...

So anyways we realized the reason we missed it the first time is because the makan place known as Tash Tish Tosh is actually situated within Best Hawa* restaurant itself. So you might not see it straight away but look out for the red posted outside with the thumbs up and you know you've found it. *(Updated to new location at Katong as of May 2014)

RBP ($5.90)
So one of the specialties of this place is their Subs aka Submarine Sandwiches.
At the introductory price of $5.90, you get a 6-inch sandwich and you can choose from 6 types.
And to make thing interesting, they've abbreviated the names of the sandwiches!

For example, EM = Egg Mayo. THTB = Turkey Ham and Turkey Bacon. CPCB = Chicken Poloni and Chicken Bacon with mushroom. Well, you get the picture right?
Any guess what my sandwich name stands for?

I had the RBP which stands for Roast Beef and Pepperoni (because you know I loves me some meat) and it is (like all their sandwiches) served with romaine lettuce and cheese to accompany your choice of filling.

TCB ($5.90)
My brother decided to go a different route and tried the TCB aka Turkey Ham, Chicken Salami and Beef Bacon for his choice. You can definitely see them pile on the slices of meat in there along with some lettuce to give you a little bit of extra crunch.

One of the owners, Mr Wahid, was nice enough to sit down with us and have a chat. We found out that they use top-grade meat products and bread for their subs.

And when we peeled back the slices of bread, we noticed that even though it was dripping with any sauce, it still have some nice vinaigrette-style action going on to give your sub a little bit more oomph in the taste department.

And apparently, we didn't realize that we actually had a choice of bread between Cheese Focaccia, French Baguette and Oatmeal & Flaxseed.

I'm guessing we got the... Oatmeal and Flaxseed? MAYBE...
Oh who knows. One thing we did know is that the bread was fresh and tasty and definitely a change from your normal everyday loaf.

And I know a lot of you are thinking that the subs look small and maybe not enough to fill you up?
Well, fret not. Simple solutions could be to either 1) Order more or 2) Order some additional items.
And they do have quite a number of additional items for you to choose from!

The one thing that seems to be popular is the Pizza.

Apparently they make it from scratch from the pizza dough to the tomato sauce. Now that's what I call pizza!
We can still remember when our Dad used to make pizza from scratch and it was the best damn pizza we've ever had EVER! And I guess the fact that they make it from scratch here too might be one of the reasons the pizza is a winner with the crowd here. Hopefully we get to try it on o9ur next visit?

But if pizza is not your thing, then please allow us to recommend something to you...
They've got fries and fried stuff and even pasta but we're going with something else...

Buffalo Wings ($5.90)
Believe us when we say this - THESE WINGS ARE THE BOMB!!!

Firstly, the chicken wings are marinated and flavoured perfectly.
Secondly, they are fried to crisp perfection. The inside is nice and juicy and cooked while the outer layer is still crisp even after being smothered in all that sauce!

Now here comes the contention.
It's labelled as Buffalo Wings but it doesn't have the traditional BBQ-sauce taste which you are supposed to get with Buffalo Wings. Instead, the sauce here is more of a... I'd call it a sambal.
It's not the thick type but it covers the chicken well and it's not overly spicy but it definitely packs a full punch of flavour. Definitely a unique and delicious take on a classic.

Well, call it whatever you want but we'll say it again - THESE WINGS ARE THE BOMB!!!
They're so much the bomb that after the subs and the wings, we ordered 2 more bungkus and bring home to makan. How's that? Have we managed to convince you on the BOMBNESS OF THE WINGS!!

Brownie ($2.50)
And for dessert, why not have a Brownie!
It's not the thick fudgy type if that's what you were thinking. It's more of a brownie-cake with a light fluffy texture. Definitely welcome after a large meal.

You could also consider topping up $1.00 and have it Ala-Mode (with vanilla ice-cream).

Adam's Verdict:
RBP 3/5 -- Buffalo Wings 4.5/5 -- Brownie 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
TCB 3.5/5 -- Buffalo Wings 5/5 -- Brownie 2/5

We were quite intrigued with the very unique name of the place and Mr Wahid was kind enough to explain how they decided on it. Quite simply put - Mr Wahid and his wife have a daughter named Natasha aka Tash.
And that makes us the front part of Tash Tish Tosh :) In fact, that's here on the logo!

Thanks to @NoorShareena for the tip! This place is definitely worth a visit!!!

*Updated to new location 18th May 201

Tash Tish Tosh

125 East Coast Road (Inside Alibabar)


Operating Hours:
12pm to 2pm / 6pm to 11pm Mondays to Fridays
12pm to 11pm Saturdays and Sundays

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