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We have moved!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Afghanistan - Nasi Sambal Goreng

We are back at one of the 'big names' in Tampines when it comes to makan and this time we're trying the 'big name' dish which is one of the most popular especially with the weekend breakfast crowds.

We normally buy it bungkus but this was going to be the first time we were having it there.

Nasi Sambal Goreng ($5.00)
Here's a dish that so many people love. It seems simple enough but yet it's quite hard to find a Nasi Sambal Goreng (NSG) that is consistently satisfying. I'm glad to report that over the years, the NSG at Afghanistan has earned a reputation of being consistent and delicious and worth queuing up for on the weekends.

The Sambal Goreng is not as oily as some other places you might have tried before and the Sambal Goreng is actually pretty tasty. One thing I was quite disappointed with though was the lack of veggies. No doubt on being tasty but it's almost all tauhu and tempeh and very very little long beans. I prefer a bit of green in my Sambal Goreng you know what I mean?

The chicken wing was deep fried and delicious. A nice crispy coat on the outside!
And the bagedil is a must whenever we have NSG I'm sure you will agree with me.

But for me, the best thing about the NSG from Afghanistan is the Sambal Sotong.
Even if I were to buy the Nasi Lemak from this same stall, I will add a serving of the Sambal Sotong.
Why do I enjoy it so much?

They do not use the giant sotong but rather the much smaller variety.
I would not have thought it but it apparently makes a big (pardon the pun) difference in my books.

The sambal is just the right amount of spicy and the tiny sotong is very strong on the taste and smell but I guess it's something I enjoy. I'm not sure if everyone will agree with me but I am quite fussy when it comes to my sambal sotong and I very much prefer this to those super soft jelly-like sotong.

Adam's Verdict:
Nasi Sambal Goreng 3.5/5

I must mention that my dish and price includes and extra serving of Sambal Sotong which means it's cheaper if you just order NSG as it is. And I'm not sure why but I think that Nasi Sambal Goreng seems to be more enjoyable if it's packed. Maybe it's something about everything being packed together and having time to mix up together. Hmmmm...

Looks like it's gonna be bungkus next time!

Afghanistan Family Restaurant

201E Tampines Street 23
Mamak Stall

Tel: 6783 7746

Operating Hours:
7.30am til 11.30pm Daily
(Opens at 3.00pm on Friday afternoons)


  1. Review then never give price. wah sian eh.

    1. Errrr... The price is listed just below the photo of the dish. I ALWAYS list the price.

      Read review but never read properly. Wah Sian eh. :)