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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Old Town White Coffee Part III

Happened to have some spare time so I popped by the newly opened Bedok Mall with some colleagues over lunchtime. Heard about a lot of new and interesting makan places opening there (and some exciting ones to be certified Halal soon!!) so we figured we might try and hunt down some lunch.

And we ended up at Old Town White Coffee!!

You may remember our previous visits to OWTC in our Part I and Part II posts and like I've mentioned - there are so many things on the menu to try! Even after 2 visits, we've barely scratched the surface!

This time I decided to try something I really wanted to try for so long.
I've passed by a few places that sold this kind of steamed/stewed in a pot kind of thing with either rice or soup inside. So what they do is they pack everything into the pot and steam it to cook the things inside.
Unfortunately, none of the places I passed by were Halal.

But at OTWC, there was finally a chance for me to try...

Steam Salted Fish and Chicken Rice ($7.90)
So the version I decided to try first was the Steam Salted Fish and Chicken Rice.

So basically what they do is pack a metal bowl with rice, some chicken meat, salted fish and veggies.
If you take a close look at the first pic, you'll see that the dish is plastic so at OWTC they just steam the metal bowl then put it in the plastic bowl. Not really the traditional way but it'll do I guess.

They douse a little dark and light soy sauce over the rice which gives it most of the flavour.

I was a little disappointed with the chicken meat. I thought they'd put a layer of minced chicken meat (which is what I saw at the other shops) which would cook in the steamer when the bowl was put in but here it seems like the chicken patty was already pre-cooked. At least there was some taste to it though.
Would have been a total fail if the meat was bland.

But I think the biggest disappointment was the salted fish.
What? You can't see any salted fish there? Look closely. It's the tiny thing on top of the chicken.
Can you see it yet? Yup it's that small.

Adam's Verdict:
Steam Salted Fish and Chicken Rice 3/5

I guess despite it's shortcomings, I don't have much of a choice if I wanna eat this kind of dish.
Just wish it would be a little bit more worth it but I guess it'll do for now.

Just a few things to note though.
1) It takes about 20 minutes to prepare so be ready for a bit of a wait
2) The serving may not be enough for big eaters
3) They have a special MyLunch menu where you can have this (from a selection of other dishes) plus a drink for $9.90.

Old Town White Coffee

Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Road

Operating Hours:
8.00am til 10.30pm Daily
(Last Order 10.00pm)

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