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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Quest For Briyani Part 6: Saffrons Cafeteria

Here we at at stop number 6 in our Quest for Briyani series and this time we are visiting a place that we normally visit for something else (not the Briyani) but quite a few readers have been egging us to try the Briyani here. WE HEARD YOU!!! :)

Mutton Briyani Dum ($6.00)
When someone says Saffrons to me, the first things that comes to my mind are Mee Goreng and Prata because that's basically what I almost always have when I go there. I've always seen lots of people ordering the Briyani there but never really thought much about it. Well it seems that a lot of people knew something I dind't and I'm here to find out what it is.

The first thing that hit us as soon as they brought the Briyani to the table was the aroma. Now here was a plate of Briyani which had the strong aroma you'd expect from a power serving of Briyani! We've had Briyani where there was surprisingly no smell at all but this was definitely something else!

Maybe it had something to do with the banana leaf? Well I'm not sure about if it made a difference but it definitely made a good impression.

At first I thought the rice looked kinda dry but boy was I wrong.
The rice was nice and fluffy and full of flavour. The rice was so tasty that I could have gone on eating it without any meat or anything else.

But thankfully, I remembered the meat!

The mutton was absolutely the bomb! The masala gives you a nice strong kick but it doesn't overwhelm you so when you have it with the rice, you can still taste the rice and the masala compliments it. The mutton was tender and easily torn apart with just my fork. Add all that into one satisfying mouthful.

I'm quite confident in saying that this is one place that calls it 'Briyani Dum' and really means it!

The acar and the dalcha only add to a dish that is already delicious on its own.

The acar has a nice tang and spice to it. Don't be afraid of those chillies you see, it's not that spicy.
And the dalcha was simply sublime. I guess one of the reasons it was so good was that they add in some of the lamb fat (tetelan) when they cook it (similar to some of the other places we reviewed) and it seems to make a world of difference. You don't have to eat the fats though! It's already done its job :)

As you can see, I really enjoyed my meal!!!

And of course, finish off with a nice cup of Teh Tarik!

Adam's Verdict:
Mutton Briyani Dum 4.5/5

I know I still have hundreds more places to have Briyani. Half of which have been recommended by you - our beloved readers. Don't worry, I'll try my best to cover as many as I can. But for now, Saffron's is one of the best Briyani's I've had so far.

Just an extra note, we normally eat at the Tampines Saffrons because it's so close but they also have a new outlet at Swan Lake in Opera Estate. And so far, the high standards are upheld at both venues!

Saffrons Cafeteria

23 Swan Lake Avenue

Tel: 9185 0954

Operating Hours:
8.00am til 10.00pm Daily


  1. you must must must try the dum biriyani at Bismillah in Dunlop street. They uses one of the best quality rice grains and the biriyani is not greasy at all. The price tag is on the higher end, but totally worth it.

    Go early cos they get sold out pretty soon.

    1. Hi Surani! Thanks for your comment!

      Great! Another Briyani place to add to our list! Looks like the quest continues!
      Hopefully we can make our way down to Dunlop Street one of these days :)

      Thanks again for your support and keep on makan-ing!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team

    2. Adam, don't waste your time going down to Bismillah. My 1st visit, the biryani was good but subsequent visits the food were bad. Once when I ordered 3 packets to take away, the only pack with mutton had all burnt pieces of mutton in it. They were burnt charcoal black on one side. 2 occasion when I ordered take away, I had to ask for the dalcha and papadam. The crackers was unceremoniously thrown into the carrier bag with the rice packs.

  2. This post makes me craving for Briyani in the middle of the night! From the photos, the rice really looks quite dry but the mutton and acar looks damn nice! Definitely gonna check out their Tampines outlet soon.

  3. Hamid Nasi Biryani at pasar geylang is the best.. =D

    1. So many stalls at Pasar Geylang, so little time! :P
      Thanks for the tip Nieya!

  4. Well i think u should try the bryani at beach rd Blk 17

    1. Whoa! A new challenger has arrived!
      Thanks for the tip! Insya Allah we get to visit there soon!

  5. Bismillah birayni is the place to go

    1. Hi Mohammad! Where is this place you speak of?
      Any address please? We'd like to check it out!!

  6. Visited Saffron today. The meat cooked in the rice were sold out so have to opt for the masala type for chicken and mutton. Biryani rice was fragrant with the spices. Mutton with the bone was a bit tough. Need to go back again for the "dum" style ;).

    1. Chaozhouzi guess what! We went to Bismillah a few days ago! LOL
      Read our review in a few days time okay :)))