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Monday, January 6, 2014

McDonald's - Sunrise Rolls

From the first time I saw the promo video play on FB, I knew I wanted to have it.
The way the egg looked nice and wet and runny with the cheese. And the thick slices of chicken ham and all their salty goodness. What a delicious sight!

And even thought in my heart that it would not look like the picture, I simply had to try it ASAP.
So I woke up a little bit earlier one morning and headed down to McDonalds.

Sunrise Roll Chicken Ham ($2.95 ala carte)
Compare that with the pictures and the video?
Hmmm... close enough!

The scrambled eggs are the type you'd get when you order your Big Breakfast and it's laid out on a nice slice of cheese which has pretty much melted into gooey goodness for your dining pleasure. On top of that, you have two half-slices of chicken ham. Sounds like quite a treat if you ask me!

The eggs were pretty much the standard you'd get at Macs and the cheese seems to have done us all a favour by melting like that. The chicken ham was really delicious because you get that slightly salty kick when you bite down.

I'd like to say I wanna complain about how thin the chicken ham slices were compared to the video but I won't because they're actually thicker than I expected them to be in real life.

Hmmm... let's see. How can put this into context for you. Okay I've got it.
You know the Turkey Ham slices you get at Burger King right? Well this is thick like 3 slices of that.
Get the picture?

Sunrise Roll Sausage ($3.45 ala carte)
That's the sausage version. The cheese looks a lot less melted so I guess it seems that it depends on your luck on whether you cheese melts.

The chicken sausage is the same one you'll get from your Sausage McMuffin so I wasn't really too crazy about it. I guess i'm kinda bored from having it so many times in pretty much most of their breakfast items.

I have to say that these Sunrise Rolls (especially the chicken ham one) are really quite tasty. It's a nice hearty bite in the morning which I'm pretty sure most people won't have a problem with.
But here comes the biggest (SHOCKER) debating point.

Galaxy Note 2 vs Sunshine Rolls
Some of our readers commented on our FB post and said that the rolls were really small.
And I thought to myself... "Can't be that bad lah".

Well as you can see, the rolls are bloody small lah!
That's my Samsung Galaxy Note II flanked by Sunshine Roll Sausage and Sunshine Roll Chicken Ham.
That's right! The Sunshine Roll Chicken Ham is just about half the size of my Note 2!

As delicious as the roll was, the questions now lie before us.
1. Is it worth the price for something so small?
2. Even if you're willing to pay the price, how many do you need to be satisfied?

I had the Chicken Ham one plus a Hashbrown and and Iced Milo and was still hungry. I finished off the Sausage one before I could say I was pretty full up. But that's just me! Reader @FirhasBizar says he "needs 4 or 5 of those baru cukup!".

You can buy the meal at $4.00 for the Chicken Ham or $4.50 for the Sausage and it comes with a Hashbrown and a drink. Or if you're really hungry or buying for the kids maybe then you have the choice of getting the Sunrise Roll Breakfast Bundle which comes with one of each Sunrise Roll plus a Hashbrown and a drink for $7.45.

So what do you think? Worth the price?

Adam's Verdict:
Sunshine Roll Chicken Ham 3.5/5 -- Sunshine Roll Sausage 2/5

Well I guess some will like it and some will not and some will wait for someone to buy it for them.
Whatever the case, take my advice - eat them while they're hot because not so nice when they're cold!


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