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We have moved!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant - Bubur Taiwan

Bubur Taiwan ($5.50)
I used to pass by Adam's Corner in my younger days when it was still situated along Serangoon Road closer to St Georges Road. I'd never really stopped because I guess I didn't really see what was so special about it.
I thought that it was pretty much your run-of-the-mill makan place with the usual y'know?

Well, one day my then-girlfriend who is now my darling wife brought me to Adam's Corner.
She was feeling a little under the weather and wanted to have some porridge. "PORRIDGE? THERE?" was the thought that crossed my mind. So I figured it was Bubur Ayam or something.

To my surprise, it was actually Bubur Taiwan!
I normally only eat this at home when it's prepared from scratch including all the condiments and side dishes and it's more Chinese Porridge than Taiwanese Porridge at my house. I always thought you couldn't find this kind of dish in a Halal setting so I was very very pleasantly surprised.

Anyways, Adam's Corner has moved from its original location but it's still nearby.
It's moved a little closed to Serangoon Road itself and is situated directly across the street from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple.

So this is Bubur Taiwan.

You'll get a nice big bowl of porridge. And when I say big, I mean BIG.
It's really a very generous serving of steaming hot porridge so you're sure to get your fill.

Along with the porridge, you'll get a nice serving of accompaniments to go along.

Ikan Bilis and peanuts, Kang Kong, Pickled Radish, Salted Fish, Salted Egg, Century Egg and some sambal kicap. Seems like a pretty standard platter for porridge if I do say so myself.

The Kang Kong is cooked very simply with some chillies, garlic and onions so it goes really well with the porridge. I think the ikan bilis and peanuts had a bit too much of a spicy thing going on in my personal opinion. Would have liked it better if it was just plain crispy ikan bilis and peanuts I reckon...
The pickled radish is the type you get out of a jar from the supermarket. Nothing special but still a staple when it comes to porridge.

The salted fish is always welcome in my books as is the salted egg which I'm sure is also a favourite of many.
One of the unique inclusions would be the Century Egg. I have to say that more and more youngsters seem to be warming up to the acquired taste of Century Egg in recent times. But having said that, the Century Eggs nowadays don't seem to have the same 'kick' as before. They're pretty mild and almost tasteless nowadays and you don't even need to eat it with pickled young ginger anymore and it's still palate-able.

And I know some of you (like my dear Mum) might be very particular about the consistency of your porridge so I included a close-up pic so you can see for yourselves.
Some like it thick. Some like watery. Some like hot. Some like it cold. Some like it in the pot 9 days old.

I would say this was still quite watery. The rice hasn't fully 100% broken down so you can still see some of the grains there. It's not too thick and just nice to enjoy with all the goodies we get with the set.

Oh, and by the way, the sambal kicap is really quite spicy.
Might wanna give it a miss if you're having this porridge literally because you're not feeling well.

Adam's Verdict:
Bubur Taiwan 3.5/5

Adam's Corner also offers other types of porridge including Bubur Ayam, Bubur Ikan and Bubur Daging.
Not too sure what you get though but at least this place is good enough to give you some variety.
Plus, the name of the place is also very very nice. :P

Adam's Corner Seafood Restaturant

452 Serangoon Road

Tel: 6294 1821

Operating Hours:
24 Hours Daily

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