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Thursday, January 16, 2014

IndoChili Part III

I'm guessing most of you might know by now how much we simply adore IndoChili.
This is our 3rd visit and probably not our last. And everytime we visit, we order some favourites and try some new stuff too!!

This time we visited to celebrate a birthday with the whole family of about 12 people!
IndoChili is definitely suitable for a quite dinner for 2 or even a celebration with a big group.

Sate Ayam Madura ($7.80)
As always, one of our favourites and a must-have whenever we visit is the Sate Ayam Madura.
Tender chicken bathing in peanut gravy is a sure win. Never ever fails to satisfy and most times we even end up ordering a 2nd serving.

We did try something a little differently this time though.
Since we were dining with a pretty large group, we didn't order individual dishes like we normally would.
Instead, we took the opportunity to try something on a slightly larger scale.

Combo Bakaran ($42.80)
If you've got a large group and looking to try a few different things, then this is definitely something you should consider trying.

It's basically a platter of grilled goodies including fish, squid, prawns, sate and some chicken.

And of course, we are going to run it down for you :)

This is a Black Pomfret grilled in the style of the 'masak kecap'.
And unfortunately this was the only disappointing thing in the whole Combo Bakaran platter.

Maybe it was our bad luck but the fish wasn't as fresh as you'd expect.
I visited with a whole bunch of 'professional fish eaters' and I definitely trust their taste when it comes to the consumption of fish and other assorted seafood.

Seasoning was nice but just unlucky with the quality of fish this time around.

Next up was the Cumi Jimbaran or grilled squid.
This was definitely better and was just as good as the first time we tried it.

We had the Belado the first time around and for the grilled version this time, it's got a very nice and sweet glaze to go along with the tender squid.

For me, this was the real star of the platter - the Udang Bakar Jimbaran.

Jimabarn in Bali is famous for its delicious seafood and IndoChili has taken a page out of that book and definitely put it to good use with the squid and prawns here. A nice sweet glaze coats the prawn and enhances the already sweet flavour of the prawn. And as you can see, it's a bloody giant prawn!!

I'm not really big prawn fan to be honest but even I enjoyed this which really says a lot.
But there are only 2 prawns in this platter so you have to either be nice and share or be quick and stingy!!

For the chicken component, they have 2 servings for you.
2 skewers of some Sate Ayam Madura (which is already a win) and Ayam Panggang Padang.

If you remember, we tried the Ayam Panggang Padang the last time we visited.
And it was one of the biggest surprises! (Pleasant one of course)

It looks like a really simple dish but sometimes simplicity is best I reckon and it's proven here.
The chicken is tender and grilled to perfection and the spice gravy coating is simple delicious.
The chicken is marinated well because you can taste the flavour when you take a nice big bite.

So overall, the Combo Bakaran is worth it if you have people to share it with so everyone can have a bit of something that they like. But if you like something specific, then perhaps it might be best to order just that dish for yourself and be satisfied.

Nasi Kuning ($2.00 per serving)
Oh and by the way, I decided to try the Nasi Kuning this time instead of the usual white rice.
Thought it'd be nice to have something new with all the dishes we ordered.

This is definitely more tasty than the normal white rice.
But I must give you fair warning - the rice is cooked to a soft and still slightly mushy texture. So if you're like me and have a preference for a drier texture, you have been informed!!

Rendang Sapi ($9.80)
This is a dish that I tried during the last visit but didn't get a chance to review.
The reason being - it was snapped up so fast that I didn't get a chance to photograph it!
But alas! I have succeeded this time!

The menu says that they the meat is "slow-cooked for at least 4 hours". And they weren't kidding.
The beef is super tender and succulent. I just just through it with a fork!
And the spicy gravy is a delight and bursting with flavour.

Tempe Pete ($8.80)
And last but not least for the feast is something that some people may fancy and some people may not.

Some people call it Stink Beans. It's scientific name is Parkia Speciosa.
One thing for sure - Petai is definitely an acquired taste.

I only started eating (and enjoying) petai in recent years. Most people are put off by its strong taste and pungent after-smell. Well it may be quite a mouthful but for those who enjoy it, it's simply a delight when enjoyed with some accompanying sambal.

The IndoChili version is paired with some tempeh which is fine. The dish itself is quite tasty and definitely on the spicy side. But I do find the price a little on the high side though (it's more expensive than the Sate!!)

Adam's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4/5 -- Combo Bakaran 3/5 -- Rendang Sapi 4/5 -- Tempe Pete 3/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4/5 -- Combo Bakaran 2.5/5 -- Tempe Pete 2.5/5

Simply put - enjoyed the dinner at IndoChili and can't wait to visit again.
Still so many things we want to try on the menu! Mark my words... next time - Tumping!!!


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Tel: 6445 1766 / 8168 4958

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11.30am til 10.30pm Daily

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