Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Khan Saab Restaurant - Mee Goreng

You guys remember our post on Khan Saab right? The Quest for Briyani remember?
Well, as promised, decided to try something different this time.

Mee Goreng ($3.00)
The best Mee Goreng I've ever had is the one from KS Seeni all the way at Ayer Rajah and Saffron is a very close second place (because it's so much closer). So I do tend to try and order Mee Goreng when I run out of ideas in the hopes that I'll stumble upon the next great plate.

The Mee Goreng at Khan Saab is not bad but unfortunately not great either. I mean, it's a decent plate of Mee Goreng but tends to be a little heavy on the MSG sometimes. Maybe it's a different frying up the noodles whenever I visit because it's never consistent. I've also tried the Maggi Mee Goreng version and it seems to come up similar for me.

I always order up the 'Goreng Basah' style because that's the way I like it. Squeeze the provided lime over the noodles and you're good to go. And I keep going until the MSG overwhelms me. Oh well.

Adam's Verdict:
Mee Goreng 2/5

Hopefully the luck is good and you get the guy who fries it up nicely instead of the guy who probably has some stock in the Ajinomoto company. LOL

Khan Saab Restaurant

Blk 55 Chai Chee Drive

Tel: 6244 4430

Operating Hours:
24 hours Daily

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nur Jannah - Beef Noodles

So here I am out running errands for lunch and I decided to have a quick bite before I head back to the office because I was super-duper hungry.

My first choice of makan place was a bust because they weren't ready to start business for the day yet (weirdly) and I had actually decided to just skip lunch and head back on an empty stomach after all. But through some stroke of luck, I passed by Nur Jannah and they had something that tickled my fancy after all.

Vietnamese Beef Noodles ($7.50)
I'll be honest and say that I've never really had Vietnamese Beef Noodles aka Pho before. But I've always wanted to and here was my chance at last!

I actually went all out and ordered something that was technically not part of the menu. Instead of just the Beef Noodles or the Beef Ball Noodles, I ordered the Beef Noodles plus Beef Balls which explains the rather hefty price of the dish. If not, it's between $5-$6.

Double Trouble

As you all probably know, I'm 'The Meat Guy' so the more beef the merrier!
The glass noodles were also not bad in the sense that they were not too heavy but it was quite a large serving so you end up filling up nonetheless.

The beef slices were tender and had a nice bite and beefy flavour. The Beef Balls were also great and you could taste the beef and not just the fillers. A really hearty serving.

I think the biggest disappointment of this dish was the stock. No doubt it had a beefy flavour but I guess I was expecting a much richer flavour. Not bad but could be better. I'm not sure if this was normally how the stock should taste like? Since this was my first actual experience with Pho so I'm also not sure but I know that I've had beef stock with a much heartier beef flavour.

Adam's Verdict:
Vietnamese Beef Noodles 2.5/5

In the end, I ended up paying the price of the dish just for the beef slices and the beef balls.
Maybe I'll try Pho somewhere else so I can compare.

Noor Jannah's Kitchen

2 Jalan Masjid
Tel: 6848 4654

Operating Hours: 11.00am til 12 midnight
(Other stall within may operate different timings)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Chicken Rice Chronicles Part 8: As-Shifaa Cafe

Not sure what The Chicken Rice Chronicles is all about?
Maybe you should check out THIS LINK first before proceeding.

We are on the 8th installment of one of our most popular series and this time we are smack in the middle of town to enjoy some chicken rice that so many readers have recommended including my very own Darling Wife and co-founder of this blog!

And this is not your typical plate of Chicken Rice!

Chicken Rice ($3.50)
From that picture alone, you can probably spot a few things that you don't really see when you talk about Chicken Rice. Deep Fried Chicken and what's up with that sambal??

Yes that's right. This is indeed something different from what we might be used to. No roasted or steamed chicken here. Deep fried goodness complete with some crispy batter bits but a very interesting take on chicken rice sambal.

Despite being deep fried, the chicken was surprisingly not dried out at all. And mind you, I had the breast meat and it was still good and tender! And as a bonus, the outer coating was a nice crispy special batter which was really tasty in its own right!

I'm guessing some of you might be shaking your heads right about now but since a lot of people seem to like it, why not try it first before you cross out deep fried chicken with your Chicken Rice.

The rice was fragrant but was a bit of a let down for me. I didn't really find the chicken rice flavour I was looking for but my Darling Wife seemed to enjoy it. I guess when you eat it with the chicken you won't really notice it.

But then again... maybe it wasn't the chicken. Maybe it was the... Sambal!
Sambal? Don't I mean Chicken Rice Chili? No. I mean Sambal.

Again, anything but usual when it comes to the Chicken Rice at As-Shifaa!
They do have your usual Chicken Rice Chili with the vinegar and the sort but they also have something very unique - a sambal to go along as well!

I guess the closest I can describe is an Ikan Bilis Sambal but a little on the sweet side. This sambal was actually really the perfect partner for the deep fried chicken. I mixed it up by having both types but let me tell you that this sambal was a clear winner.

Adam's Verdict:
Chicken 3/5 -- Rice 2/5 -- Chili 2/5 -- Sambal 4/5 -- Overall 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Chicken 3.5/5 -- Rice 2.5/5 -- Sambal 4.5/5 -- Overall 4/5

And if the unique nature of this Chicken Rice is not enough to draw you to visit then maybe the next reason will. They have  Offal too! Liver! Gizzard! Take your pick! I'm not really a fan but my Darling Wife is so she had a nice serving of it with her Chicken Rice!

And remember - THE SAMBAL!!

If you're in town, drop by and try. But go early because the lunchtime crowd takes a big share so they do sell out pretty early.

As-Shifaa Cafe

304 Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza #06-52

Operating Hours:
11.00pm til 5.30pm (or til sold out) Daily
Closed on Sunday

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sweet Tooth Addiction - Panini Sandwiches

So we've been seeing a lot of Sweet Tooth Addiction on our Instagram feed and all the photos they are posting always give us such cravings!! So one day while we were headed out for a meeting, we decided to stop by to get some goodies!

Had a bit of trouble finding the place at first but eventually we took a correct turn somewhere and ended up right in front of the store! And just in time too... just opened! Did you know they're the only late-night bakery? Open from 3pm to 2am! Perfect for late night munchies LOL

So we got ourselves some of the sweet treats we saw on their IG but then something else caught our eye... A poster for Panini sandwiches! And we were feeling a bit peckish so we thought what the hey!

But you'll have to forgive the photos because they were literally taken in the car!

Smoked Salmon and Guacamole Sandwich ($9.00)
Okay so the first thing we noticed and would like to point out is that it's not really a Panini seeing as to how it's not Panini bread used. Not that we mind though. Maybe we read the poster wrong? I'm not sure but this is more of a baguette and a very suitable choice of bread if you ask me!

Anyways, I'm the Smoked Salmon guy so you can probably guess I enjoyed this one. Nice and briny smoked salmon gives a generous bite with the fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Yeah there was guacamole there but I guess I was concentrating too much on the smoked salmon! And there was plenty so I guess this justifies the higher-than-usual price tag.

Sambal Chicken Sandwich ($8.00)
Here's one we saw on the IG and simply had to try and it did not disappoint.
My Darling Wife says it reminded her of Sardine Sambal while I thought it reminded me of Sambal Ikan Bilis. Safe to say - it's definitely Sambal something.

Yana did note though that the cucumber slices were a tad thick. I didn't have much of a problem at first but towards the middle of the sandwich, they did get a bit thick. Yeah I know we wanna get a nice crunch on it but still. Luckily the sambal chicken was tasty and you're gonna keep chomping down and chomping down until it's all gone.

This one also happened to be Mein Bruder's favourite by the way.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($7.00)
And last but not least, we end with the sandwich that seems like the most boring but brought back a lot of memories to be honest.

Mein Bruder and I used to have a lot of these types of sandwiches when we were kids. Yeah maybe not such fancy bread but just the normal sliced bread. Our Dad would but slices of Halal Chicken Ham or Halal Turkey Ham which was quite a luxury in those days. And as a snack, we'd plop on some mayonnaise in between some bread, pile on some of the Chicken/Turkey Ham plus a cheese slice and pop it in the toaster oven for a bit to melt the cheese. And the result is that - a good old satisfying feeling.

I'm note sure how many of you will enjoy this sandwich because to be honest it does seem like the most boring of the lot doesn't it? No veggies. Not much filling. But I guess it's actually not that bad if you go for this sort of thing. And if my memory of tastes serves me correctly - this is Chicken Ham.

Adam's Verdict:
Smoked Salmon and Guacamole Sandwich 3.5/5 -- Sambal Chicken Sandwich 3/5
Ham and Cheese Sandwich 2.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Smoked Salmon and Guacamole Sandwich 4/5 -- Sambal Chicken Sandwich 4/5
Ham and Cheese Sandwich 3/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Smoked Salmon and Guacamole Sandwich 3/5 -- Sambal Chicken Sandwich 4/5
Ham and Cheese Sandwich 3/5

Yana's Verdict:
Smoked Salmon and Guacamole Sandwich 4/5 -- Sambal Chicken Sandwich 2.5/5
Ham and Cheese Sandwich 4/5

Well, we didn't go there for the sandwiches but they turned out to be a pleasant surprise. A little pricey if you ask us personally but definitely nice to have at least once in awhile.

Don't forget they also have plenty of sweet treats (it's called SWEET Tooth Addiction like duh) including Churros and the sort. We also saw a poster for My Pizza which has one of our most fave pizzas in the history of the world - The Sambal Ikan Bilis Pizza!

Hopefully we get to review the cakes and tarts soon!

Sweet Tooth Addiction

216 Joo Chiat Road

Tel: 6444 0424


Operating Hours:
3.00pm til 2.00am Tuesdays to Sundays
Closed on Mondays

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Quest For Briyani Part 8: Khan Saab Restaurant

Mutton Briyani Dum ($8.00)
This place is actually within walking distance from my workplace so we do drop by for lunch once in awhile. It's actually at the corner where the old Bedok ITE used to be if you're familiar with the Chai Chee area.

They have Briyani every day but please keep in mind that they have Briyani Dum only on Fridays!

I figured I'd start with the rice for this post because... well.. it's different.
Most Briyanis that I have tried, especially if it's the Dum version' have very fragrant rice which is normally moist but quite 'clean' in the sense that it's just the rice. The masala and meat are piled on separately if you know what I mean.

Well it's a little different here at Khan Saab. The rice was - for lack of a better word - wet.
It's as if the masala spices were mixed up together with the whole batch of rice and this made it really thick and wet with the masala. This also means that every mouthful of rice is packo with spicy flavour which does tend to be quite overpowering sometimes.

Nonetheless, it is quite tasty but it's just that I guess I'm not used to that texture for my Briyani rice.

The mutton was expected was nice and tender. It had better be since it was a Dum Briyani. Maybe this was the clearest indication that the meat and masala were all cooked together with the rice Dum style. Maybe that's why the rice was so wet?

Yep that's the Acar that comes with the Briyani.
Kind of putting things into overdrive especially since the rice was already so packo full of such a strong flavour. I didn't really find much need for the Acar or even the Dalcha that came along because the rice was really really spicy full of flavour.

But they do include a small side serving of Raita as well. The onion, cucumber and yoghurt mix do try their best to cool your mouth down.

Maybe they know that your tastebuds are going to be overwhelmed that's why they give you a dessert of Sugee to cool you down. And thankfully the Sugee was actually pretty nice. A sweet finish to a meal which was definitely strong on taste.

Adam's Verdict:
Mutton Dum Briyani 2.5/5

I used to quite enjoy this Briyani the first few times I had it but the more I did, the more I realized it was really something I was not used to. In fact, after my last visit, I reckon I might give it a miss for awhile and probably only have it much much later when I've given my mouth some time to forget the onslaught. But if you are the fan of the really spicy type of Briyani, this is definitely for you!

And please remember - Dum Briyani is only available on Fridays and very often sells out early too.

Khan Saab Restaurant

Blk 55 Chai Chee Drive

Tel: 6244 4430

Operating Hours:
24 hours Daily

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Le Steak Part II

**This visit was in April and some items may not be available anymore apparently**

The funny thing about my first visit to Le Steak was that I didn't have any steak!
I had the Braised Short Rib which was so-so and the Lemon Curd Tart which I really enjoyed.
But hey, when you go to a place called Le Steak, you gotta have steak am I right?

So I returned with the a whole gang of meat eaters (aka my family) for the 2nd round and to see if all the hype was well deserved or not.

Mushroom Soup ($4.00)

The Mushroom Soup was actually pretty good! Nice and hearty flavour. Definitely the type that you mushroom lovers will enjoy. You can see from the picture that it's nice and thick so none of that watery stuff here.

But after all, we are here for the meat so let's get it on!

So at Le Steak, the have 2 different categories of steak you can choose from.
One is the 'Le Steak Specialties' and the other is the 'Le Premium Cuts'. So what's the difference?
The 'Le Premium Cuts' the higher end premium grade cuts of meat which also means they're priced higher. It's not to say that 'Le Steak Specialties' cuts are not good cuts... But the reality is that they have different grade of meat.

Australian Wagyu Ribeye MS6 ($48.00)
Wagyu beef is undoubtedly the toppest of the tops when it comes to meat and one of the best premium cuts anywhere you go to have steak. Special attention to your cows = better meat and apparently there are none better than Wagyu.

What exactly is MS6 though?
MS stands for Marbling Score and 6 is the score this meat is graded on a scale of 1-12.
The higher the score, the better the meat.

This is actually the most expensive steak on the menu so we thought we'd give it a try!

Dad. Mein Bruder and Yana had the Wagyu and it was pretty okay. You can definitely tell it's a premium grade meat with a fair amount of fat in the meat. Seasoning was pretty okay too actually. The only gripe we has is that we though the steak would be a thicker cut.

They actually ordered their meat to be cooked 'Medium Rare' but as you can see, it was closer to 'Medium'. Hmmmmm....

PS Ribeyer ($28.90)

Mum had the PS Ribeye which is under the 'Le Steak Specialties' category.
Again, the seasoning of the steak was fine which gave it a nice flavour but you can still enjoy the flavour of the beef which we look for when we enjoy steak.

Mashed potatoes were a bit disappointing though.

Prime Tenderloin ($28.90)

I've always been very fussy about my steak (like pretty much all my food) and even though I may not be a purist or an expert when it comes to steak, I guess I at least know how to enjoy the food I like.

This was not the worst steak I've ever had (believe me I've had worse...) but I guess maybe I was expecting more? Or maybe I was disappointed because....

When you go to a place called Le Steak, I'm gonna assume they specialize in cooking steak.
And I know that the preferred for most steak purists is 'Medium Rare' or maybe even 'Medium Well' at most. Well, I'm a 'Well Done' kind of guy and when I ask for 'Well Done', I expect to be served meat that is cooked 'Well Done'.

Err.... that is not Well Done.

Dutch MilkFed Veal Rack ($35.90)
My Darling Wife made the genius decision of trying something new and ordered the veal!
And it was a good decision too because the veal was excellent! It was tender and succulent and juicy and definitely worth its price in the ''Le Premium Cuts' category.

She asked for a 'Medium Well' and it was cooked for the most part but not evenly.
But I agree with her that the veal was definitely better than the steaks (somehow).

Le Steak also has items like Burgers, Pasta, Chicken and Seafood dishes in case steak is not your thing. And don't forget the Braised Short Ribs like the one I had the last time.

Goody Waffle with Maple Syrup and 1 Scoop of Ice-Cream ($7.90)
So this was a crispy/crunchy waffle FYI. I actually find it very plain despite the ice-cream and the maple syrup. Maybe they might consider throwing some whipped cream on there and maybe a cherry on top to make it a little more... well... standard.

Chocolate Lava with Vanilla Ice-Cream ($10.90)
**This item no longer available**
You guys know what a Chocolate Lava Cake is right? The cake where they have molten chocolate in the middle so when they heat it up, it will flow out like molten lava when you dig into the moist chocolate cake.

Err..... where's the lava???
Definitely not what we were expecting. Unless we were expecting a big disappointment.
The Chocolate Cake (or more like muffin) was okay but hey where's the lava???

Creme Brulee ($6.90)
After what looked to be one of the more disappointing meals in quite awhile, thankfully we got some respite with the Creme Brulee.

It was just the right amount of sweet and creamy too.

There are even little bits of raspberries in there which give you a nice tart contrast to the sweet and creamy custard. Definitely the best thing we had that evening!

Adam's Verdict:
Prime Tenderloin 1.5/5 -- Goody Waffle 1.5/5 -- Chocolate Lava with Vanilla Ice-Cream 0.5/5

Creme Brulee 4/5
Maryah's Verdict:
Dutch MilkFed Veal Rack 4/5 -- Goody Waffle 3/5

Chocolate Lava with Vanilla Ice-Cream 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Australian Wagyu Ribeye MS6 2/5 -- Chocolate Lava with Vanilla Ice-Cream 1/5

Creme Brulee 3/5

Yana's Verdict:
Australian Wagyu Ribeye MS6 2/5 -- Goody Waffle 2/5 -- Creme Brulee 3/5

Dad's Verdict:
Australian Wagyu Ribeye MS6 3/5

Mum's Verdict:
Australian Wagyu Ribeye MS6 2.5/5

I have read many reviews about Le Steak. Some good and some not so good. But that's pretty usual I guess with any eating establishment. I did however agree with some of the reviews I read about the staff at Le Steak.

No, we didn't get any rude or snide remarks like other diners apparently encountered but it was pretty obvious that they were not trained very well and lacked initiative. I wouldn't say it was a very busy night at Le Steak but the wait staff not only seemed to be taking their time but also at least they can take notice and speed it up when someone calls you for assistance right?

Oh well, can't really blame them because they look like they are part-timers anyways but it really is a big turn off when you meal is not up to your expectations and the staff there make the experience all the more dreadful.

I know there's more on the menu but I'm not sure if we will ever got back to Le Steak again.

image from http://steakandco.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/degrees2.jpg
And just so you know why we were unhappy with the done-ness of our steak, check out the shart above and tell me if you think we got what we ordered.

Maybe next time we should request for Chef Amri to cook our steak. LOL just kidding.

Le Steak

248 Jalan Kayu

Tel: 65563588

Operating Hours:
3.00pm til 11.00pm (Mondays to Fridays)
12.00pm til Midnight (Saturdays & PH Eve)
12.00pm til 11.00pm (Sundays and PH)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As promised, here we are with our first review of Toasties!
We received 3 tip-offs within 12 hours and I actually went down that very evening but it was sooooo packo plus they had apparently run out of bread so I figured we'd come back another time.

The one thing we heard was that Toasties was the new 'Halal Subway'. To be honest we were not really expecting much because we had heard this claim a few times before with other makan places so we figured we'd better check it out before we get too excited.

So tell us if any of this sounds familiar to you okay :)

So when you get in the queue at Toasties, you have to first of all choose your order.
You can actually choose between bread, Cheese Oven Baked Rice, Salad, Wrap or even Pizza!
This was definitely looking promising!

Next step is to choose your bread.
They have Crunchy, Honey Oats, Oregano Parmesan and Premium. In case you were wondering, YES THEY MAKE THEIR OWN BREAD! 

And of course you have to choose if you want a 6-inch or a Footlong.

And then of course, you have to choose your filling.

They divide their menu into different categories for easy selection and pricing.

Choose from the Premium (Italian Trio, Chicken Bacon or Beef Pastrami), the Classic (Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Turkey Ham or Garden Delight) or Special (Smoked Chicken Breast, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Beef or Beef Ham).

And of course you can choose what veggies you would like to have as well.

And lo and behold they toast up your sandwich for you and after you choose your veggies, choose from a variety of sauces to zest up your sandwich!

I'd say that so far things look promising but how was the food?

Italian Trio aka 'The Manwich' ($6.90)
So the Italian Trio is made up of Beef Salami, Beef Pepperoni and Beef Bacon (or least that's what I gather from my expert analysis lol).

Somehow (as you can see from the picture above) we were left feeling a little bit underwhelmed.
When something is dubbed 'The Manwich', I have the impression that it's such a massive or at least a massively packed sandwich that it's really gonna be a mouthful. But in this case, it seems like it's really really lacking in meat leh...

And just to let you know I'm not complaining as a guy who is a big eater... This was actually ordered by my Darling Wife and even she was left feeling like she could do with a bit more before she gets full...

Anyways, just for the record, she chose the Crunchy bread which has a nice crisp on the outside once it was toasted. The meat was not bad other than the fact that there was too little of it. Beef Bacon was a bit tough but I guess that's pretty normal.

Sauces she chose were the Honey Mustard and the Mayo. Oh, and they'd run out of onions.

Grilled Beef ($6.40)
I had actually decided to go for the Beef Pastrami but they told me they'd run out. Pfffttt...
So I decided to go with the Grilled Beef because we all know I'm 'The Meat Guy' right?

Well, it turns out that the 'Grilled Beef' was actually a burger patty. I'm not sure if it was a Ramly Burger patty or not but I have to say it was seasoned really well. Just the meat on its own was pretty tasty. I went with just the Honey Mustard which gave a nice tang.

I went with the Oregano Parmesan bread which I normally quite like but this was a little strong on the Oregano seasoning. I didn't get a chance to ask them if they baked their own bread because the queue was super long by the time we were done with out food but I think overall the bread we had was actually quite nice.

And I'm not sure if it was because I removed the juicy veggies like tomatoes but I found my sandwich to be a bit dry. A little hard to swallow after awhile without a gulp of drink even though there was sauce in the sandwich.

You actually have the option of making your meal a set with either Nachos or Cheesy Sausages plus a drink for an additional $2.90. They also have soups like Clam Chowder or Mushroom oup for $2.90 as well. That means you should prepare to fork out at least $10 or more when you go for the works.

Anyways, if you wanna add more meat or double meat or more cheese, there's always that option but of course please be prepared to top-up accordingly.

Adam's Verdict:
Grilled Beef 3.5/5 -- Italian Trio 2/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Italian Trio 3/5

Well, if the aim was to give the people a 'Halal Subway' then I think this is definitely the closest you'll get to it so far here in Singapore. Prices are bit on the high side but what can I say. And I guess maybe because they just opened so they have a few teething issues here and there (e.g. running out of bread, ingredients etc) but I'm sure they'll pick up in time.

Definitely plan on heading down again and hopefully this time we can get what we intended.
But it's really great that they make their own bread! Nice and fresh!

And if the good people at Toasties are reading this somehow, a little feedback if you don't mind.
Get a Facebook page or Instagram or something cos you guys could be huge. In the meantime, hope this review helps spread the word for you.

Salam Readers,

When The Halal Food Blog first visited Toasties, we spoke directly to the management and was informed that they had submitted their application for Halal certification and was pending approval.

Toasties Management has now clarified their stance and the situation still remains that Toasties is still pending approval for Halal certification. We do not know what name the application will be submitted under.

The Halal Food Blog Team acted based on information provided by the Toasties management which was deemed accurate at the time of posting. We apologize for any confusion this has caused and look forward to updating when the certificate from MUIS has been issued to Toasties.

Thank you.

Adam Shah
The Halal Food Blog


Blk 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1171

Operating Hours:
8am til Midnight Daily