Friday, April 18, 2014

Bedok Point - 3 Years And Still Going Strong!

Can you believe it's already been 3 years since Bedok Point opened?
It seems like much shorter!

I literally grew up in Bedok having attended both Primary and Secondary school in the area and I spent so much time in Bedok that I pretty much knew the place like the back of my hand. I remember when the same plot where Bedok Point now stands used to be a theatre. And later on, it changed to some Japanese Sushi place. And finally, the original building made way for an icon of Bedok.

I still remember when Bedok Point opened to much fanfare back in the day. Finally, Bedok had it's own shopping centre! And situated right in the heart of Bedok made it all the more accessible to everyone! And now, 3 years later, it's still standing strong!

Bedok Point has always been known as a 'Makan Paradise' because a lot of the shops within are actually restaurants and eateries! You can find all kinds of cuisine at Bedok Point and luckily for us, quite a number of Halal choices too and a very welcome new edition!!

Hei Sushi is the first Halal certified Sushi Belt Restaurant in Singapore and they have finally opened an outlet in Bedok Point! On top of that, they also have an all-new menu for your makan-ing pleasure! We had the opportunity to try out some of the new dishes and they were so good that we decided to give Hei Sushi their own post!! Look out for it in the next few days!

And as a special for the Bedok Point outlet, they also have a special Lunchtime offer!!

And only available at Bedok Point!! Visit between Monday-Friday 11.30am to 2.30pm (starting from 21 April 2014) to enjoy this special promo lunch offer!

But if you want to sample something special, check out our Hei Sushi post out in a few days okay :)

The Manhattan Fish Market has definitely expanded!! Check out their restaurant at Bedok Point for their siganture dishes such as their Garlic Herb Mussels, Seafood Platters and their famous Manhattan Flaming Prawns!

Wanna know more about some of the dishes they have?
Check out our original review on The Manhattan Fish Market by clicking HERE

"Popeye's Chicken is the shiznit!!"
That's right! Head down to Bedok Point and grab some of your favourite Louisiana Chicken.
And of course - the Mashed Potatoes and Biscuits!!

 Looking for your pasta fix? Pastamania is the place to go!

With a wide array of Pastas, Pizzas and desserts to suit your taste, this is definitely a fave with a lot of people! (I always have the Turkey Bacon Cheesy Crumble!!!)

And if you're just looking for a quick and light bite, why not grab some OCK?
Old Chang Kee Currypuffs, Sotong Balls, Popiah and so many other assorted deep fried goodies await you! Great to buy as a snack back to the office after lunch time!

As you can see, there's plenty of choices for us at Bedok Point!
And they even make it easy for us with a FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE!!
Great if you're working in the area!!

As you can see, there's no excuse not to visit Bedok Point especially for a lunchtime getaway if you're working in the area! Anyways it's also near the Bedok MRT and Bus Interchange so it's walking distance!!

Congratulations to Bedok Point on reaching a milestone with the 3rd anniversary and here's to many more years to come with more great makan!!

Bedok Point

799 New Upper Changi Road

Tel: 6481 1353

Bedok Point is a Frasers Centrepoint Mall

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dad's Corner - The Yet-To-Be-Named 'Coney Dog'

The Yet-To-Be-Named Coney Dog ($5.00)
So we heard that Dad's Corner was offering a new menu item.
It was a Coney Dog but they wanted to come up with a new and unique name for their dish.

Well, we may have been late in submitting our choice for the dish name but I managed to make my way down to try this new dish and see how it measured up to one of our favourite all time dishes.

I'm sure everyone knows the Coney Dog. It's one of our fave hotdogs and we're surely gonna jump when someone offers a new version. So Dad's Corner is here to satisfy our cravings and offers up their version of the Coney Dog. And as you can see from the picture, it's quite a mouthful!!

They've got a jumbo chicken sausage nesting in a soft hotdog bun.
But as always, the key to a Coney Dog is the 'Coney' sauce aka the Chili Concarne.
And thankfully, the sauce here is great!!

A generous amount of the sauce which has ground beef and beans. It actually has a very nice taste to it and I finished up every morsel of that sauce I tell you. Top it off with mayo, cheese and some onions and you have a winner!!

The set comes with fries and some coleslaw but trust me this is a really filling meal!!
Well worth the $5 price tag!

Adam's Verdict:
The Yet-To-Be-Named Coney Dog 3.5/5

Don't worry, I'll update the name of the dish once they have chose their name.
I'd personally submit my entry as 'The Coney Bomb'.

Dad's Corner

Roadside Cafe (Inside)
Singapore Shopping Centre #01-21/22
Tel: 9011 5733

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 6.00pm (Weekdays & Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Le Steak

So Le Steak has been around for quite awhile but I guess we never got around to visiting. I mean, we've always been excited about visiting but I guess maybe the location kept making us put it off over and over again. I remember someone mentioning about visiting Le Steak when it first opened but only now am I getting the chance to visit with some friends.

Le Steak was opened by Chef Amri and the aim appears to be simple - a place where we can go to get some delicious steaks (among other things).

Le Steak offers Prime cuts of steak including USDA Prime Grade Sirloin, USDA Prime Grade Ribeye and also some very nice Australian Wagyu. They also have other dishes to offer including lamb, veal, chicken, pasta and even some burgers but I'll bet most people are here to enjoy the steak.

Surprisingly, I was drawn to order something else other than the steak that evening...

Braised Short Ribs ($33.00)
As always, I'm a sucker when it comes to something braised. Be it Lamb Shank (which they also have by the way) or in this case - Short Ribs.

Le Steak's Braised Short Rib rests on a bed of mashed potatoes and comes with a side of vegetables.
Just nice for you to scoop on some potatoes and veggies as you dig into the tender meat.
And just how tender exactly are we talking about here?

I'm not sure how long they braised the meat for but it was definitely really tender.
You could just peel back the meat with a fork!

The gravy itself is your typical tomato and spices mix. I didn't really find it very unique but it was definitely very flavourful and goes well with your meat and potatoes.

But we cannot survive on meat and potatoes alone now can we??
Well, technically we can but I ordered dessert nonetheless :P

Lemon Curd Tart ($4.90)
They have options like Waffles with Ice Cream, Creme Brulee and Chocolate Lava Cake but I simply could not resist the temptation of the Lemon Curd!!

It's basically a chocolate tart with lemon curd filling with a cream topping which they flambe. Finish that off with some strawberry syrup to give it a nice and sharp tart contrast.

Oooooooohh look at that lemon curd!
I actually really enjoyed my dessert (although I heard the Creme Brulee was really excellent) and I feel it's actually very very worth the price you pay.

This is definitely something to consider if you have a sweet tooth like me!

Adam's Verdict:
Braised Short Ribs 3/5 -- Lemon Curd Tart 4/5

So many more things to try on the Le Steak menu. STEAK STEAK STEAK!!
They even have fresh Oysters, Mussels and even Caviar on weekends!

But something that has caught my attention is a 200-day aged Angus Prime Rib. But that's like an 800gm-1kg serving so I think I might have to find some fellow carnivores before I order that!!

Le Steak

248 Jalan Kayu

Tel: 65563588

Operating Hours:
3.00pm til 11.00pm (Mondays to Fridays)
12.00pm til Midnight (Saturdays & PH Eve)
12.00pm til 11.00pm (Sundays and PH)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Prata Scholar Workshop @ Casuarina Curry


Hey everyone! Looking for something fun and unique to do AND get stuffed with prata at the same time? Well, we have just the thing for you!!!

Casuarina Curry is an icon when the topic of Prata is brought up. It's been around for ages and is one of the most popular prata places in Singapore. In fact, it's my mum's favourite!!

Well besides offering dozens of Prata variations, Thosai, Mee Goreng and Briyani, Casuarina is now also offering the chance to learn first-hand how to make Prata like the pros and then reward yourself with as much prata as you can eat afterwards! Perfect for family outings or gatherings with friends. And the kids are sure to love it!!

Mr Baboo - The Prata Professional
A real Prata Professional is on hand to show you the ropes and teach you the tricks on how to flip the perfect prata. Mr Baboo has been flipping pratas for a long time so he surely knows what he's doing right? And he's the real deal too... How can we be so sure?

If he can do this, he's a professional
Anyways don't worry he's got most of the stuff ready for you when you arrive.
So all you'll need to bring are your hands and a sporting attitude and you'll be flipping prata in no time! Let me show you how it's done *ahem ahem*

Step 1 - Flatten it out
Step 2 - Flip it (Flip it good!)
Step 3 - Stretch it out
Step 4 - Realize you need a bit more practice
My first try EVER at making prata and it was actually really fun. I initially thought it was sure to be a cinch and "confirmed no problem one lah!!" and the I realized it's a lot harder than it looks! But it was really fun!

I actually ruined my first one before I even had a chance to flip it because I pressed to hard when I flattened it out. But once you try it a few times you start to get the hang of it.

Let's see how Mein Brudder fared...

Looks like not bad right... Even Mr Baboo looks impressed..
And then suddenly...

Check out Mr Baboo! Totally LOL-ing.
Okay never mind... Maybe we should try it together...

Ready to flip (check out my face of concentration)
Mr Baboo gives us the thumbs up!
Okay so maybe we both need more practice but this Prata Workshop is actually something really unique. I'm not aware of anywhere else that you can go and learn the ropes to making prata like this.
And like we said it's great fun especially for the kids!!

Great activity with the family on a weekend out or even with a bunch of friends who want to try something new just for fun and laughs. Got some friends or guests from out of town? Perfect chance to show them some of our local food culture!!

Anyways, the good news is that the price you pay is not just flip pratas.
You also get ALL THE PRATA YOU CAN EAT plus one drink! Is that a great deal or what!!!


So for $15, you not only great a great session of prata-making but you also get to wolf down all the prata you can stomach too! I can think of a few people who would definitely jump at such an offer!
We are talking about Casuarina Prata! one of the pioneers of Crispy Prata in Singapore and you get an unlimited supply of prata til you are filled to the max!

Pssssttt here's a tip for you all... The $15 price applies to unlimited Plain Prata (aka Prata Kosong) only... top up with a few more dollars and you could enjoy the special pratas too!! We're talking about more than a dozen types of prata to choose from!! Trust us - that's a great deal!

And you get a nice souvenir certificate too! Something for the kids to hang up on their wall.
Who knows... if I ever visit a prata place in future and I see this certificate hanging on the wall of the shop, I'll know Mr Baboo's student is running the joint!!

They've got several time slots daily so this will be great for the holidays too!
Start planning now and book your places for this coming weekend!!

Casuarina Curry

136 Casuarina Road (Thomson)

Tel: 6455 9093

Operating Hours:
7.00am til Midnight
(Please refer to poster for Prata Workshop timings)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One Cupcake A Day



Let's face it. Cupcakes are the in-thing. I mean, how many cupcake shops (online or not) can you name right off the top of your head. I can think of about 9 myself and that's just skimming the surface I'm sure. And sure there are still a majority of shops which are not Halal for one reason or another but trust me there are still plenty of options for us to choose from.

But when someone says "Cupcake", I'm guessing the first thing that came to your mind is a nice sweet treat with sweet icing and sweet fillings. Am I right? Am I right?

Well today, I bring to you - The Savoury Cupcake!!

One Cupcake A Day is really unique because it offers not only sweet cupcakes but also savoury ones!
I honestly can't think of another place that offers this and in fact I'd never even thought that Halal savoury cupcakes existed in SG!

Their flavours are unique and reflect Singaporean tastes too! Just wait and see!
I know that you're probably thinking "Savoury cupcakes? No way!" but give it a chance okay
McGriddles also sweet and savoury mah... Read on!!

And the adventure begins...

Oiishi Voom
Inside Oiishi Voom
Oiishi Voom is a Japanese themed cupcake.
A White Chocolate Cupcake with Teriyaki Chicken filling and Wasabi frosting with seaweed.

I was expecting an explosion of Wasabi with the frosting but you'll be glad to know that the Wasabi flavour is not overwhelming and quite sweet (it is a frosting after all). The Teriyaki Chicken filling was actually quite tasty in my opinion. It may be an acquired taste but it was actually pretty good!

Gado-Gado Satay
Inside Gado-Gado Satay
Gado-Gado Satay is something a little bit (a lot more) local!
A Vanilla cupcake with Beef Satay and Peanut Sauce filling and Clove Buttercream frosting and keropok.

I think among all the 6 cupcakes we tried, this one had the combination that worked the best.
Although it was quite subtle, you could taste the clove flavour in the frosting and the beef satay was actually really tasty. I think maybe the reason why it worked well is because the vanilla flavour of the cupcake was not so overwhelming.


Inside Maharani
Maharani might appeal to all you curry-lovers out there.
A spicy Chocolate cupcake with Minced Beef Curry filling topped off wit Mashed Potato, coriander and fried shallots.

The curry filling was tasty! The mashed potato was a good choice to go with the filling since curry and potatoes go so well together. The spicy cupcake wasn't that spicy by the way. In fact it was a little on the sweet side. But this was good enough to be my Darling Wife's favourite cupcake of the day!

BF (Breakfast Favourite)
Inside BF (Breakfast Favourite)
Breakfast Favourite - A cupcake fit for breakfast?
Maple cupcake with Chicken Ham filling topped off with Cream Cheese frosting and Turkey Bacon.

Let me start by saying that the Maple cupcake was the bomb! Really tastes like maple syrup!
The chicken ham had a bit of a woody taste but you won't notice it when you get the maple and cream cheese combo in one bite!!

Krabi Love
Inside Krabi Love
We're more of Phuket people but Krabi Love is fine too :P
Coconut cupcake with Seafood Tom Yam filling. Up top is Lemon Cream frosting.

Well the Tom Yam flavour actually packs quite a kick! It's not super spicy (the chilli padi will take care of that!) but you can definitely taste the Tom Yam flavour over everything. Great combination of flavour!
This was my Brother's fave cupcake of the day!

Uniquely Melayu
Inside Uniquely Melayu
Uniquely Melayu definitely lives up to its name.
A Pandan cupcake with Sambal filling and finished off with Coconut frosting and Ikan Bilis.

This was my favourite cupcake of the day. I think there's just something about the Sambal and Ikan Bilis combo that always gets me.And the Pandan cupcake was delicious!!
This was pretty much Nasi Lemak in a cupcake!!

I'll admit that my reaction was pretty much the same as everyone I mentioned this to.
I wasn't so sure if I was going to enjoy the savoury cupcakes but I have to say I was very very pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

The flavours are really out there and you might need some time to absorb the info but once you get your mind around that roadblock, trust me - TRY THESE CUPCAKES!!!
I mean come on, at how many other places are you gonna find something so unique?

Cupcakes cost about $3.50 each but they do have Bake Sales sometimes so you can grab a good deal!
You just need to look out on the Instagram page!!

You can place your orders via

One Cupcake A Day

Order at