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We have moved!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Satay Boy - SB Wings

So we received a Facebook message from one of our readers months upon months ago to check out this place called Satay Boy located in Bedok.

So what was the draw at Satay Boy? Well, the message said to try the "Kick To The Face Chicken Wings" aka #KTTF Wings and it was accompanied by a picture of some chicken wings. I have to tell you - when someone says there's a food that will "kick you in the face", we gotta try it right!!!

So we tried to pay Satayboy a visit but unfortunately, we dropped by on a day when they were unfortunately closed... :(
But no! We refuse to give up! We want to be 'kicked in the face'!!!

So finally, we made our way down one sunny afternoon.
And to be honest, almost tak jadi because of an electrical fault (no electricity = no oven = no wings) but I guess luck was on our side!

Kick To The Face Chicken Wings ($1.70 per wing)
Take a close look at that picture and you can see why it's called 'Kick to the Face Chicken Wings'.
Can you see the Chilli Padi seeds? That's right. The sauce that coats these wings is made up of Chilli Padi and we're talking about PURE Chilli Padi and no additives!!

When the wings arrived, we got a big whiff and the unmistakeable aroma of the Chilli Padi. It even smelled spicy!! Seriously!!

To be honest I think Mein Brudder and I can handle quite a bit of spice (thanks to our Mum) but even we were feeling a bit worried to be honest. These wings were really living up to their name so far.

One bite and we can safely say that you can definitely taste the Chilli Padi flavour. The wings were tender and so well-cooked that the flesh just tears easily off the bone when you pull. But prepare to get your hands dirty because the best way to eat chicken wings is with your fingers!! Just be careful not to wipe your eyes!

The sauce is definitely spicy! But the good thing is that is not overpoweringly spicy that it's not edible. We've heard about Chicken Wings that have levels of spicy but it's just heat with no flavour.
Glad to say that this is not the case with Satayboy because you get the heat but you can still enjoy the flavour of the chicken and the Chilli Padi.

The heat does dissipate after awhile but you know your mouth has been set on fire for awhile.
I was really sweating let me tell you that!! But when the heat went away, we were so proud of ourselves. Chey! Action like we power like that can tahan. And then we found out that what we had was not the spiciest level yet... Ooops!!

Sweet & Spicy Wings ($1.50 per wing)
But for those of you who are not such 'hantu cili', no problem! Satayboy has you covered!
You can still enjoy the tender and tasty chicken but with a sweet and 'spicy' sauce instead. I know it says 'spicy' but it's really not spicy at all to be honest!

A good choice for those who are not looking for such a spicy kick or maybe even a warm up for those who are looking to tackle the higher levels.

We were graced with Satayboy's aka Luqman's company as we chomped down on our #KTTF wings and we have to say it was nice talking to him. Someone with a good honest idea and looking to carry on a legacy but on his own terms. Good to see the new generation working hard and The Halal Food Blog is more than happy to support!

They have more stuff at Satayboy including their famous SB Mee Rebus which we will try and review in future. And of course - the higher levels of the #KTTF Wings!!!

PS be sure to check out updates on the Satay Boy Instagram page to check if they are open/closed or if the #KTTF wings are in stock. They are so popular that they sell out all the time!

Satay Boy

Inside Hawa Restaurant
Blk 537 Bedok North Street 3

Tel: 9690 4269

Operating Hours: 12pm til 9pm Tuesdays til Sundays
Closed on Mondays

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