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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mooncakes Special 2014 - Eatzi Gourmet

That's right kiddies! Mooncake season is upon us again!
We had our special feature in 2013 and it seems that people have started to read up on the old post (probably thanks to Google!) so we thought we'd better update everyone with the 2014 edition!

First installment is from a familiar name - Eatzi Gourmet!
In case you haven't heard, Eatzi Gourmet is run by JP Pepperdine which are the same people who brought us Jack's Place! Surely you remember our recent visit to Eatzi Gourmet right?

Well, they have Eatzi Gourmet Bakery which has churned out some special Mooncakes!

You can see from the promo material they look really good! And they also have something for everyone because we all know how different peoples' tastes can be right?

They have the traditional White Lotus Single Yolk (picture above on the right) for all you lovers of the old-school mooncakes. But they also have some special and interesting flavours too!

5 exciting flavours to choose from and surely something for everyone!
Besided the White Lotus Single Yolk mooncake, Eatzi Gourmet also offers the Mocca Royaltine and Chocolate Lotus for all those of you with a sweet tooth and also the Green Tea Lotus and Black Sesame Lotus mooncakes too!

Don't worry! We'll be going through them one by one for you! :)

Mocca Royaltine Mooncake
Let's start with the mooncake with the most interesting name! :P

So what exactly is the Mocca Royaltine?
It's a Coffee Lotus Paste mooncake with a Crunchy Praline Croquant in the middle. Croquant is kinda like a toffee so you'll get a sweet caramel flavour which will go well with the Coffee Lotus Paste.

Green Tea Lotus Mooncake
Next up is the Green Tea Lotus Mooncake. I'm pretty all you Green Tea lovers will be rushing for this one am I right? :)

Chocolate Crunchy Pearls and Sesame Mochi is capsuled within Green Tea Lotus Paste.
The Green Tea flavour is VERY evident here which is why I know a lot of people will enjoy this one.
And you'll be pleasantly surprised by the Mochi!!

Black Sesame Lotus
Another somewhat traditional one here for you.

Black Sesame Lotus Paste wraps up the Green Tea Mochi in the middle. I guess there's just something about it that Black Sesame and Mochi always manage to go well together.

Chocolate Lotus Mooncake
Last but definitely not last on our list is the Chocolate Lotus Mooncake.

I took a bite before I read the description of the mooncake (too excited lah!) and I actually thought the middle was a traditional salted egg yolk... but I was pleasantly mistaken!

Chocolate Lotus Paste and Dulcey Crunchy Pearls in this mooncake and the middle is actually...
Mango Pineapple filling! Surprising right!!

And I know some people pay very very close attention to the packaging and the box when they buy mooncakes and this one is quite a beauty!

Box External
The Treasures are within...
From what I gather, the Eatzi Gourmet Mooncakes try to stay true to tradition while trying to infuse some modern twists to the popular mooncake. That's why their flavours like Chocolate and Green Tea are mixed in with Lotus Paste instead of just the flavour on its own.

You can also tell that they do not include too much sugar and preservatives in their mooncakes. They are not overly sweet at all which means you can watch your health while still enjoying good flavour.
In fact, they infuse honey into their mooncake 'skin'.

All the mooncakes are the traditional 'Baked' variety and every single is HANDMADE by the chef!! No machines involved!

You can buy a single mooncake at $10.70 each but you might as well get a box of 4 for $42.80.
If you use a DBS/POSB Credit Card, you will enjoy 15% off if you order online.
JP Pepperdine members enjoy 15% off plus 300 points!

Even though they use premium quality ingredients, the price is still so affordable! Great deal!
Head down to their website at http://bakery.eatzi.com.sg/ or call their hotline 6287 6298 now!

And before we forget! There's a contest where you can win some mooncakes!

Just need to head down to the Eatzi Gourmet FB page and follow the simple steps!
Like, Share and Win!


Eatzi Gourmet Bakery

Tel: 6287 6298

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