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We have moved!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Satay Boy - SB Mee Rebus and Tahu Goreng

So you all remember our first visit to Satay Boy right?
That's right. This is the place with the #KTTF Wings! Well, we've got something else this time.
And believe it or not - Satay Boy is actually really famous for this dish!

Mee Rebus Paru ($4.00)
Satay Boy's mum actually handles this end of the stall and we are talking about some really old school Mee Rebus here. And you can really make it a full meal if you're up for it!

I guess for Mee Rebus the most important part is the kuah.
Noodles and garnishing is not too complicated but getting the taste and consistency of the kuah is the toughest part of a good serving of Mee Rebus.

I'm glad to say that the Mee Rebus here definitely passes the test! The kuah is tasty and just the right consistency. It's not super thick and it doesn't get too watery too quickly even if you take your time to savour the dish.

The serving of noodles is really generous and to top if off, some Paru aka Beef Lung really hits the spot if you're looking for some extra bite in your Mee Rebus.

But that's not all! They actually have more Mee Rebus Combos for you if you're up for it!
Tetel, Ayam, Hati Ayam, Tongkeng Ayam, Kaki Ayam and even Babat can be added to your Mee Rebus!! Feeling super hungry? Then go for the MEE REBUS ALL OUT which includes everything you see above! LOL paradise for some I'm sure!!

Tahu Goreng ($3.00)
Never realized until today that Mein Brudder is actually the Tahu Goreng guy.
Apparently, he gives this his seal of approval too.

Pretty standard dish of tahu with some peanut gravy which was actually pretty tasty. Generous serving of cucumber and bean sprouts too. I didn't really have much because I was stuffed with the Tahu Goreng but I know the gravy was definitely tasty.

Adam's Verdict:
Mee Rebus Paru 4/5 -- Tahu Goreng 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Tahu Goreng 3/5

So when you visit Satay Boy, you actually have quite a wide array of choices to choose from.
Besides the #KTTF wings, got Mee Rebus, Soto and even Tahu Goreng. I'll bet you have a hard time choosing when you get there because confirmed wanna makan all LOL.

And don't forget to check out updates on the Satay Boy Instagram page to check if they are open/closed.


If you wanna try the SB Mee Rebus, you have to head down ASAP because it is RETIRING!!!
After the 25th of August 2014, you will most likely not be able to buy the famous SB Mee Rebus anymore!!

So head down while you still can before you regret!
The Halal Food Blog Team can proudly say it has tried SB Mee Rebus!

Satay Boy

Inside Hawa Restaurant
Blk 537 Bedok North Street 3

Tel: 9690 4269

Operating Hours: 12pm til 9pm Tuesdays til Sundays
Closed on Mondays

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