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Friday, August 15, 2014

One Cupcake A Day - Serawa Durian Cupcakes

I am very sure you guys remember our first post on One Cupcake A Day and their super unique Savoury Cupcakes. That means you'll remember that we mentioned that they also make the more traditionally sweet cupcakes too!

Well, just because it's a sweet cupcake does not mean it can't still be creative!

I know there are plenty of bakeries out there now that specialize in cupcakes or desserts with a more traditional twist. By traditional, I'm talking about flavours like Ondeh-Ondeh and all kinds of other Melayu Kueh. But One Cupcake A Day has come up with something completely new.

Serawa Durian Cupcakes
That's right. You read correctly. Serawa Durian Cupcakes!
Maybe I don't go out hunting for cupcakes so often but I do see quite a lot on FB and Instagram and this is the first time I'm hearing of a Serawa Durian cupcake!

What exactly is Serawa Durian anyways?
Well, I guess it's fair to call it a type of jam, like Kaya, but with Durian instead of Coconuts and it's got a bit more texture. Basic recipe will be Durian, coconut milk and sugar I think.

So here we have a Vanilla cupcake with Serawa Durian filling (and you can see it's really generous) and it's topped off with cream cheese frosting and a little bit of santan and gula melaka drizzle.

If you love Durian - this is for you. If you love Serawa Durian - this is for you.
Even if you don't, you should try this because you can't get this anywhere else as far as I know.
It's really a nice bite and great for dessert and also to bring along when visiting people or to bring for a party or pot-luck. Confirmed talking point one!! Confirmed no one else bringing Serawa Durian cupcakes (unless the also ordered from One Cupcake a Day!)

It's $3.50 per cupcake so just nice you can grab a box or 2!
You can check out their Instagram for more great pictures of all the yummy makan they make and you can place your orders via onecupcakeaday@gmail.com

But guess what!! GREAT NEWS!!!

One Cupcake A Day will be at the Pesta Raya 2014 being held at the Esplanade!!

Between 29-31 August, head down to the Esplanade for Pesta Raya 2014 where you can catch some great shows including musical acts and plays too! Som really famous names are going to be there!

But for a famous name in cupcakes - head down to the Pasar Pesta    located at the Esplanade Upper Concourse between 5pm to 9pm and that's where you can get your fix of delicious and unique cupcakes!!

One Cupcake A Day will be featuring not only their superb Serawa Durian cupcakes but also their familiar favourites like Uniquely Melayu (aka the Nasi Lemak Cupcake!!), Gado-Gado Satay and also new and unique flavours like Pengat Pisang, Onde-Onde and Kampong Mix!!

So remember to head down to Pesta Raya not only to catch the great shows and acts on display but also to get some power cupcakes too!! Spread the word to your friends and make an outing with the family that weekend!

One Cupcake A Day


Order at  onecupcakeaday@gmail.com

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