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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mooncakes Special 2014 - Singapore Airlines

When I first heard about the Singapore Airlines Mooncakes, I was for some reason, damn excited.
Maybe because I read the brochure on the types of mooncakes they were offering or maybe it's because the packaging looked really nice?

Well, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that the SIA Mooncakes were certified Halal!
That's right - certified HALAL!!!

The Singapore Airlines Mooncakes collections is made up of 8 different mooncakes.
2 are 'Heritage' aka traditional flavours, 2 are exclusive flavours and the other 4 are called 'SIA Selections' are have a bit of a twist on traditional mooncake recipes.

We'll start with 2 of the traditional ones first...

White Lotus with Double Yolk

One of the most traditional and popular mooncake flavours ever!
White Lotus Seed Paste encapsulates two exquisite salted duck egg yolks that eagerly await for you to devour them LOL

One of my faves and I'm sure the fave of so many as well.

White Lotus with Mashed Yolk

This one also has a super smooth White Lotus Paste within its baked shell of goodness but instead of the whole salted egg yolks, the salted egg yolks are mashed which means you get an even spread of the yolk and everyone goes home happy.

Besides these 2, the other 2 'Exclusive' flavours are Osmanthus Fragranced with Crisp Plum and Red Bean with Milk Paste.

Orange Lotus with Walnuts

Next up are the mooncakes classified as SIA Selections which are a bit more unique.

White Lotus Paste is infused with a "whisper" of Orange and some Persian Walnuts thrown in for good measure. I thought the walnuts were a nice touch but somehow the orange flavour turned out to be a bit overwhelming for me.

Passion Fruit with Rosella

Between this and the Orange Lotus, I preferred this one.
When you think of Passion Fruit, you think you're going to get an overload of sourness but this was definitely not the case here.

A very subtle flavour but the unique Rosella was a very nice touch. Although not overly sour, this was also not overly sweet and was a very refreshing take on the mooncake.

The other 2 SIA Selection Mooncakes are the Pandan with Five Grains and the White Lotus with Black Sesame.

Collectible SIA Emblem Magnet

I simply loved the packaging!
You get a collectible SIA emblem magnet as a souvenir (great for all you collectors!) and the boxes themselves reflect the signature SIA style.

And those little boxes holding the mooncakes are quite solid so you can keep them and use them to store stuff once you're devoured all the mooncakes!!

The SIA Mooncakes used to only be available to passengers but this is the first time they are made available to the public so this is really good news if you ask me.

You can either choose to drop by Takashimaya to buy (and try) the SIA Mooncakes or you can purchase via Mail Order where there will deliver to you.

It's $64 for a box of 4 mooncakes (Heritage Flavours) and $68 for a box of 4 Mooncakes (Exclusive/SIA Selections). You can also mix and match the mooncakes so you can choose your faves while trying something new if you'd like at $68 for a box of 4 mooncakes.

SIA KrisFlyer PPS Club members will enjoy a 15% discount while KrisFlyer and UOB cardholders will enjoy a 10% discount. On top of that, every box of 4 mooncakes entitles you to a lucky draw where you stand to win a pair of Business class tickets to Shanghai!

Singapore Airlines Mooncakes

Basement 2 Takashimaya Atrium, NgeeAnn City

Collection period:
7 August to 7 September 2014, from 1000-2130 hrs


  1. Looks interesting. Nowadays mooncakes are no longer simply food, it means gift, traditional meanings have vanished.

  2. Interesting & now are more fashionable in terms of colour, taste & flavour, had made my orders for Company purpose for distribution to potential clients.