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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mooncakes Special 2014 - PrimaDeli

Next up our special Mooncakes series this year is the collection from Prima Deli!
I know that Prima Deli is the name that comes to mind when you wanna get cakes and waffles (!!) but they also make some pretty good mooncakes too! And we're going to run them down with you!

That picture above is from Prima Deli's website and gives you a view of all the mooncakes they have to offer. Looks good right? But do they look like that when you buy them too?

So there are 9 exciting and pretty interesting flavours for you to enjoy in their box set. They also have traditional flavours like Pure Lotus and White Lotus with Yolks but we're gonna cover just the special edition flavours they have okay.

And for you fans of Snowskin Mooncakes, you'll be happy to hear that they're ALL Snowskin!!
And they're also Mini mooncakes so you'll be able to sample them all without being too full.
So let's go through them one by one.

Mini Green Apple
Mini Orange with Valrhona Chocolate Pearls
Mini Soursop with Guava
Mini Black Sesame with Mochi
Mini Strawberry Chocolate
Mini D24 Durian
Mini Mango Lemongrass
Mini Oreo Chocolate
Mini Cranberry Cheese
So there you have it! 9 special flavour creations from PrimaDeli for this Mid-Autumn Festival!

Of all the 9, I have to say that the Mini D24 Durian was definitely the best. You can really taste the durian! The Mini Mango Lemongrass came in second place (most probably because I happen to like Lemongrass!) The rest of the mooncakes were... well...

I have to say that I found the mooncakes very sweet. A little too overwhelmingly sweet to be honest. And even though I have a sweet tooth and these were just mini mooncakes, I still found myself feeling very 'muak' after awhile.

Maybe this is partly because I kinda like the traditional baked mooncakes. And on top of that, I prefer the traditional Lotus Paste variety. Never really took a fancy to the whole snowskin craze. I can see why people like it but I guess I'll never catch on.

And and here's a tip - make sure you keep them refrigerated because the snowskin will go really soft and mushy on you really really quickly.

You can drop by any PrimaDeli to pick up your mooncakes.
They have some special discounts up til 8 September and Citibank cardholders get some extras too.

So if you like fruity and sweet Snowskin Mooncakes - head down to PrimaDeli!!

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