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Monday, July 7, 2014

Ramadhan Special 2014: Gourmet Pizza To Go

So Mein Brudder and me actually passed by this shop in Bedok. It was a new pizza joint with some really power looking pizzas (and they were HUGE too!). But this was the week before Ramadhan and no way we would have enough time to try it before then so we decided to make it a point to try it once Hari Raya was over.

But lo and behold. My Darling Wife and I were walking along Geylang Serai Bazaar and I see this giant signage! Looks like we would not have to wait til after Raya after all!

Now do you see what we meant when we said HUGE?
And we were lucky enough that they were constructing a brand new pizza as we waited!!

First the base...
And then the cheese...
And last but not least - the toppings!!
So you see that they construct it from scratch here at the stall and that means it's gotta be fresh!
They dress it up there and they even have this special oven there so they can bake their pizzas and have nice and fresh and hot for us.

And more luck for us... a pizza coming out fresh!

Oh yeah a nice piping hot pizza pie!! Doesn't that just look yummy or what!
And I know how you all love Hawaiian pizza okay don't bluff...

But looks nice only... How about the taste??? Nice and cheesy?
Well, The Halal Food Blog proudly presents...

The 4 Steps To Enjoying a Pizza

Step 1 - Get your slice of pizza
Step 2 - Unwrap and let the awesomeness sink in
Step 3 - Bring the slice to your mouth and take a big chomp
Step 4 - Pull away, see the gooey cheese and go "Mmmmm"
So how? Not bad right? I'm sure you guys have already mastered the technique... Hehehe

Firstly let me again say how big this slice of pizza is. Sure it's cut into a shape we may not be used to for a pizza but you won't be complaining when you see how much pizza you're gonna be enjoying.
The toppings are generous (at least for the Hawaiian) and you can see they are definitely not stingy with the cheese. And have we mentioned how big it is?

The pizza is tasty enough but (like most things) we recommend eating it while it's hot!!

A slice will cost you about $6 but buy two for $10.
If you plan to buy a whole pizza, maybe you should call their hotline to deliver...

Al Taglio Pizza ($65)

You can order their Al Taglio Pizza which is a party on its own I'm telling you.
It's 60cm by 40cm. That's right. You go and measure and tell me if that's big or not.

It's so big that you can choose different types of pizza flavours and they'll combine it for you.
Perfect when you have some people who prefer one type of pizza while another group maybe prefers another type!! Smart right!!

You can call their hotline 6221 1666 or visit their website www.gourmetpizzatogo.com.sg

They've got 11 types of pizzas to choose from so you'll be spoilt for choice.
We haven't tried it yet. Just the Hawaiian for now. But we'll try it after Raya Insya Allah!

You can find the stall at the Geylang Bazaar just after you cross the street (Onan Road) from Mr Teh Tarik heading to Darul Arqam.

Gourmet Pizza To Go!

Geylang Serai Bazaar

Operating Hours: 12pm to 12am Daily

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