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We have moved!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ramadhan Special 2014: Bussorah Street Bazaar

3rd year in a row we're going back to the Bussorah Street Bazaar!!

Despite feedback that the stalls are pretty much the same every year and there's nothing special, I guess we feel that this is one of the original bazaars around (even though the location has shifted a little bit).

And indeed it was mostly the same stalls but some newer ones too I guess...
Let's talk a walk together...

There was this guy I saw. At first I thought he was selling some kind of noodles since he was dunking something into scalding water.... And then upon closer inspection...

Rojak Bandung!!

Familiar names like Anjung and Dahlia Cafe were back again for another year!

Saw this stall called Noe's Kitchen and stopped by because my Darling Wife was feeling like some Badak Berendam! And it looked they might actually have it because they were selling mainly desserts and stuff like that.

In that last pic, we saw something that looked like our target - Badak Berendam.
We even asked the lady if it was Badak Berendam and she acknowledged yes it was.
So we bought it.

Well, unfortunately it was not Badak Berendam. Something close but not quite.
The 'Badak' itself was kinda different and the 'santan' was more of a sugary water with some santan.
Maybe we have the wrong idea? But cannot be right? Oh well.

Wow! Rendang Kebab! Something new!!

There was also this stall that seemed really popular based on the queue.
They were selling Nasi Bukhari. You could choose from Chicken or Mutton.

Another regular at the Bussorah Street Bazaar was Amirah's Grill ready to serve up delights!

It's not a very long stretch and it's actually really quite crowded because of the cramp space.
But I think if you're in the area, it's quite nice to actually walk around and soak up some of the bazaar atmosphere.

Hopefully they'll be able to have this bazaar every year :)

Bussorah Street Ramadhan Bazaar 2014

Bussorah Mall/Muscat Street
Operating Hours: 3.00pm til 8.00pm

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