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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ramadhan Special 2014: Cocokilla & TheTasty_One

So I hear about the new rage - cakes in a cup or a jar. And I think to myself - "Since everyone is doing it nowadays, it had better taste bloody good to stand out!"

And I have good news - I've found one that rocks out of the box!
And instead of cake, they're using BROWNIES!!

So this is going to be available only during Ramadhan for the time being and judging from my experience, you'd better get a move on before you miss your chance!

They've got 4 flavours and from what I gather- they all sell out really fast!

This should be the Food Pyramid
So like I said - they have 4 flavours and I managed to get my hands on 3 to try.
I got a hold of Red Velva, Fudgy Choco Brownie and Marry Me PB. The 4th flavour, White Nilla Blondie was MIA for me and was busy being enjoyed by others :(

But it's okay! I still got 3!
And I'm gonna run them down for you my loyal readers!

Fudgy Choco Nutty

First up was the Fudgy Choco Nutty. This was a chocolate brownie base with a really thick and rich dark chocolate sauce and topped off with some nuts and Maltesers!!

If you love chocolate, then this is the one for you. I'm talking about super rich chocolatey flavour in a jar and you'll be going for it spoonful after spoonful for sure.

Marry Me PB!

This is actually the latest flavour of the week!

Chocolate brownie as the base again here but this time with a Light Cream Cheese Peanut Butter Frosting!! (I'll tell you more about the Peanut Butter later okay!!) And this one was topped off with some Kit Kat and caramel sprinkles!

Red Velva

Last but definitely not least was the Red Velva.
And as you can probably guess by the name, it's a Red Velvet Brownie with Creamy Cream Cheese, Nutella and a Toblerone finisher!!

This was actually my favourite of the 3 that I tried.
I know a lot of you are probably going "OMG Adam you're so predictable lah to choose the Red Velvet!" but let me remind you - these are BROWNIES and not cake!!
Besides, it's got 2 of my favourite things - Nutella and Cream Cheese! No way that can go wrong!!

Each jar is selling for $6.50 but you can save when you buy 3 at $18!!
And trust me - you're gonna want to buy more!!

You remember the Peanut Butter I was walking about earlier?
Well it's a brand from all the way in the US and it's specially brought in by TheTasty_One and they have 7 delicious flavours to choose from!

Yep! There's more to peanut butter than just Creamy or Chunky!

They've got Mighty Maple, Crunch Time, Dark Chocolate Dreams, White Chocolate Wonderful (which is what they use in the Marry Me PB!), Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, The Bee's Knees and Smooth Operator! So many flavours ZOMG.

And how do I know that this peanut butter is so popular?
While I was at the booth, people were coming left and right and buying up bags of the peanut butter and the Cocokilla jars! I'm talking about 10 at a time! No joke!! And at $9.50 a jar, that's a great deal!

Aidah & Nur - Masterminds behind TheTasty_One & Cocokilla respectively
So let me tell you. You've got until end of Ramadhan to try out the Cocokilla goodies and they're only selling on weekends so you'll have to be quick!

You can place and advanced order with Nur by sending her a message on Whatsapp at 9754 0075. You should then be able to collect your goodies no fuss no muss and it'll help you avoid disappointment by not going down only to find it all sold out.
Advance order now!

They also deliver depending on your location and there's a small fee too.

And for the peanut butter. contact Aidah at 9234 4784 or check out TheTasty_One on FB at

Hopefully we get to try the Peanut Butter from TheTasty_One soon!


WhatsApp: 9754 0075
Instagram: http://instagram.com/cocokillasg


Tel: 9127 4545

Geylang Serai Bazaar Ramadhan
Tentage near Tanjong Katong Complex Loading/Unloading Bay

Operating Hours: 4.00pm to 10.00pm on Weekends in Ramadhan

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