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Friday, July 4, 2014

Ramadhan Special 2014: Chef Andi's Kueh Lapis

I know this guy. His name is Andi. And he's a chef.
He's been a chef for a long time and I can tell you this - his cakes are delicious!

Well, to be honest I'd only had his 'Western' cakes in the past. I'd visit his cafe and bakery and whatever I had was always delicious (especially his Lemon Majari cake!!). I mean, this guy even baked me a birthday cake once and it was awesome!

But when he told me he was gonna be baking Kueh Lapis, it was quite a surprise.
Let's be hones - Western cakes and Malay Kueh are two totally different stories am I right... Just because you're good at one does that mean you're definitely gonna be good at the other?

Well, in this case, the answer is - YES!!

Mixed Fruit
The Kueh Lapis was really good!!
Even my Mum loved it and that's a big deal because she's very particular about Kueh Lapis.

The Lapis was soft and so full of flavour. You can go for the Original of course if that's your thing.
And you can see how generous he is with the Prunes! My personal favourite is actually the Mixed Fruit... cos I love Candied Fruit. Seriously.

Prices are as follows;
Original / Pandan / Coffee (1kg) - $45.00
Prune / Mixed Fruit (1kg) - $50.00

I know there are a lot of 'Home Bakers' around now and I know some of them are pretty good. Well this guy is pretty good too. Perfect timing to order for Ramadhan but you'd better order fast before he reaches his order limit. (I already have a head start cos I ordered 5 LOL)

And Chef Andi has a special offer to readers of The Halal Food Blog!!
When you place your order, give him the password 'The Halal Food Blog Ramadhan Special' and he'll give you a special discount!! Maybe something off the price or maybe free delivery?

You can place your orders by calling or sending an SMS to Chef Andi at 9725 4231.


  1. Hey! I've tired Chef Andi's cakes.... IT ROCKS!

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