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We have moved!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ramadhan Special 2014: Chicky Bang Bang

I know you guys are like me and you LOVE street food am I right?
Well, one of the ultimate has got to be chicken wings. Good ol' finger-lickin' chicken wings!!

I stumbled upon this place when I was at the 'Bazaar Bawah Blok' (BBB) at Blk 301 Tampines St 32.
Happened to be pretty close to my in-laws place so I do tend to drop by every year. This is of course the BBB that used to be Tampines Blk 942 near the old stadium but they've moved here quite awhile back actually. You can read our original post HERE.

I wasn't so impressed with my recent visit but a stall did catch my eye a few times as I walked past.
It said BBQ Chicken and I saw someone grilling up some chicken but I was already having chicken for iftar so I gave it a miss.

But I went back... Cos I love Chicken Wings!

So they have 3 flavours for you to choose from at Chicky Bang Bang.
On the left you have some local flavour with the Satay Wings. On the right you have the Original for all of you who love to be traditional. And in the middle we have the Fiery K-Wings!

And the pricing is pretty straight-forward too.

Okay no need to talk so much yet I wanna have me some chicken wings.

Let's start with the 'simplest' of the flavours shall we?

Chicky Bang Bang Original Wings
Now ain't that a pretty picture. Makes me hungry just looking at it!!

The Original is their version of the Honey Glazed BBQ wings. As you can see from the picture, besides the honey glaze, they have also seasoned it with some black pepper. Definitely gives the wings an extra kick in the flavour department!

Chicky Bang Bang Satay Wings
A step up from the Original is the Satay Wings.
This version is your Satay spices mixture giving the wings its primary flavour along with some Gula Melaka for that sweet-ish finish.

 I have to say the flavour really comes through on this one and you can really taste the Satay flavour. This was my Darling Wife's favourite of all the wings.

Chicky Bang Bang Fiery-K Wings
So this is their "Blazing Hot" Fiery K-Wings!
If you're not such a 'Hantu Chilli' don't worry okay. Can still try! Don't scared!!

I'm not sure what they used exactly but maybe because it's called K-Wings I'm leaning towards some Korean flavour? Maybe some Kimchi spices in there? Well, whatever they used, this was the one with the most intense flavour. I mean, all of the wings had flavour but this was the most unique.

If you're looking for something other than the norm - TRY THIS!!!!!

That's Ashahry and he's the mastermind behind Chicky Bang Bang.
Go to Tampines and look for him. Tell him that The Halal Food Blog sent you and I'm sure he will make sure you get the best of the best chicken wings to enjoy!!

You know that we here at The Halal Food Blog absolutely love to support local and especially young entrepreneurs and here's another one for you guys to support too!

They'll be at the BBB at Tampines Street 32 Blk 301 for the whole month of Ramadhan so drop by ASAP and get yourselves some chicken wings. Confirmed won't regret!!

Chicky Bang Bang

Tampines St 32 Bazaar
Blk 301 Tampines Street 32

Tel: 8180 3995

Operating Hours:
3.00pm til 7.00 pm Daily

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  1. Salam Adam! Luv your halal food blog! I hv a trivia question for u - do u know where i can get halal risotto in singapore?! Been craving for it!
    Thanks, Salena