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Monday, March 3, 2014

Makan Melaka

Most people head down to Changi Village for quite a number of reasons.
Some make the trip for Nasi Lemak. Some for the BBQ seafood. But I don't think that Cendol comes to mind when Changi Village comes up right?

So Makan Melaka cropped up about a year ago and one of the things that jumps out when you see the sign is the 'Cendol Melaka' in big bold explosive text. Could we really get some authentic Cendol right here in the heart of Changi Village?

The first thing you'll notice is that they seem to be the real deal. The cendol is made from scratch and soak patiently in water for someone to order a serving so that they can fulfill their delicious destiny!

They also have quite a number of Cendol selections for you to choose from.
Besides the traditional Cendol Asli Melaka, you can also choose from Red Bean, Sweet Corn, Pulut (Glutinous Rice), Durian, Special Red Bean and Corn and Special Power Red Bean, corn and Durian!

Cendol Asli Melaka ($1.50)
We definitely had to get a serving of the traditional Cendol Asli Melaka!
It is after all the most basic serving of Cendol we can ask for right? But despite being the most simple, it can sometimes be the best type!!

Sweet red beans which are plump and soft nestle below a bed of shaved ice. Add in some of the autehtic cendol and finish off with coconut milk and gula melaka and you have a winner!

The cendol really is authentic and a really good quality too!
How can we tell? The cendol was still soft and didn't harden up after being exposed to the shaved ice!
How many times have you had Cendol become frozen green strands of ice after being soaked in the cold?
No such thing here!!

And they're not stingy with the gula melaka and the santan (coconut milk) either!
Just the way I like it! But you can tell them to adjust accordingly if you're not such big fans.

Cendol with Pulut ($1.80)
We decided to try a few more of the 'specialty' Cendol dishes they had on offer.

Don't ask me why but I decided to have a serving of the Cendol with Pulut...

This one is pretty much what the name says it is - Cendol with some pulut.
No red beans here. Just the glutinous rice, cendol, santan and gula melaka.

I have to say that despite how simple it seems, the pulut is actually quite overwhelming!
I guess I didn't expect it to be so heavy for a dessert and I'd say this is more suitable if you're looking to fill-up on something sweet. But if you're looking for just a simple dessert then maybe the original one is good.

We also decided to have the Durian one but unfortunately...
We ended up with a dish WITHOUT THE DURIAN!! I guess the guy forgot to add it maybe??

But fret not! We ordered another one!!

Cendol with Durian ($2.00)
That's how it will look when you order takeaway by the way.
Nice and convenient!!

And as you can see, they didn't forget the durian this time! And what a delicious addition it is!
They use actual fresh durian and you can really taste the richness. I guess the Cendol is really great as a drink on the go too and not just in a bowl.

Adam's Verdict:
Cendol Asli Melaka 4/5 -- Cendol with Pulut 2/5 -- Cendol with Durian 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Cendol Asli Melaka 4/5 -- Cendol with Durian 3/5

Well I guess we have really found a real gem in Changi Village. Another reason to visit besides Nasi Lemak and Seafood! Check this place out soon okay!!

Makan Melaka

1 Changi Village Road

Operating Hours:
10.30am til 9.30pm Daily (for the Cendol)

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