We have moved!

We have moved!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Abdul Basith - Mutton Steak

Okay so here's one that might home with some people.
And by some people I mean those of you that work with me!!

So there used to be this stall selling Indian food at this coffeeshop where I work.
This coffeeshop is affectionately referred to as 'T1'. The 'mamak' there was a really nice guy and could even call me by name and there was nothing wrong about the food. But there wasn't anything spectacular about it either to be perfectly honest. And most of us ate there because, well, there were not many choices.

But recently, a new mamak has taken over!
I had tried the Mee Goreng when they first opened and I thought it wasn't bad.
And then one day, Gwen tells me they have "Mutton Steak' which is apparently the bomb.
I love Mutton Steak but I normally have to go all the way to Beach Road to eat it. So it's set then.

Mutton Steak ($5.00)

Sorry about the picture quality but my iPhone 3GS is all I have with me at lunch.

And some may think that looks like nothing but a mess.
But some may agree with me that it's one HOT mess I tell you. And it is!

So Mutton Steak is basically pieces of mutton stir-fried with cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, eggs and onions along with whatever magical sambal and seasoning the mamak uses. Seems like something simple but believe you me I've had some really mediocre Mutton Steak in the past. But this one is good. Really good.

Apparently the cook is from Hyderabad so he must know a thing or two about cooking right?
Plus this stall claims to be from 'Shenton Way' and 'West Coast'...
The mutton is really tender and all the ingredients really burst with deliciousness in your mouth.
Well, they did in my mouth anyways.

Unfortunately the down side with this stall so far is consistency.
I've eaten the same thing there a few times and sometimes it doesn't turn out the same.

Okay so it's still not #1 though. That honour remains with the stall at Beach Road for now.
But since this is in the area, it'll definitely suffice.

Adam's Verdict:
Mutton Steak 4/5

Gwen recommends me the best food lah I tell you.
And the new mamak - I refer to him as Mamak Mullet (obviously because of his hair).
And he doesn't know me by name yet. But he will soon at the rate I keep going back there.
Look out for more reviews of this stall!

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