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We have moved!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ah Nam BBQ Seafood - Steamed Fish

There are hundreds of seafood makan places spread across Singapore.
But how many are certified Halal?

My family has a favourite haunt for seafood across the Causeway.
But when it comes to Singapore and we're talking about seafood and the likes, then there's one place we travel to more often than any other place.

Ah Nam BBQ Seafood is located in Changi Village (great! no need to travel so far for east-siders!) and serves Halal seafood. It also serves other stuff but dishes mostly related to seafood lah obviously.
A bit of research has shown me that they actually own a kelong near Pulau Ubin! So that means the seafood has got to be fresh right?

The place is open air so you can enjoy some cool weather (if the weather is cool). Unfortunately the nearby Changi Village Food Market is under renovation so you'll be sitting right next to the barricades.

Okay don't talk so much let's see some dishes.

Beef Hor Fun ($15)

This actually came by mistake.
My brother actually ordered the Dry Beef Hor Fun which is actually our favourite but this normal Beef Hor Fun came instead. Come to think of it, we always have a problem when we're ordering the Hor Fun dish... Hmmmm...

But anyways this was still okay lah. Beef was still tender and tasty.
In fact I reckon the gravy is actually better than the dry version if you're looking to slurp something hot and homely down.

 Hotplate Tofu ($10)

  Cockles ($5)

Well they also have Hotplate Tofu which is a must-have from what I can see.
But I have to say that the Hotplate Tofu here was nothing really special. I mean, I'm not sure how 'special' a Hotplate Tofu dish can be but this just seemed ordinary. I think I've had better.

I can't say much for the Cockles though.
I don't really like 'em but my wife does and she says they're the bomb!

Sambal Kangkong ($5)

For those lovers of Kangkong out there - rejoice!
But... if you're the type that likes it extra spicy, you'd better tell them when you place your order.
This one is not really damn spicy but it does pack a bit of a kick and it's not overpowering with any taste of belacan or anything like that.

Fried Baby Squid ($10)

Another must have? Fried Baby Squid!
Give me a $25 plate and I think I would probably clean it out myself I tell you.
The ones at Ah Nam are on the crispy side FYI but they have a nice taste that'll have you putting more and more on your plate I tell you.

Sweet and Sour Grouper ($14)

Okay this was actually a fish that was brought by my sister-in-law whose Dad had gone fishing so Ah Nam will cook it any style you request for a fee depending on the size of the fish and the style of cooking.

We chose Sweet and Sour so that we could enjoy the fresh and firm flesh of the fish.
Ah Nam has a variety of fish to choose from (Grouper, Seabass etc.) and also several styles to cook them (eg Steamed, BBQ, Fried, Assam Steamboat). Anyways this dish was nice because the fish was freshly caught lah...

So if you are having trouble deciding how to have your fish cooked - it's very simple.
When in doubt, fry the bugger.

And now comes the supposed star of the show -

Salted Egg Yolk Crab ($64 for 4 large crabs)

You what I love more than salted eggs? Salted egg yolks.
And when I first tried Salted Egg Yolk Crab in Malaysia, I was hooked (pardon the pun).

Ah Nam's version is delicious but somehow very perplexing.

You can have the normal slightly dry version (as seen above) or you can opt for the wetter version which has a bit of a gravy working for you.

So what seems to be the problem you ask?
Well if you take the wet version, the salted egg yolk taste is somewhat diluted.
And if you take the dry version, well you miss out on the gravy and because if the salted eggs get overcooked then it's gonna be extra super dry.

I personally like mine to be a bit runny.
I remember the first time I was brought to Ah Nam, this dish was perfect.
Just the right balance of salted egg yolk taste while maintaining some gravy for you to slurp up while gobbling on the fresh crabs.

Adam's Verdict:
Beef Hor Fun 3.5/5 -- Hotplate Tofu 2.5/5 -- Sambal Kangkong 2.5/5 --
Sweet and Sour Grouper 3/5 -- Fried Baby Squid 5/5 -- Salted Egg Yolk Crabs 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Beef Hor Fun 4.5/5 -- Sambal Kangkong 4/5 -- Sweet and Sour Grouper 4/5 --
Fried Baby Squid 3/5 -- Salted Egg Yolk Crabs 2.5/5 -- Cockles 4.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Beef Hor Fun 4/5 -- Hotplate Tofu 4/5 -- Sambal Kangkong 4/5 -- Sweet and Sour Grouper 5/5 --
Fried Baby Squid 5/5 -- Salted Egg Yolk Crabs 3.5/5

Yana's Verdict:
Beef Hor Fun 4/5 -- Hotplate Tofu 4.5/5 -- Sambal Kangkong 4/5 -- Sweet and Sour Grouper 5/5 --
Fried Baby Squid 5/5 -- Salted Egg Yolk Crabs 4/5 -- Cockles 5/5

Overall I'd say Ah Nam is a great place to visit especially if you're looking for a family outing.
Laid back place. Open air dining. Friendly staff. Good food. Plus it's nearby if you're staying in the east.

 Ah Nam BBQ Seafood - Steamed Fish

Blk 1 Changi Village Rd
Tel: 9670 8575

Operating Hours:
Sun - Thurs: 5.00pm til 12 midnight
Fri and Sat - 5.00pm til 1.00am


  1. It's closed!! Wtf!

    1. Sorry buddy I haven't had a chance to update the page.
      I believe the stall has moved back to its original location within the Changi Village Food Centre itself.

      It's an the rear I believe.
      You can call that mobile number listed above.

      Thanks and hope you had a good dinner nonetheless!

  2. 10.40pm already closed. wtf

  3. It's now located at Blk 2 guys. Keep the swear words to yourself. ;)