We have moved!

We have moved!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I'd recently taken a liking to Middle-Eastern food so for our 6-month anniversary, my dear wife decided to surprise me by taking me to a new restaurant.
So we dressed up and after a scenic drive to RWS, we arrived at Anar.

Now I must say that the location is actually very appealing.
It's not too far of a walk from the parking and the restaurant itself is located right along the waterfront.

The menu was very extensive and packed with some common Middle-Eastern dishes I'm sure you've come across before (ie Baba Ganoush, Shish Kebab etc) but there were some interesting choices to be made.

Pickled and Fresh Vegetables Appetizer (Complimentary)

The pickled vegetables really works up your appetite with the sweet/sour taste and the fresh vegetables cool you down and cleanse your palette before you start eating proper.

We were torn between having the Baba Ganoush (mashed eggplant) and the Hummus.
In the end we settled on the Hummus (Sorry Baba G... next time okay?)

 Hummus with Minced Beef ($14)

The Hummus (Chick Pea and Sesame Puree) was really excellent!

The minced beef had pine nuts was nicely spiced. It really complimented the Hummus well especially when you mop it up with the bread served along with it (right).

I'm not sure how nice the Baba Ganoush is but I think we made the right choice on this one.

So we actually went to Anar based on the recommendation of my wife's colleague.
He claims that they serve this really mean lobster dish but it's always unavailable due the seasonal availability of the lobster.

And just my luck - they had it available!
So I ordered the seafood and my wife opted for some meat so that we could share.
And boy oh boy what a share it was.

It's normally served separately but since we requested for a romantic setting, they served our dishes together on a special serving dish that had hot coal embers placed in the bottom section of the serving tray to keep our food grilled and hot. It also came with assorted mixed grilled vegetables.

Persian Spiced Grilled Lobster ($50)

Does that look delicious or what?!
I actually thought that for the price stated on the menu, it was going to some slipper lobster or something but it was actually a pretty decent medium-sized lobster.

And boy was it fresh.
The spices were not too strong so the freshness of the lobster was still obvious and it was grilled to perfection so the lobster meat was succulent and tender.
I'm actually quite a sucker for lobster and to have some of this quality at this price was actually really a treat.

Kebab Sultani ($45)

The Kebab Sultani was a mixed platter or a lamb kebab and a beef fillet.
And don't ask me how the hell they get the meat to stay so tender even after being grilled.
Tender and juicy!!

And the Kebab Sultani is served with a Persian saffron rice which was fluffy and complimented the meat well.

But one thing I really didn't understand (or care for) was this little garnish on the plate.

Can you see that long thing in the background?
That's actually a breaded piece of dough.
And I know it's just a garnish probably meant more as a decoration that an accompaniment but I think they could have done better.

I bit into it expecting something but it turned out to be like biting into a piece of leather.

It was damn weird lah.

Okay so anyways. Enough about the garnish.

Well we all know I have a sweet-tooth. So I HAD to order dessert.
And since we were in the Middle-Eastern mood, why not a classic Middle-Eastern sweet?

Baklawa ($14)

Lawa habis.

To be honest, this was actually having Baklawa.
I'd seen it being made and served on TV so many times that I think I had such high expectations.
I imagined biting into the many layers of filo pastry with sugar and honey dripping out while savouring the pistachio filling.

Well so much for that food fantasy.
The first piece you see there is actually a chocolate-covered piece of Baklawa and the other 3 pieces are just normal ones. And I'm not sure if's my imagination but - I think the pistachios tasted rather stale and dull.

Like I said, this was my first Baklawa so this may actually be how it's supposed to be.
And if that is the case, then I'm not gonna be having Baklawa very often.

Maybe I should have opted for the Riz Bel Haleeb (Rice and Honey Milk Pudding) instead.

Okay a bit of a disclaimer here;
A check with the restaurant proved that the kitchen was certified Halal for operations.
But to cater to the masses, they have a wine menu for those people who enjoy a drink with their meal.
We were assured the wine bar and the food kitchen were completely separate but this did not move away from the fact that the kitchen may have been certified but the external restaurant was not.
So just wanted to put that out there for everyone to note.

So how did Anar fare?

Hummus with Minced Beef - 4/5 (Adam) -- 4/5 (Maryah)
Persian Spiced Lobster - 4.5/5 (Adam) -- 4.5/5 (Maryah)
Kebab Sultani - 4/5 (Adam) -- 4.5/5 (Maryah)
Baklawa - 1/5 (Adam)

Overall - 4/5 (Adam) -- 4/5 (Maryah)

I reckon that we will probably be heading back again someday.
I saw some things on the menu that look interesting. All kinds of assorted grilled meats and platters and stews and seafood and desserts and.... okay I'll stop.
And maybe the lobster? Again? Again!

Oh by the way. They also have this belly dancer who performs every 20 minutes.
But it seems she only shakes her stuff inside the restaurant. The diners outside will have to be satisfied with looking at her from afar through the glass.


26 Sentosa Gateway
#01-291 Resorts World Sentosa
Tel: +65 6884 6989

Operating Hours:
Lunch - 1200 - 1500
Dinner - 1800-2200

***Updated 10 February 2013*** 
Anar is no longer operating at the RWS address listed above.
They have stated that they will be opening again soon at a new venue to be announced soon.
Watch this space! 


  1. Looks power lor...what's the total cost? Do they show football?

  2. No lah bro no football.
    Coast wise maybe about $70-100 per person for a full meal. Worth it to be honest.