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Thursday, December 18, 2014

KL Sedap 2014 Part 6: Dip N Dip

So this place was recommended by a good friend of my Darling Wife who says we simply had to visit here if we were in KL.

The place is situated in Bangsar so it was a little out of the way from where we were staying (Berjaya Times Square) but we happened to go nearby for a little shopping one rainy afternoon and the opportunity was ripe for us to finally drop by!

Dip N Dip is primarily a dessert place so you can expect plenty of sweet treats here.
Prepare yourself... for the... Chocolate Overdose!

Brownies Crepe (RM28.50)
Yeah it is pretty nice to look at right? Wait til you eat it!

The Brownies Crepe is not to be trifled with I can tell you that! This crepe is completely bathed in chocolate so all you choco-holics must be jumping for joy right about now. And it's not just covered in just one type but THREE types of chocolate! Milk chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate make up this fantastic treat.

Errrr.... but why do they call it Brownies Crepe? Where's the brownie???

Ask and ye shall receive! The brownie lies within!!
Oh yeah. That means the entire size of the crepe actually has a carpet of brownies inside. Yes. Literally a carpet of brownies as you can see from that picture.

Tell me that's not enough chocolate for you!!
To be honest with you, this thing is enough to share between 2-3 people. Seriously.
But hey everyone really enjoyed this!

Plus, depending on who's the artist, your design might be different!
We had a 2nd masterpiece!

By the way, they've also got other crepes like the Dip N Dip Crepe (fruits), Cinnamon Crepe (Apples, Banana and Cheese), Tripple Chocolate Crepe, Cookies Crepe and Mallow Crepe to name a few.
Well, more than a few anyways.

Chocolate Waffle (RM17.00)
Well, if crepes are not your thing then maybe you might consider the waffles!

They have the type with fruits and stuff but chocolate lovers will surely go for the Chocolate Crepe.
It's pretty straightforward. It's a waffle and it's drowning in chocolate. LOL
And comparing to the crepe, I guess this was a much simpler presentation to prepare.

Pain Perdu (RM17.00)
So here are are having all the typical desserts so we thought we would try something a bit different and we had never heard of Pain Perdu before so we ordered it.

So the Pain Perdu is basically a slice of thick toast which has been soaked in milk and then they pile on goodies on top. And by goodies, I mean a scoop of ice-cream and then they drizzle chocolate all over the thing!! You could also choose caramel and cinnamon by the way (but I think you all will still chocolate right!!!)

If you leave it long enough, the ice-cream will melt so feel free to use a straw if you must LOL

To be honest the whole idea sounds so tempting. I mean, milk-soaked toast already sounds so spectacular but in the end, everything is pretty much going to be overpowered by the chocolate.

Dip N Dip Eclair Pyramid (RM34.00)
Okay this is what I ordered as well because the idea sounds really promising.
We've got 11 mini-eclairs and then you top it up with (LIKE DUH) CHOCOLATE!!

So here's something where you can get involved in the creation of the dish. You can choose to dip the 'eclairs' into the chocolate or, like us, shower some chocolate love all over. Sounds kinda wrong but tastes kinda right LOL

Firstly, I consider these more as cream puff than eclairs. I mean, yeah, Choux pastry but this is just what I get when I see these little nippers.

Secondly, I do have an issue with the filling...

Yeah some of the 'mini-eclairs' came up empty. Literally.
I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or not but I expected every single one to have some filling.
To be honest, the pastry on its own was actually very dry and kinda hard too as opposed to the nice and fluffy texture you'd expect.

Full marks to the staff though. When he was clearing the dishes, he actually asked me why I didn't finish my dish and if anything was wrong. I explained to him and I saw him bring the dish to the managed behind the counter and he was explaining what I had just told him. I didn't stick around after that but I was quite happy that the staff was so proactive.

Anyways, it's quite obvious that the star of this dish (and pretty much all the dishes here) was the...

Strawberry Milkshake (RM14.00)

Guess what? The Strawberry Milkshake tasted like Chocolate too!!
Just kidding...

It was good! Thick and creamy and a nice change from all the chocolate we'd had that meal.
They've also got Banana, Oreo, Vanilla, Coffee, After Eight and also.. Chocolate. LOL

Adam's Verdict:
Dip N Dip Eclair Pyramid 1.5/5 -- Pain Perdu 2.5/5 -- Strawberry Milkshake 4/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Pain Perdu 2.5/5 --  Brownies Crepe 3/5

Razali's Verdict:
Brownies Crepe 5/5

Fateha's Verdict:
Chocolate Waffle 4/5

Azim's Verdict:
Brownies Crepe 3/5

Pak Busu's Verdict:
Brownies Crepe 4/5

This was a nice place to visit although it's more of a cafe than anything. A great dessert place especially if you're looking for chocolate and more chocolate. In the end, it proved to be too much chocolate for us so be sure to order sparingly.... Try and share if you can... Unless you're really the chocolate monster.

Dip N Dip

Bangsar 5900 Jalan Telawi 3,
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel: +60 3-2201 5052

Operating Hours:
11:00am - 1:00am Daily

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