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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Inari-ku: My Inari - Kitsune Udon

So we were at a friend's beautiful wedding yesterday evening and we spotted something on the buffet line. I'd already piled my makan onto my plate and then at then end I see these small plastic bowls all piled up and displayed for selection.

At first I though it was some sort of dessert but then I noticed something that looked like noodles so I thought maybe it's Laksa or something.... And then I saw the label.

"Well, it appears to be something Japanese in nature"... Like DUH.

Before I'd even sat down I was thinking to myself "What a great idea! And Halal some more! How come we'd never heard of this before??" And I couldn't wait to open up the little plastic bowl to what was inside.

Kitsune Udon ($4.00)
Udon! And quite a generous serving of it too!
So you get a nice serving of Udon noodles which were firm and springy to the bite. The noodles were swimming in a delicious broth and the combination of the 2 were just light and just nice for a tasty slurpy noodle experience.

The Udon was topped off with a few slices of Aburaage which is the sweet tofu slices which you normally get when you have Inari sushi. There were 3 (rather big) slices which was very generous because I feel that even just 2 slices would have been just nice. So you can see you're really getting your money's worth here.

Adam's Verdict:
Kitsune Udon 3.5/5

A quick check on their FB page shows plenty of Japanese delights ready for your enjoyment.
They've got an array of Sushi (including the awesome looking Lobster Inari), Ramen, Donburi and who knows what else they have but it looks awesome.

It's little wonder because the owner has apparently graduated from the Tokyo Sushi Academy! No wonder lah like power only!!

So glad that we stumbled upon this and looking forward to trying more from Inari-ku!!

PS a quick snippet of trivia for yous all. Did you know that 'Kitsune' actually refers to the Japanese legend of the 'fox spirits'? The dish Kitsune Udon is named after this legend because the 'fox spirits' were said to be fond of the Aburaage (sweet tofu)! Interesting right?

But we think the real question is... If the Kitsune were foxes... Then...

Inari-ku: My Inari

Pasir Ris Street 13


  1. Thank you for your review and am glad that you enjoyed Inari-ku's Kitsune Udon (my comfort food actually).
    Did you also manage to get your hands on the variety of sushi on the buffet table?

  2. By the way, what you had yesterday were complimentary small bowls of Kitsune Udon from us, good enough for food tasting.
    The $4 per bowl is definitely a bigger portion than that.

  3. Omg, I didn't know we had udon at my OWN wedding. Been asking what's in the container when I saw the wedding album! Luckily my sis follow your blog and inform me. Thank you for solving the mystery!