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Monday, December 1, 2014

KL Sedap 2014 Part 2: Tony Roma's

Tony oh Tony... you master of the beef ribs.
I don't know about you guys but when someone says beef ribs, we think of Tony Roma's. Yeah we know that we have to go across the Causeway to get our fix (for now) but hey when we're in the area we figure why not? Cos it's the rocks!

But first, something to get the appetite going (as if BBQ Beef Ribs were not enough)

Kickin' Shrimp (RM26.90)

I'm not really the shrimp/prawn guy because I'm really fussy about it. Yeah I know but hey that's just me. It's gotta be done some way I really like or I really can't be bothered. But these Kickin' Shrimp were not half bad to be honest.

They're coated in this kinda like spicy mayonnaise cream and just the right size to pop into your mouth for a nice bite. The sesame seeds are a nice tough and give a nice texture contrast. Not a bad start to the meal I'd say.

Onion Loaf (RM12.90)
Something deep fried can seldom go wrong and the Onion Loaf is a good example. When you're talking good ol' deep fried goodness, onions are a good bet!

Giant Spanish onions are ringed, battered up and fried to a nice crisp for you to dig into. You could go in with a fork but you know the best way is to just dig in with your fingers. The batter has a nice crisp to it and the onions are not going to overpower your tastebuds don't worry.

The only fault I found is that it's served with a BBQ sauce. I'd much rather have my deep fried battered onions served with a nice creamy ranch sauce. It's because of this factor that I'd still rank the Onion Glory at The Manhattan FISH Market still #1 in our books for deep fried onions.

Strawberry Walnut Salad (RM19.90)
For all you salad fans this one is for you. Some greens tossed in with walnuts, strawberries and feta cheese and a tangy vinaigrette here. Nothing really spectacular here but I'd definitely give points for the fate cheese.

Bountiful Beef Ribs
 Now this is what we are talking about - MEAT!!!

Time to unleash your inner caveman/cavewoman and enjoy a nice rack of BBQ Beef Ribs. These big ol' things are BBQ-ed to perfection in BBQ sauce. The meat is so succulent and tear off the bone with no issues whatsoever.

Like we said - cooked perfectly! It's got a nice char on the outside and inside you get some meat and some chewy bits. ZOMG I'm drooling just thinking about it!!

If you find the meat a little too dry for your taste, you can squirt on some additional BBQ sauce too.
They have a few flavours to choose from depending on what your taste is... Blue Ridge Smokies for that extra smoky flavour, Carolina Honeys for that sweet hint, Tony Roma's Red Hots for the spicy seekers and last but not least The Original BBQ Sauce.

Put on whatever sauce you want in whatever combination. The star is still the meat!!

You can choose to a Roma Rack of Ribs (RM53.90) or go the full monty with a Full Slab (RM78.90).

Filet Medallions and... Beef Ribs (RM69.90)
We decided we wanted to try some steak too and the Filet Medallions seemed like a good choice. But as you can see from the picture, it was a big disappointing.... And those ribs there are supposed to be the same Bountiful Beef Ribs from the first picture above but errr.... so different right...

So if you're going for the BBQ Beef Ribs, then we'd suggest you just go for the BBQ Beef Ribs.

Anyways as you can see from the pictures above, you do get some sides to go with your ribs...
You can choose from
  • Fire Roasted Vegetables
  • Cole Slaw*
  • Corn on the Cob*
  • French Fries*
  • Loaded Mash Potatoes*
  • Rice
  • Ranch Style Beans
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Baked Potato
The ones with the * are the ones we have tried. The Loaded Mashed Potatoes are a must and the Corn is a nice touch to be honest. If you want more sides that what you get in your meal, feel free to add on as much as you'd like but keep in the mind that the ribs are a big filler-upper!

Mint & Fruit Dream (RM14.90)
Orange juice, strawberries and cane sugar plus some mint make up this refreshing beverage that is guaranteed to cool you down. To be honest, one is not enough LOL
But do keep in mind that the fruit garnish may be fresh but not necessarily sweet *wink*

Adam's Verdict
Kickin' Shrimp 3/5 -- Onion Loaf 2/5 --  Strawberry Walnut Salad 1.5/5
Bountiful Beef Ribs 5/5 -- Mint & Fruit Dream 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict
Bountiful Beef Ribs 4.5/5

Well, until a better beef ribs joint comes a long (and is Halal) then this is tops in our list.
May the beef be with you.

And before any of you go "Are you sure Halal? No lah not Halal! Got alcohol how come you say Halal?", please note that they do it a little differently in Malaysia compared to Singapore :)
Please do enjoy this read at this link. Maybe it'll help.

PS no need to go all the way to KL! Johor Bahru City Centre also got Tony Roma's!!
Thanks to our reader @NoraHirin for the heads up!!

Tony Roma's

Pavilion KL
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Lot No. 1.15, Level 1

Tel 603-2143 3278

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 10.00pm Daily


  1. And I thought checking through the website they still serve ��wine? So how can u have it placed in Halal food blog? What about the utensils used? How do u determine that the meat used is of halal source?

    1. It works a little differently in Malaysia :)
      We have done our checks. Maybe it's best you contact Tony Roma's directly if you have any doubts. :)

    2. PS some light reading for lunchtime :)


    3. Malaysia is different. Here there will be liqour but you can still eat in the area. Dont songeh2. Diam2 and makan je

    4. Diorang yang makan.kau yang panas apa hal setan.dosa diorang bukan kau yang tanggung.buat darah up jerh lah manusia macam gini.

  2. Hi, have you tried Charcos in ang mo kio?

  3. Please change your blog name.. it has been misleading many muslim brothers and sisters to simply think of halal as merely no pork no lard. If u want to eat fine but DO NOT claim a place as halal when u do not do extensive checks to beyond reasonable doubt a place is halal.. maybe call urself malay food blog or malaytekakfoodblog. Singapore, malaysia, indonesia or even abu dhabi... if place has mixed w alcohol and not even certified and bounded by any islamic law and u expect them to honour using 100% halal ingredient even during downturns where most company wld choose cheaper non halal ingredients?

    And stop using was2 as a benchmark... then why not just say Crystal Jade Vegetarian is halal too? No pork no lard sells alcohol...

    And to the fella who calls others setan jus cause the brother is being factual and cautious, bfr u start labelling ppl d devil pls self reflect.. if u eat as you like without following guidelines then dont go calling ppl devil.

    1. http://www.businessinsider.sg/heres-tony-romas-won-customers-muslim-majority-malaysia/

      Read up on your news. Have a nice day :)

      Best Regards,
      The Halal Food Blog Devils

    2. PS Crystal Jade uses pork as an ingredient. Please don't make such misleading statements as people make have the wrong idea when reading.

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