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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

KL Sedap 2014 Part 4: Berjaya Times Square Taste Of Asia Foodcourt - Korean Food

So it was time for brunch and we were a bit short of time because we were leaving for the airport in awhile so we didn't want to have to go out too far to get something to eat. Since we were staying at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, we decided to just stick around within the shopping centre itself.

We'd heard about the foodcourt at B1 but never really visited. They seemed to have quite a few options but we didn't know what would be open since it was still early goings and looked like some of the stalls were not even open yet.

In the end, my Darling Wife and I settled on the Korean Food!

Chicken BBQ (RM8.60 ala carte)
I had actually decided on the Bi Bim Bap (because I love it) but the stall was just opening and it wasn't ready for sale yet :\

But I guess it's a good thing because if it had been ready, we would not have been able to find out that the Chicken BBQ is actually really good! It comes on a hotplate so it's nice and sizzling and bubbling when it arrives so that's always an appetizing sight!

It's also got a sweet/spicy gooey sauce to go along which I really enjoyed because I don't mind the sweet but my Darling Wife would have preferred it a little less sweet and maybe a little more spicy.
The chicken was nicely cooked and onions are always welcome.

Kim Chi Fried Rice (RM11.20 set)
We had the Kim Chi Fried Rice to go along and it was quite a pleasant surprise because this was the first time we were having Kim Chi Fried Rice. I mean, we both love Kim Chi, but we've never had it in fried rice before.

Firstly, let me say the accompanying side garnishes were a bit weird.
The seaweed was a bit misplaced to be honest and this was also the first time we had shredded potatoes in Korean food (is that normal??). Thank goodness for the sunny side up fried egg!

The rice itself is rather wet because it looks like it's fried with the kim chi (paste?) and also with bits and pieces of kim chi which was actually quite nice. It's quite starchy but the flavour was actually pretty okay to be honest. It's not as spicy as it looks by the way...

Set meals are accompanied by a bowl of soup (which you can give a miss no problem), a cup of Korean tea and also some kim chi and errrr shredded potatoes LOL

Adam's Verdict:
Chicken BBQ 4/5 -- Kim Chi Fried Rice 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Chicken BBQ 3.5/5 -- Kim Chi Fried Rice 3/5

Plenty of other choices at the Berjaya Times Square Foodcourt but the Korean Food stall seemed really popular and I guess we can see why. Now, after typing this review out, I feel like having some Korean food LOL

Korean Food

Berjaya Times Square Taste Of Asia Foodcourt
Lot LG-23, West, Lower Ground


Operating Hours:
10.00am til 10.00pm Daily

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