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We have moved!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Amani Weddings - Tulang Merah (Bone Steak)

That's an example of how I look when I eat Tulang Merah aka Bone Steak.
Yeah I like to get down and messy and really have a go at the dish even though it's actually just bones... And I know that you're just like that too!

And it's because that's the true way to enjoy Bone Steak, I always have an issue with having it outside in public! Because you've gotta get messy to enjoy it!! Bone Steak at Beach Road? I always end up buying bungkus instead so I can go home and eat it without the fear of looking like a lion who's just feasted on a gazelle on the great planes of Africa.

Well the good news it that now, can have sedap Tulang Merah in the comfort of my own home! No need to worry about the mess! No need to worry about going all the way to buy. Now can be delivered to home some more! Just need to THAW! > HEAT!! > SERVE!!!

That's right! The same people who brought us the sedap giler and super convenient Sambal Goreng Pengantin are back with a new easy-to-prepare dish which is already cooked and frozen for storage so you just need to thaw it when ready and re-heat it before serving!

I don't know how it can get any simpler than that okay. I know for a fact that this is quite a difficult dish to cook and even harder to cook it WELL. So we're super happy that Amani Weddings has decided to bring us such a great product!

So after already thawed and after already reheated then do what eh?

That's right. Tulang Merah FTW!!

And that was prepared all in the comfort of our own home and super simple too! It took us less than half an hour to get it done from freezer to table! I think it took us longer to go to the shop and buy the french loaf to enjoy the Bone Steak with!

These are no low quality ingredients either okay. Check out the meat on those bones!
Some places we have bought from in the past have little or no meat at all on the bones so it's really nice to have something to bite into besides the roti perancis!

The gravy is really tasty too! Not too spicy in case you were worried but it definitely has a very strong and distinct flavour. Perfect for mopping up with the bread.

I classify Tulang Merah into 2 categories. The type you get at the shops (like Beach Road) and the type you cook at home. Normally the ones you buy in the shop tend to be more watery, pretty standard, quite a bit of food colouring and even though it's tasty, you know there's a little something that's lacking. But the ones that you cook at home have that little extra something... The meat is a little more tender, the gravy is a little more tasty. You know what I mean right?

And even though the Tulang Merah from Amani Weddings is technically a dish we bought (as opposed to cooking from scratch at home), it is still closer to the version you would cook at home. You can see the gravy is not so watery and you can tell they went through a lot of trouble to make sure quality ingredients go into making this dish power to the max.

I guess the best way to put it is that this is the closest you'll get to a home-cooked Tulang Merah without going through all trouble of making it from scratch.

And we almost forgot the best part... The SOM-SOM (aka marrow)!! :P

In each packet, there are 4x ketul (pieces) of tulang for your enjoyment and they sell them in sets of 2 packets. That means you get 8x ketul of tulang for $15! Believe it or not but that's still cheaper than some of the stalls you might buy from outside!! Ready to makan some more!!

There's no minimum order but don't forget that a $10 delivery charge (islandwide).
So make sure you order plenty-plenty one time! Ask your family and friends tumpang at once!!


You can order a combo set at a very special price!!!
Remember the Sambal Goreng Pengantin we featured awhile back?
(If cannot remember, you can refresh your memory and tastebuds HERE)

Well, you can have 1kg of Sambal Goreng Pengantin + 1 set of Tulang Merah at $38!!
Normal price is $30 for the Sambal Goreng Pengantin and $15 for the Tulang Merah so you're automatically already saving $7!! MEMANG BERBALOI!!!

Place your orders via the Amani Weddings FB page, email them at sales@amaniweddings.com or just SMS/WhatsApp to +65 9836 4164! Remember to tell them that you read about it on The Halal Food Blog so you can enjoy the special promo bundle price!!

Can't wait to see what other genius dishes they will come up with at Amani Weddings!
Watch this space!!!

Amani Weddings

Email: sales@amaniweddings.com

Tel: 98364164

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