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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Swensen's - Super Nasi Lemak Sundae

Yeah I know some of you have been waiting to see this one come up.
Ever since we posted the discovery of a Nasi Lemak Sundae at Swensen's about a month ago, we've heard some pretty mixed reviews about the whole thing.

Quite a few of you must be having second (or maybe even third) thoughts about ordering this at Swensen's when you just as well order something you know you'll enjoy like a Sticky Chewy Chocolate for example.

So, as always, The Halal Food Blog is ready and willing to test it first.
LOL like mana punya hero ajer...

Super Nasi Lemak Sundae ($10.90)

Yeah I know. Doesn't tickle your fancy right away does it? Maybe it'll taste super nice who knows.

Let us dissect what this unique local sundae is made up of.

The main part of this sundae has of course got to be the ice-cream right?
It's a Spicy Coconut ice-cream which really does taste like coconut for the most part of it. Quite a rich and creamy flavour which is actually not bad on its own.

A reader commented on our Instagram about a "tajam2" feeling in the throat after awhile.
Well, I know what you mean now!! I think it's the 'spicy' aspect of the ice-cream! Swensen's has cleverly incorporated some chilli or something into the ice-cream. And I say clever because it's very very subtle and only hits you later. It's not like 'my mouth is on fire' kinda spicy but just a hint.

The toppings is what makes this sundae really... errrr... special.

You've got some peanuts which I guess is not that bad. After all, we do have peanuts on sundaes right? But the Ikan Bilis is definitely the kicker here.

Yeah I love Ikan Bilis especially crispy fried Ikan Bilis.
But I don't think they have any place in a dessert.

I know nowadays the line is very thin and we have savoury desserts and salty this and sweet that.
But this somehow doesn't quite go together very well...

And in case you were wondering, that's a Keropol Belinjau stuck in some whipped cream on top.

Adam's Verdict:
Super Nasi Lemak Sundae 1.5/5

I can really appreciate that Swensen's is trying to come up with new and exciting local flavours.
And I have no doubt that their other Local Infusions like Salted Gula Melaka Heaven, Chendol Delight and Durian Supreme are pretty okay since they are flavours we would be able to associate with desserts and sundaes.

But the Nasi Lemak Sundae idea.... well.... full marks for thinking out of the box that's for sure.

Swensen's (ION Orchard)

ION Orchard

Tel: 68845967

Operating Hours:
10.30am til 10.30pm Mondays to Fridays
8.30am til 10.30pm Weekends and PHs


  1. Alhamdulillah..finally someone could tell me how it tasted like..i have been wanting to try BUT never pick up the courage..hehe..Thank You..

    1. Very welcome!! We are happy to do it! We think... LOL
      So will you be trying the Nasi Lemak Sundae at Swensens??