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We have moved!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nur Jannah - Beef Noodles

So here I am out running errands for lunch and I decided to have a quick bite before I head back to the office because I was super-duper hungry.

My first choice of makan place was a bust because they weren't ready to start business for the day yet (weirdly) and I had actually decided to just skip lunch and head back on an empty stomach after all. But through some stroke of luck, I passed by Nur Jannah and they had something that tickled my fancy after all.

Vietnamese Beef Noodles ($7.50)
I'll be honest and say that I've never really had Vietnamese Beef Noodles aka Pho before. But I've always wanted to and here was my chance at last!

I actually went all out and ordered something that was technically not part of the menu. Instead of just the Beef Noodles or the Beef Ball Noodles, I ordered the Beef Noodles plus Beef Balls which explains the rather hefty price of the dish. If not, it's between $5-$6.

Double Trouble

As you all probably know, I'm 'The Meat Guy' so the more beef the merrier!
The glass noodles were also not bad in the sense that they were not too heavy but it was quite a large serving so you end up filling up nonetheless.

The beef slices were tender and had a nice bite and beefy flavour. The Beef Balls were also great and you could taste the beef and not just the fillers. A really hearty serving.

I think the biggest disappointment of this dish was the stock. No doubt it had a beefy flavour but I guess I was expecting a much richer flavour. Not bad but could be better. I'm not sure if this was normally how the stock should taste like? Since this was my first actual experience with Pho so I'm also not sure but I know that I've had beef stock with a much heartier beef flavour.

Adam's Verdict:
Vietnamese Beef Noodles 2.5/5

In the end, I ended up paying the price of the dish just for the beef slices and the beef balls.
Maybe I'll try Pho somewhere else so I can compare.

Noor Jannah's Kitchen

2 Jalan Masjid
Tel: 6848 4654

Operating Hours: 11.00am til 12 midnight
(Other stall within may operate different timings)


  1. my fav is always thaksin beef noodles but it is thai version at clementi

  2. Try Orange Lantern at Harbourfront. A lil ex but at least its a proper version of the dish.

  3. Orange Lantern is a rip off, nothing special. Small Servings at Elevated Price.

  4. try the Thaksin Beef Noodles at Seah Im Hawker.. Its fabulous with a strong broth.. taste like the ones I have tried in Bangkok. add the chilli flakes for an "omph"! Has yet to try at the Clementi outlet though.

  5. Try So Pho at NEX.. nice...

  6. hey adam, thanks for the review..id really like if you both would try Pho4all at jalan pisang..its awesome!

  7. Nothing beats authentic thai beef noodles at Asli Village, the dark aromatic broth with dip of fried garlic oil. Yummy! Couple it with mango salad, wow!!