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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pizza Hut - Squid Ink Linguine & Traditional Bolognaise

Yeah okay we know. Kinda unexpected to suddenly post about Pizza Hut when it's not a special item like the last time we posted on their special Hand-stretched Signature Series.

But hey. We passed by a Pizza Hut and ate there so we figured we'd post it.
After all, we love to eat right?

Squid Ink Lunguine ($15.50)
Okay I have to be perfectly honest and say this is not what I was expecting at all.
When I see pictures of Squid Ink pasta dishes, the squid ink is normally incorporated into the pasta during the actual making of the pasts which results in a black-coloured noodle.

I had no idea that sometimes, the squid ink was made into the sauce!
It was so unbelievable to me that I had to ask a few 'experts' who worked in restaurants that served Squid Ink pasta to confirm it. Yeah I know I'm a jakun. Anyways I'm not sure why I was making such a big deal about it since it was Mein Bruder who ordered it.

The sauce was very 'lemak' because of the cream but kinda lacked any seasoning. Maybe a little bit more could have been added to the sauce to give it some taste instead of just relying on the black squid ink.

There were some prawns and slices of squid to go along to for an extra bite by the way.
And a word of advice - the stuff stains your mouth and teeth so be sure to wipe to avoid any possible embarassment!

When they say Black Squid Ink, they mean BLACK Squid Ink!!
Traditional Bolognaise ($11.50)
I went for a safer bet and had the Traditional Bolognaise (said in my best Italiano accent).
Yeah I know. Kinda boring right? But I guess I just felt like going the traditional route for lunch.

The Bolognaise was pretty standard and it comes with 3 (kinda small) beef meatballs.
Serving was just nice for 1 and made for a pretty hearty meal. Meatballs were nice too and reminded me of the meatballs at Swensen's but without the black pepper kick.

Adam's Verdict:
Traditional Bolognaise 3/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Squid Ink Linguine  3/5

All in all a pretty standard set at Pizza Hut. I guess technically it's still fast food right?
A great tip is to go during lunch so you can have the Lunch Set Meals.

The cost between $9.90 and $13.90 (depending on your choice of dish) and comes with soup and a drink too! Well worth it! And for the record, the Traditional Bolognaise was part of the $9.90 set and the Squid Ink Linguine was part of the $13.92 set.

Pizza Hut

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