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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Swensen's - Lobster Roll & Slipper Lobster Roll

So we were browsing through our Instagram account earlier in the week and we saw on the @ieatandeat Instagram account that they had tried a Lobster Roll at Swensen's.


Well, apparently they have a 'Rolling In The Deep' promotion going on now. We of course had to visit ASAP because it was a limited promotion. We asked the staff at Swensen's and they said it'll be until the end of the month only. But apparently, the promo will last til the end of November!!
Still got time!!!

Lobster Roll ($21.80)

We kinda have thing for Lobster Rolls since started watching Food Network Asia on cable. It really bugged us that it was so difficult to get Lobster Rolls in Singapore. Growing popularity in Singapore meant quite a lot of places now offer Lobster Rolls on their menus but so difficult to find a Halal one!

We were lucky enough to taste one at Catch 'N Bite recently but now (at least til end of next month) we can head down to Swensen's to try their version!

The first thing you will notice is that they are VERY generous with their serving!
The succulent lobster meat is mixed in with a honey lime dressing which is actually very tasty because it has a zesty but quite mild flavour which doesn't overpower the lobster. Finished off with some butter oil!! Ooooh!

I'm guessing I don't have to tell you that the lobster meat itself was excellent! A nice firm texture with a great bite.

I guess the one issue I had with the Lobster Roll (and even the Slipper Lobster Roll) was the bread.
But a little more on that later okay.

By the way, this thing is huge! I had a problem picking it up let alone taking a bite of of it. Look at that and tell me how lah to put in your mouth to take a bite??

I ended up eating it with a fork and knife LOL :/

Slipper Lobster Roll ($16.80)

The 2nd offering for this promotion is the cousin of the lobster - The Slipper Lobster Roll!

The slipper lobster meat is mixed in with some creamy mustard dressing which I honestly did not think went as well with the slipper lobster compared to the honey lime dressing in the Lobster Roll.
It was a nice dressing no doubt and I love mustard but just a bit too over to be honest.

Again, comparing to the Lobster Roll, I didn't quite enjoy the Slipper Lobster meatas much as its cousin. It's because I'm uppity or anything like that lah okay.

The Losbter Meat I would compare the texture to crab. Firm and with a distinct flavour.
Slipper Lobster Meat is closer to prawn meat. A little more bouncy in texture. And I'm  not really a prawn guy so I guess that influences my decision a lot.

The roll is the same for both Lobster and Slipper Lobster Rolls by the way.
And speaking of the bread...

The bun they used is definitely a plus because it was perfect for a Lobster Roll.
I'm sure it started out pretty soft but they do toast it a little or at least put it on the grill to get some butter into it. Unfortunately, that's where they fall short.

The underside of the bun was toasted great with some butter in there to give it some flavour and a great bite when you chomp down on that sucker. But.... we wish the inside was the same... Or least with a little butter and on the grill for awhile to give it a little toast.... Found it a bit weird to be clean and dry on the inside...

But in the end, this is still the better Lobster Roll we've had so far!!

Adam's Verdict:
Lobster Roll 4/5 -- Slipper Lobster Roll 2/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Lobster Roll 4/5 -- Slipper Lobster Roll 3/5

Even though the Swensen's staff told me it's til end of October, I'm gonna trust the Swensen's website and say this promo will run til the end of November. So get your Lobster Roll fix and head down to Swensen's ASAP!!

PS OCBC Cardholders enjoy 15% off the Rolling in the Deep promo!

Say it with me kiddies...

Swensen's (ION Orchard)

ION Orchard

Tel: 68845967

Operating Hours:
10.30am til 10.30pm Mondays to Fridays
8.30am til 10.30pm Weekends and PHs

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