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We have moved!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fish & Co

I remember the big fuss when Fish & Co opened in Singapore all those years ago.
Seems like not so long ago but that was 1998! About 15 years ago! Well it wasn't always certified Halal because they did serve alcoholic beverages along with their famous seafood but no worries about that now!

And I know that a lot of people would label Fish & Co as one of those restaurants that is overrated and would rather avoid but I guess it's not so bad in my books and I quite like it to be honest.

Well we are visiting their flagship store at Glass House in Dhoby Ghaut and hoping for a good hearty meal! I remember all the fanfare when they first opened at Glass House and would make regular visits there with family and colleagues especially since we were all working in the area!

Well, that was a pretty long time ago and plenty of people have given feedback about Fish & Co over the years. Some good. Some bad. But hey that's the same with a lot of places right?

Well I'm hungry so let's start with some appetizers shall we?

Mushroom Soup ($4.50)
I know that doesn't look very spectacular but hey I have to include the soup right?
We actually ordered the Soup of the Day and it happened to be Mushroom Soup today.

Despite it's rather pale colour, it actually tasted okay. There were bits of mushroom here and there with a nice earthy and warming taste. I guess if they would only do something to improve the look of it.
But having said that, it's definitely an improvement from the time when they used to serve their soup in teacups. (Does anyone else remember that?)

Anyways, I personally prefer their Chowder (either fish or clam or seafood)

Fried Calamari ($9.95)
Now this is a MUST HAVE especially if my Brother is around!
I think this might actually be one of the best things that they serve at Fish & Co because it's deep fried, tasty and simple enough for everyone to just pick up and enjoy!

The coating is seasoned really well and makes it really tasty with a really crisp bite when you chomp down.
The calamari itself is succulent and not at all rubbery. Goes great with the accompanying mayonnaise!
 And if you're not a fan of the deep fried, they also have Grilled Calamari!

Soft Shell Crab Salad ($11.95)

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken ($9.95)
We also decided to try some salads to make it a complete meal.
After all, we're supposed have 2 servings of vegetables a day right? :P

The Soft Shell Crab Salad was err... interesting to say the least.
As you can see from the picture, the batter coating on the soft shell crab was really really thick. No doubt it was crispy but you end up having to bite into more batter than crab. I guess some might like it but I guess I personally prefer a little less batter. And as you can see, besides the soft shell crab, the salad itself it pretty basic.

And as for the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken, sigh.
Yeah sure you get a rel nice big serving of the grilled chicken but because of the hot chicken, the salad below kinda gets.... disappointing. And it's so oily!

Look at how the lettuce leaves have wilted because of the heat from the grilled chicken!
I'm definitely all for a nice hot meal but this might be the first time that I've had a salad where the accompanying meat was so hot that the salad leaves wilted. I'm not sure if this is how it is at all their outlets but this is good if you're going more for the chicken but not if you're hoping for a nice crisp salad.

Crispy Whole Line Fish ($19.95)
This has recently become one of my favourite things to have when I visit Fish & Co.
(It used to be the Swordfish Collar everytime in the past by the way)

Imagine a whole barramundi (which is pretty much like a seabass aka siakap) coated and depp fried til it gets super crispy on the outside but still remains nice and tender and flaky on the inside. You then get to choose if you want to top it off with Sambal OR Lemon Butter Sauce!

I really love the crisp on this fish and when they serve it hot and you peel the flesh back your appetite really gets going! I normally choose the Sambal because I think it goes well. The Sambal itself is not super spicy nor is it the sweet type so it goes well with the fish overall.

When you order, you also get to choose 2 sides to go along.
Either rice, chips, coleslaw, mashed potatoes or stewed vegetables. I always choose the rice (so-called makan nasi with ikan lah konon) and then add it up with either some potatoes or coleslaw. Perfecto!

Adam's Verdict:
Mushroom Soup 2/5 -- Fried Calamari 4/5 -- Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken 2.5/5
Crispy Whole Line Fish with Sambal 4.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Fried Calamari 3.5/5 -- Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken 1/5

Unfortunately it seems like the standards (including the service at Fish & Co Glass House seem to be on the down and down.
There's actually so much more to the Fish & Co menu since they recently revamped it. So look forward to more posts including some sole-ly (geddit geddit) dedicated to the different types of Fish & Chips!

And here's a tip - Top-up $5.50 when you order your main to "Complete Your Meal" with the Soup of the Day and also a choice of drink!

Fish & Co.

Glass House Park Mall
9 Penang Road #01-24

Tel: 6334 1858

Operating Hours:
11.30am til 10.00pm Daily


  1. Garlic butter mussels is THE must have! Always have it everytime I go there.

    1. Hahaha! You sound just like my Mum and Sister-In-Law aka The Mussel Eaters!
      Post us a pic next time you have it okay!!

  2. I read your post of The Manhattan Fish Market. After reading this post and based on Maryah's & Adam's verdicts, I would try Fish & CO. fried calamari instead =D