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We have moved!

Friday, February 21, 2014

IndoChili Part IV

That's right we are back again!

IndoChili is the most reviewed makan place on The Halal Food Blog!! 4th visit and counting!!
And it's not just that the food and service are great. It's also because even though we've visited so many times, we're still trying something new with each visit!!

Azlan & Yana - Resident Reviewers
This time we are visiting with Azlan & Eriyana aka Mein Brudder and Mein Sister-In-Law who have heard us talking so much about IndoChili that they finally couldn't take it and decided to meet us for lunch.

We had the usual favourites like the Sate Ayam Madura which is THE BOMB no matter how many times we have it. We had 2 servings as usual because 1 is never enough.

My darling wife decided to have the Nasi Timbel which I had during our first visit.

Rendang Sapi ($9.80)
We also had the Rendang Sapi which we sampled during one of our recent visits.
Meat was still tender and so full of flavour (a little on the salty side this time though). If you love Rendang, this is a must-have when you visit IndoChili. A great accompaniment when you're having rice!

Ayam Kari Padang ($8.80)
Something new we decided to try was the Ayam Kari Padang.
Despite it's name, it's not really what you'd expect when you order a 'curry'. In fact, from the picture, you might probably guess it's more of a 'lemak' dish.

Full of wholesome 'lemak' flavour with just a hint of curry from the curry leaves. But it's definitely not a curry so it's you're looking for a 'curry', this is not for you. But having said that, this chicken we got was huge!
The thigh part you see above was enough for 2-3 people to share!

Tahu Telor ($8.80)
Now the Tahu Telor was a horse (or rather a beancurd) of a different colour!

Beancurd and egg deep-fried to a crispy perfection on the outside but a steaming wonderland inside. Smother it with peanut gravy and top it off with beansporuts, carrots and keropok udang and you have yourself a winner!

If tucking into the hearty egg/beancurd is not enough to grab you, the peanut gravy was excellent and very very tasty. Come on! How can you pass up on some Tahu Telor!!

Tumpeng Mini ($9.80)
Here's something that I've been dying to try since our first visit but it's either sold-out or I end up ordering something else because I'm eating in a group.

Well since this was my 4th visit, I had no excuse.
It was definitely - TUMPENG TIME!

Well let me introduce you to the gang.

You've got a nice mount of their special Yellow Rice surrounded by a lot of goodies to go along.
The meat portion is a piece of Ayam Bumbu Rojak which is chicken with some 'rojak' gravy. This was my first time trying it and I thought it was delicious! It definitely went will with the yellow rice and very tasty!

You've also got some perkedel aka bagedil. Let's face it - chicken and potatoes are like... chicken and potatoes. Must have combination! Some peanut acar, vegetable (cucumber, carrot and pineapple) acar and keropok round thing off.

This is actually a very famous Javanese dish and the bigger full version is meant to be enjoyed by a whole group of people which gives everyone a chance to bond and share in the happiness found when sharing a meal. IndoChili also has the full version (for catering) but the Tumpeng Mini is a perfect intro if you've never had anything like it before and a hearty meal to enjoy by yourself or even to share between 2 people.

Mein Brudder decided to try the Strawberry Cream Soda because it looked damn nice.
It was quite tasty but here's a tip for you. Just mix the cream in and drink. Don't worry if it's a little sour. We checked with the staff just to be sure and it's meant to be that way. Kinda like a yoghurt. Refreshing!

Yana actually had the Es Kopi Durien (which I am so sorry I didn't take a picture).
And she says it was the BOMB! Surprisingly, durian and coffee apparently go very well together and they do it perfectly at IndoChili.

She even went as far as to say that if she had to order just 2 things from IndoChili, it would be the Es Kopi Durien and the Es Teler.

Es Teler ($6.80)
That's right. You heard me. ES TELER!
You didn't think we'd miss out on a chance to order it did you?
If you had to bet your last dollar on what we'd order at IndoChili, bet on the Es Teler.

Too sweet for some. But it's the bomb.

Es Delima ($6.00)
We also decided to try something new in the desserts department so we tried the Es Delima.
This is also another pretty popular Indo dessert. A bed of shaved ice with Red Ruby, coconut and jackfruit.
Not as sweet as the Es Teler so a good choice if you're looking for something to coll down without the sugar overload.

Adam's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4/5 -- Kari Ayam Padang 2.5/5 -- Rendang Sapi 3.5/5 -- Tahu Telor 4/5

Tumpeng Mini 3.5/5 -- Es Teler 5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Nasi Timbel 3/5 -- Tahu Telor 4/5 -- Es Delima 1.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4.5/5 -- Rendang Sapi 3/5 -- Tahu Telor 4.5/5

Tumpeng Mini 3.5/5 -- Es Teler 4/5 -- Strawberry Cream Soda 3.5/5

Yana's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4/5 -- Kari Ayam Padang 1/5 -- Rendang Sapi 3/5 -- Tahu Telor 5/5

Es Teler 5/5 -- Es Kopi Durien 5/5

Needless to say, another happening visit to IndoChili.
We heard they might be making some changes to their menu items this year so we hope we get to visit soon and we will report back our findings soon!


54 Zion Road

Tel: 6445 1766 / 8168 4958

Operating Hours: 
11.30am til 10.30pm Daily

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