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We have moved!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Asli Village - Istimewa Wanton Noodles

Okay boys and girls here's a quickie for you.
Recently visited Downtown East for quick bite before catching a movie and decided on something simple.

Had the Chicken Rice at this stall before and reckoned it was not so bad.
But how about the noodles?

Wanton Noodles ($4.50)
Okay so you actually have a choice.
You could have the wanton OR the char siew chicken with the noodles for $3.50 but if you're greedy like me, you can have the wanton AND the char siew chicken for $4.50.

But if you don't fancy the Char Siew Chicken, you can always ask for the normal roasted chicken too.
Anyways back to the dish.

It really wasn't anything special to be honest.
The Char Siew Chicken did not have any of the sweet glaze flavour you're supposed to get from Char Siew Chicken. This turned out to be just roasted chicken with a red/orange/pink colouring.
The wantons were equally as bad and were just deep fried nothings.

The noodles are bathed in this soy/chilli mixture which really lacks taste.
In fact, I got most of the taste by eating every mouthful of noodles with some chilli jeruk (pickled chilli) which you can see at the top right hand side of my dish.

Adam's Verdict:
Wanton Noodles 1/5

There are a few other dishes on the menu which I had originally planned on trying next time I visit Asli Village at Downtown East but now I'm not so sure. Looks like I might have something else from another stall instead.

Istimewa Chicken Rice Stall

Asli Village (Downtown East)
1 Pasir Ris Close #01-03

Operating Hours:
11.30am til 9.30pm Daily


  1. Hey Adam, have you tried Le Steak by Chef Amri? :D would love to see your review about it! I'm a steak fan tooooo!!

  2. Hey Beatrice!

    We've been dying to visit Le Steak since it opened at Jln Kayu! We've heard that the steak is excellent and also the *slurp* oysters too!!! Will definitely update you once we've visited!!

  3. Hi Adam, u shld try the Thai stall at Asli Village. I love their food especially the chicken green curry and tom yam!

    1. Hi Siti! Thanks for your comment!
      Really? The Thai stall? We'll be sure to check it out next time we have a hankering for some Thai! After all, we are just a short walk away :P

      Thanks for the tip!!